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New Books July 2017

English books (48)

BR Christianity

BR115.A8 F79 2017      Fujimura, Makoto. Culture care: reconnecting with beauty for our common life.

BR115.C45 J33 2003      Jacobsen, Eric O. Sidewalks in the Kingdom: new urbanism and the Christian faith.

BR115.C8 G78 2013      Grudem, Wayne A. The poverty of nations: a sustainable solution.

BR115.E45 S554 2009      Soerens, Matthew. Welcoming the stranger: justice, compassion & truth in the immigration debate.

BR115.J8 C48 2017      The church's social responsibility: reflections on evangelicalism and social justice.

BR115.P7 W64 2000      Wogaman, J. Philip. Christian perspectives on politics. 2nd ed.

BR115.T42 B94 2013      Byers, Andrew J. TheoMedia: the media of God and the digital age.

BR325 .S35 2017      Schilling, Heinz. Martin Luther: rebel in an age of upheaval.

BR563.H57 C74 2003      Crespo, Orlando. Being Latino in Christ: finding wholeness in your ethnic identity.

BS The Bible

BS1335.53 .W56 2017 c. 1 REF     Winslow, Karen Strand. 1 & 2 Kings: a commentary in the Wesleyan tradition. New Beacon Bible commentary

BS2745.53 .S64 2013      Spencer, Aída Besançon. 1 Timothy: a new covenant commentary.

BS2745.53 .S642 2014      Spencer, Aída Besançon. 2 Timothy and Titus: a new covenant commentary.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT590.S65 D86 1997      Dunn, James D. G. Jesus and the Spirit: a study of the religious and charismatic experience of Jesus and the first Christians as reflected in the New Testament.

BT695.5 .H39 2011      Hayward, Steven F. Mere environmentalism: a biblical perspective on humans and the natural world.

BT738.17 .A52 2012      Anderson, David W. Toward a theology of special education: integrating faith and practice.

BT738.5 .V64 2001      Volf, Miroslav. Work in the Spirit: toward a theology of work.

BT1103 .O73 2017      Ordway, Holly. Apologetics and the Christian imagination: an integrated approach to defending the faith.

BV Practical Theology

BV111.3 .G66 2017      González, Justo L. A brief history of Sunday: from the New Testament to the new creation.

BV210.3 .G55 2003      Gills, James P. The prayerful spirit: passion for God, compassion for people.

BV440 .S25 1899      Salvation Army songs.

BV772.5 .T68 2013      Toler, Stan. Developing a giving church. Rev. ed.

BV4011.6 .W58 2011      Witt, Lance. Replenish: leading from a healthy soul.

BV4012 .W34 2002      Watts, Fraser N. Psychology for Christian ministry.

BV4235.L43 T488 1994 v. 3     Texts for preaching: a lectionary commentary, based on the NRSV.

BV4438 .A44 2012      Alexander, Lynn. Children, families & God: drawing the generations together to change the world.

BV4446 .V365 2005      Van Pelt, Rich. The youth worker's guide to helping teenagers in crisis.

BV4501.3 .M25 2002      Mains, Karen Burton. Soul alert: thriving spiritually as aliens and strangers in the world.

BV4501.3 .R45 2016      Reimer, Rob. Soul care: seven transformational principles for a healthy soul.

BV4511 .L35      Lake, Charles C. Doing what comes unnaturally: "living life in the Spirit" : a nine-week discipleship training course focusing on the fruit of the Spirit and how to be a credible witness in the twenty-first century.

BV4520 .L68 1996      Lovett, C. S. How to be a successful soul winner.

BV4905 .D4 1941      Demarest, Victoria Booth-Clibborn. Shade of His hand: for the comfort of the sorrowing.

BX Christian Denominations

BX6455.S64 A3 2004      Smith, J. Alfred. On the Jericho road: a memoir of racial justice, social action, and prophetic ministry.

BX7990.I67 V3634 1983      Hayford, Jack W. The Church on the Way: learning to live in the promise of biblical congregational life.

BX9709 .G74 1907      Great lives.

BX9715 .S3 1938      The Salvation Army: its origin and development.

BX9719.R8 L58 2017      Ljungholm, Sven-Erik. Return to battle in Russia and beyond: volume one: 1913-1923.

BX9722 .S75 1935      Stimson, J. J. Talking it over: being some of the talks, readings, addresses, speeches, or what are they, given by J.J. Stimson at the Annual Reunion of Officers in New York City.

BX9727.B7 V5 2011      Booth, William. William Booth's Amazing visions.

E History of the Americas

E184.S75 S76 2007      Stavans, Ilan. Latino history and culture.

H Social Sciences

H62 .S229 2012      Savin-Baden, Maggi. Qualitative research: the essential guide to theory and practice.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV91 .O97 2011      Outcomes measurement in the human services: cross-cutting issues and methods in the era of health reform.

HV4504 .S58 2012 REF     Shumsky, Neil L. Homelessness: a documentary and reference guide.

L Education

LC5225.A83 P378 2017      Participatory visual approaches to adult continuing education: practical insights. New directions for adult & continuing education

M Music

M2131.S24 S664      Songs for service men.

M2131.S24 S67 1975      Songs of the South.

ML3001 .C512 2013      Christian congregational music: performance, identity and experience.

RA Public Aspects of Medicine

RA643.8 .L36 2016      Lamboray, Jean-Louis. What makes us human?: the story of a shared dream.

RA643.86.Z33 L83 2004      Lucas, Sue. Community, care, change, and hope: local responses to HIV in Zambia.

Spanish books (3)

BR Christianity

SPA BR65.C43 S7 2002      John Chrysostom. Lo mejor de Juan Crisóstomo. Grandes autores de la fe

BS The Bible

SPA BS2675.53 .H34 2016      Hafemann, Scott J. 2 Corintios: del texto bíblico a una aplicación contemporánea. Comentarios bíblicos con aplicación

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV639.C4 G85 1993      Guía práctica para el ministerio a los niños: adiestramiento para obreros, maestros, pastores, y otros líderes cristianos en diversas áreas del ministerio a los niños.

Media (7)

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

DVD HV4086.L66 V53 2017      Victorian slum house.

PN Literature

DVD PN1997.A3 A3 2005      Abraham. The Bible collection

DVD PN1997.D38 D38 2005      David. The Bible collection

DVD PN1997.J33 J33 2005      Jacob. The Bible collection

DVD PN1997.J67 J67 2005      Joseph. The Bible collection

DVD PN1997.M674 M674 2005      Moses.  The Bible collection

DVD PN1997.S26 S26 2005      Samson and Delilah. The Bible collection