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The Salvation Army College for Officer Training in Suffern, New York, purposes to develop men and women with the theological understanding, street-level skills and Salvationist spirit required to advance the mission of the Army expressed in its international statement.
Candidates Weekend 2015
Majors Ronald & Dorine Foreman, Principals

Majors Ronald & Dorine Foreman, Principals

Candidates Weekend, February 6-8, 2015

If you are a "soldier"/member of The Salvation Army church, and want to learn more about becoming an officer to work within The Salvation Army, this weekend is for you!
Chelsey Crawford
Called to be an officer in The Salvation Army?

Meet Chelsey Crawford, 2nd Year

"…I often wondered why everything turned out the way it did. Why certain things happened to some people and not to others. Why I always seemed to get the short end of the stick. I couldn’t understand .…"
Fernando de Oliveira

Meet Fernando de Oliveira, 2nd Year

"… I misunderstood being in church with being saved, praying before meals with relationship with God, being a believer’s child with being a believer myself …"

201 Lafayette Ave, Suffern, NY 10901 ~ ~ 845-368-7200