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New Books March 2017

English books (85)

BF Psychology

BF121 .M9353 2016      Myers, David G. Exploring psychology in modules. 10th ed.

BF637.P36 T73 2015      Transforming adults through coaching. New directions in adult & continuing education

BL Religions

BL240.3 .D53 2017 REF     Dictionary of Christianity and science: the definitive reference for the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary science.

BR Christianity

BR65.E632 E5 1847a      Ephraem. Select works of S. Ephrem the Syrian: translated out of the original Syriac, with notes and indices.

BR333.5.L3 C43 2014      Chang, Kiyeong. The theologies of the law in Martin Luther and John Wesley.

BR759 .I48 1963      Inglis, Kenneth Stanley. Churches and the working classes in Victorian England.

BS The Bible

BS391.3 .K86 2003      Kuniholm, Whitner T. The essential Bible: 100 excerpts from the world's most important book.

BS680.R36 B63 2015      Boda, Mark J. Return to me: a biblical theology of repentance. New studies in biblical theology

BS2545.S27 P47 2000      Peterson, David. Possessed by God: a New Testament theology of sanctification and holiness. New studies in biblical theology

BS2585.6.A8 B65 2004      Bolt, Peter. The cross from a distance: atonement in Mark's Gospel. New studies in biblical theology

BS2655.J8 S44 2000      Seifrid, Mark A. Christ, our righteousness: Paul's theology of justification. New studies in biblical theology

BS2725.53 .P35 2017 c. 1 REF     Paige, Terence Peter. 1 & 2 Thessalonians: a commentary in the Wesleyan tradition. New Beacon Bible commentary

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT122.5 .D38      Davidson, Jim. Tongues for The Salvation Army?

BT131 .B69 2000      Boyd, Gregory A. God of the possible: a biblical introduction to the open view of God.

BT160 .B664 2003      Boyd, Gregory A. Is God to blame?: moving beyond pat answers to the problem of evil.

BT160 .B665 2001      Boyd, Gregory A. Satan and the problem of evil: constructing a trinitarian warfare theodicy.

BT202 .B646 2007      Borg, Marcus J. The meaning of Jesus: two visions.

BT220 .C65 2013      Cole, Graham A. The God who became human: a biblical theology of incarnation. New studies in biblical theology

BT230 .W84 2014      Wright, Christopher J. H. Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament. 2nd ed.

BT265.3 .C65 2009      Cole, Graham A. God the peacemaker: how atonement brings Shalom. New studies in biblical theology

BT301.9 .J64 1996      Johnson, Luke Timothy. The real Jesus: the misguided quest for the historical Jesus and the truth of the traditional Gospels.

BT378.G6 G67 2011      Gordon, Wayne. Who is my neighbor?: lessons learned from a man left for dead.

BT708 .C64 2010      Clinton, Timothy E. The quick-reference guide to sexuality & relationship counseling.

BT709 .E93 2010      Evans, James H. Playing.

BT720 .B565 2000      Blocher, Henri. Original sin: illuminating the riddle. New studies in biblical theology

BT738 .E85 1997      Evans, James H. We shall all be changed: social problems and theological renewal.

BT751.3 .B38 2017      Bates, Matthew W. Salvation by allegiance alone: rethinking faith, works, and the gospel of Jesus the King.

BT767 .B67 2016      Brookshaw, Peter. Holy!: nine lies, half-truths and outrageous misconceptions about the most radical experience you've never lived.

BT767 .I55 2010      In her own words: candid conversations on holy living.

BV Practical Theology

BV215 .B46 2010      Benner, David G. Opening to God: lectio divina and life as prayer.

BV225 .D911 1993      Duncan, Bruce. Pray your way: your personality and God.

BV601.8 .K65 2016      Knight, Henry H. Transforming community: the Wesleyan way to missional congregations.

BV639.P6 J88 2002      Justice, mercy and humility: the papers of the Micah Network International Consultation on Integral Mission and the Poor (2001).

BV640 .S785 2006      Steinke, Peter L. How your church family works: understanding congregations as emotional systems.

BV652.1 .G53 2005      Gibbs, Eddie. LeadershipNext: changing leaders in a changing culture.

BV4011 .S47 1997      Shaw, Mark. 10 great ideas from church history: a decision-maker's guide to shaping your church.

BV4012.27 .C55 2009      Clinton, Timothy E. The quick-reference guide to marriage & family counseling.

BV4447 .C546 2010      Clinton, Timothy E. The quick-reference guide to counseling teenagers.

BV4501.3 .B37 2015      Barnes, Lisa F. Love to a whore's daughter: life and faith through the lens of grace and redemption.  

BV4501.3 .B655 2004      Bolsinger, Tod E. It takes a church to raise a Christian: how the community of God transforms lives.

BV4501.3 .M3742 2005      McManus, Erwin Raphael. The barbarian way; Soul cravings.

BV4501.3 .S75 2013      Strickland, Danielle. Chaotic order: the postmodern Christian leadership secret.

BV4597.53.L43 O33 2007      Ogden, Greg. Leadership essentials: shaping vision, multiplying influence, defining character.

BV4598.7 .D86 2011      Dunnington, Kent. Addiction and virtue: beyond the models of disease and choice.

BV4909 .H364 2011      The hardest sermons you'll ever have to preach: help from trusted preachers for tragic times.

BX Christian Denominations

BX9225.P466 A3 2012      Peterson, Eugene H. The pastor: a memoir.

BX9716 .M37 1889a      Atkinson, Eleanor. Facts about the Salvation Army: aims and methods of the "Hallelujah Band.”

BX9718.S26 G35 1986      A galaxy of glory: The Salvation Army's first century of service in San Francisco Chinatown.

BX9719.N5 M36 2002      The making of a corps in Nigeria: a project of Bariga Corps, Lagos division.

BX9721.3 .M54 2015      Miller, Andy. Holistic hospitality: a bridge to a future Army.

BX9726 .N65 2012      Noland, Joe. High counsel: Jesus & John on leadership.

GE Human Ecology. Anthropogeography

GE70 .E257 2017      Ecojustice adult education: theory and practice in the cultivation of the cultural commons. New directions for adult & continuing education

HB Economic Theory. Demography

HB74.P8 T527 2016      Thaler, Richard H. Misbehaving: the making of behavioral economics.

HD Industries

HD30.23 .K27 2014      Kaner, Sam. Facilitator's guide to participatory decision-making. 3rd ed.

HD57.7 .B4574 2008      Benefiel, Margaret. The soul of a leader: finding your path to fulfillment and success.

HD7287.96.U6 D47 2016      Desmond, Matthew. Evicted: poverty and profit in the American city.

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HN49.C6 T724 2014      Training for transformation in practice.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ281 .B98 2014      Byun, Eddie. Justice awakening: how you and your church can help end human trafficking.

HQ784.V53 L96 2016      Lynn, George T. Breaking the trance: a practical guide for parenting the screen-dependent child.

HQ1596 .M87 2014      Murdoch, Lydia. Daily life of Victorian women.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV640.4.E85 R44 2017      The refugee crisis and religion: secularism, security and hospitality in question.

HV875.26 .M47 2011      Merida, Tony. Orphanology: awakening to Gospel-centered adoption and orphan care.

HV4045 .W55 2012      Wilson, William J. The truly disadvantaged: the inner city, the underclass, and public policy. 2nd ed.

L Education

LC5219 .L386 2015      Learning cities for adult learners. New directions for adult & continuing education

M Music

ML410.S663 G48 2007      Getz, Robert. Aspiration: anecdotal snapshots of genius.

PA Greek Language & Literature.  Latin Language & Literature

PA881 .G8 2012      Thayer, Joseph Henry. Thayer's Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament: coded with Strong's concordance numbers.

PE English

PE1128 .B58 2007      Ventures basic: student's book.

PE1128 .B582 2007      Ventures basic: workbook.

PE1131 .C43 2006      Carver, Tina Kasloff. A conversation book: English in everyday life.

PJ Oriental Languages and Literatures

PJ4833 .B68 2012      Brown, Francis. The Brown, Driver, Briggs Hebrew and English lexicon: with an appendix containing the Biblical Aramaic: coded with the numbering system from Strong's Exhaustive concordance of the Bible.

PN6110.R4 R43 2013      Read, Harry. Heart talk: the give and take of communion with God.

PN Literature

PN6110.R4 T87 2011      Turfrey, Lucille L. Faith alive: rhythms of scripture.

PS3552.U35 G6 1983      Buechner, Frederick. Godric.

RC Internal Medicine

RC552.P67 K75 2012      Krippner, Stanley. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Biographies of disease

RC560.S44 S74 2014      Stevens, Bunny. Unholy union: a memoir of clergy sexual abuse within The Salvation Army.

RC564.15 .C58 2013      Clinton, Timothy E. The quick-reference guide to addictions and recovery counseling: 40 topics, spiritual insights, and easy-to-use action steps.

Spanish books (47)

BF Psychology

SPA BF125 .Z47 2008      Zepeda Herrera, Fernando. Introducción a la psicología: una visión científico humanista. 3rd ed.

BR Christianity

SPA BR50 .L396 2016      Lewis, C. S. El peso de la gloria.

SPA BR115.C69 C48 2013      Clinton, Timothy E. Consejería bíblica: manual de consulta sobre 40 temas críticos.

SPA BR115.C8 G669 2008      González, Justo L. Culto, cultura y cultivo: apuntes teológicos en torno a las culturas.

SPA BR332.S7 2005      Luther, Martin. Sermones para semana santa.

BS The Bible

SPA BS480 .H34 1988      Hayley, John W. Diccionario de dificultades y aparentes contradicciones bíblicas.

SPA BS1140.2 .C35 1998      Calderón, Wilfredo. Panorama del Antiguo Testamento: una introducción histórico-geográfica.

SPA BS1315.53 .B877 2012      Burt, David F. Rut: más allá del amor humano. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1605.53 .B87 2011      Burt, David F. Jonás. Comentarios Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS2330.2 .N84 2000      El Nuevo Testamento: resumes Biblicos.

SPA BS2506 .S236 1994      Sánchez Bosch, Jordi. Nacido a tiempo: una vida de Pablo, el apóstol.

SPA BS2545.G34 G66 1999      González Echegaray, Joaquín. Jesús en Galilea: aproximación desde la arqueología.

SPA BS2585.53 .M225 2016      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Marcos.

SPA BS2595.53 .M33 2016      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Lucas.

SPA BS2615.53 .M33 2011      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Juan.

SPA BS2625.53 .M23 2014      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Hechos.

SPA BS2665.53 .M23 2010      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Romanos.

SPA BS2675.53 .M29 2015      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: 1 y 2 Corintios.

SPA BS2685.53 .L8 2009      Luther, Martin. Segundo comentario a Gálatas.

SPA BS2685.53 .M3 2010      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Gálatas, Efesios.

SPA BS2705.53 .M23 2012      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Filipenses, Colosenses y Filemón.

SPA BS2725.53 .M33 2012      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: 1 y 2 Tesalonicenses, 1 y 2 Timoteo, Tito.

SPA BS2775.53 .M27 2014      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: Hebreos y Santiago.

SPA BS2825.53 .M23 2010      MacArthur, John. Comentario Macarthur del Nuevo Testamento: Apocalipsis.

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT75.3 .H634 2005      Hoff, Pablo. Teología evangélica.

SPA BT131 .B69 2003      Boyd, Gregory A. El Dios de lo posible: ¿puede cambiar Dios de parecer?

SPA BT160 .B664 2005      Boyd, Gregory A. Podemos culpar a Dios?: más allá de una respuesta "cliché" al problema del sufrimiento.

SPA BT203 .G66 2011      González, Justo L. Jesucristo es el Señor: el señorío de Jesucristo en la iglesia primitiva.

SPA BT230 .W84 1996      Wright, Christopher J. H. Conociendo a Jesús a través del Antiguo Testamento: redescubriendo las raíces de nuestra fe.

SPA BT303.2 .G85 2006      Guijarro Oporto, Santiago. Jesús y el comienzo de los evangelios.

SPA BT375.3 .F753 2005      Fricke, Roberto. Las parábolas de Jesús: una aplicación para hoy.

SPA BT708 .C64 2016      Clinton, Timothy E. Consejería bíblica: manual de consulta sobre la sexualidad y las relaciones.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV600 .N86 2011      Núñez, Miguel. Una iglesia conforme al corazon de Dios: cómo sanar la iglesia de hoy para que feleje su propósito original ... la gloria de Dios.

SPA BV652.1 .G53 2007      Gibbs, Eddie. Liderar en una cultura de cambios: las claves del liderazgo del futuro.

SPA BV1521 .T57 1999      Tips para la escuela dominical.

SPA BV2063 .A78 2003      Arana Quiroz, Pedro. El trino Dios y la misión integral.

SPA BV4011.3 .S47 2002      Shaw, Mark. 10 grandes ideas de la historia de la Iglesia: una guía para tomar decisiones en la Iglesia.

SPA BV4012.27 .C55 2014      Clinton, Timothy E. Consejería bíblica: manual de consulta sobre el matrimonio y la familia.

SPA BV4445 .C58 2016      Clinton, Timothy E. Consejería bíblica: manual de consulta sobre mujeres.

SPA BV4447 .C546 2015      Clinton, Timothy E. Consejería bíblica: manual de consulta sobre adolescentes.

SPA BV4501.2 .S686 1988      Smith, Oswald J. El Espíritu Santo está obrando: sermones.

SPA BV4630 .S64 2014      Spencer, Gregory H. Cómo despertar las virtudes silenciosas: discernimiento, inocencia, autenticidad, modestia, reverencia, contentamiento, generosidad.

SPA BV4909 .V39 1999      Vázquez, Gloria Nieto de. ¿Dónde está Dios cuando más lo necesito?: la perspectiva divina de nuestros problemas.

SPA BV5055 .J87 2001      Justiniano, Raúl. El ayuno y la oración.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX8495.W5 S56 2016      Snyder, Howard A. El Wesley radical: patrones para la renovación de la iglesia.

D World History

SPA DT1110.L58 S26 1983      Santos, Carmen. David Livingstone.

H Social Sciences

SPA H62 .H47 2006      Hernández Sampieri, Roberto. Metodología de la investigación. 4th ed.

Media (14)

BR Christianity

DVD BR165 .F785 2005      The trial and testimony of the early church.

BS The Bible

DVD BS2510 .G37 1981      Peter and Paul

DVD BS2825.2 .S484 1999      The seven churches of Revelation rediscovered: an exploration of their sites and the messages of the risen Christ to them.

BT Doctrinal Theology

DVD BT202 .B7443 1991      A man without equal: Jesus: the man who changed the world.

DVD BT301.2 .J45 2006      Jesus.

DVD BT301.3 .J47 2001      Jesus: the complete story

DVD BT302 .S76 2004      The story of Jesus for children.

DVD BT303.9 .G35 2004      Galloping through the Gospels: an exploration of the life of Jesus.

J Political Science

DVD JV7401 .O894 2010      The other side of immigration.

PN Literature

DVD PN1992.77 .C35 2012      Call the midwife. Season one.

DVD PN1992.77 .C35 2013      Call the midwife. Season two.

DVD PN1997.2 .C68 2012      Courageous.

DVD PN1997.A12 B353 1990      Bamboo in winter.

Q Science

DVD QP461 .M67 2004      The hearing ear and the seeing eye.