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The Salvation Army College for Officer Training in Suffern, New York, purposes to develop men and women with the theological understanding, street-level skills and Salvationist spirit required to advance the mission of the Army expressed in its international statement.
2015 Spring Campaign
Majors Ronald & Dorine Foreman, Principals

Majors Ronald & Dorine Foreman, Principals

Spring Campaign

The cadets are out on "Spring Campaign". This is their opportunity to engage with Salvation Army Corps or other service areas, and get some practical experience.

Aline Fernandes
Called to be an officer in The Salvation Army?

Meet Aline Fernandes, 2nd Year

"I knew everything about the Bible and religion, however, my life was empty, influenced by bad friendships and poor choices …"
Jennifer Buzzard

Meet Jennifer Buzzard, 2nd Year

"I felt God calling me to be an officer. I was excited and ready to do what God wanted me to do. However, He wanted me to wait …"

201 Lafayette Ave, Suffern, NY 10901 ~ ~ 845-368-7200