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New Books November 2017

English books (74)

BF Psychology

BF575.A85 A43 2017      Alberti, Robert E. Your perfect right: assertiveness and equality in your life and relationships. 10th ed.

BF575.L8 M26 2004      McGinnis, Alan Loy. The friendship factor: how to get closer to the people you care for. Rev ed.

BF575.P9 P64 2006      Ponterotto, Joseph G. Preventing prejudice: a guide for counselors, educators, and parents. 2nd ed.

BF636.6 .H353 2008      Handbook of counseling psychology. 4th ed.

BF636.6 .K46 2017      Kennedy, Eugene C. On becoming a counselor: a basic guide for counselors and other helpers. 4th ed.

BF636.67 .R46 2016      Remley, Theodore Phant. Ethical, legal, and professional issues in counseling. 5th ed.

BF636.7.C76 C68 2016      Counseling across cultures. 7th ed.

BF636.7.C76 S85 2016      Sue, Derald Wing. Counseling the culturally diverse: theory and practice. 7th ed.

BF637.H4 C64 1995      Collins, Gary R. How to be a people helper.

BF637.P4 G34 2013      Gass, Robert H. Persuasion, social influence, and compliance gaining. 5th ed.

BF698.35.I59 C35 2013      Cain, Susan. Quiet: the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking.

BF723.B5 L46 2009      Leman, Kevin. The birth order book: why you are the way you are. Rev. ed.

BF724.3.S86 B54 2009      Biegel, Gina M. The stress reduction workbook for teens: mindfulness skills to help you deal with stress. 2nd ed.

BF789.D4 K372 2000      Kastenbaum, Robert. The psychology of death. 3rd ed.

BM Judaism

BM487.A3 W57 1996      The Dead Sea scrolls: a new translation.

BR Christianity

BR100 .F6717 2016      Four views on Christianity and philosophy. Counterpoints series

BR100 .M68 2017      Moreland, James Porter. Philosophical foundations for a Christian worldview. 2nd ed.

BR110 .C463 2014      Christianity & psychoanalysis: a new conversation.

BR115.H6 T89 2016      Two views on homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church. Counterpoints series

BR115.P7 S565 2017      Smith, James K. A. Awaiting the King: reforming public theology. Cultural liturgies series

BR157 .E87 2017 REF     The essential handbook of denominations and ministries.

BS The Bible

BS476 .J45 2007      Jensen, Alexander S. Theological hermeneutics.

BS476 .K33 2007      Kaiser, Walter C. Introduction to biblical hermeneutics: the search for meaning. Rev. ed.

BS551.3 .B54 2011      Big Bible challenge: take an adventure through God's great story.

BS575 .S77 1990      Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Woman in sacred history.

BS652 .D46 2004      Dembski, William A. The design revolution: answering the toughest questions about intelligent design.

BS1305.53 .E93 2017      Evans, Mary J. Judges and Ruth: an introduction and commentary. Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

BS1455 .M83 2002      Murphy, Roland E. The tree of life: an exploration of biblical wisdom literature.

BS2330.3 .D47 2004      DeSilva, David Arthur. An introduction to the New Testament: contexts, methods & ministry formation.

BS2619 .B56 2006      Blomberg, Craig L. From Pentecost to Patmos: an introduction to Acts through Revelation.

BS2695.53 .S38 2017      Schüssler Fiorenza, Elisabeth. Ephesians. Wisdom commentary

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT103 .L36 2012      Laniak, Timothy S. Finding the lost images of God: uncover the ancient culture, discover hidden meanings.

BT123 .B742 1995      Bridge, Donald. Spiritual gifts and the Church. Rev. ed.

BT198 .F69 2005      Fox, Richard Wightman. Jesus in America: personal savior, cultural hero, national obsession.

BT205 .N65 2011      Noll, Mark A. Jesus Christ and the life of the mind.

BT810.3 .P53 2017      Picirilli, Robert E. Free will revisited: a respectful response to Luther, Calvin, and Edwards.

BT825 .A69 2002      Arnold, Johann Christoph. Be not afraid: overcoming the fear of death.

BV Practical Theology

BV3 .A47 2001      Anderson, Ray Sherman. The shape of practical theology: empowering ministry with theological praxis.

BV598 .A53 2006      Anderson, Ray Sherman. An emergent theology for emerging churches.

BV601.8 .F68 2017      Four views on the church's mission. Counterpoints series

BV700 .S78 2005      Studying local churches: a handbook.

BV1523.A37 W55 2005      Wimberly, Anne Streaty. Soul stories: African American Christian education. Rev. ed.

BV3770 .O68 1975      Orr, J. Edwin. The flaming tongue: evangelical awakenings, 1900-.

BV4011.3 .S73 2004      Stanley, Andy. 7 practices of effective ministry.

BV4409 .T35 2016      Tan, Siang-Yang. Lay counseling: equipping Christians for a helping ministry. Rev. ed.

BV4490 .P76 1986      Protestant spiritual traditions.

BV4501.3 .M84 2016      Mulholland, M. Robert. Invitation to a journey: a road map for spiritual formation. Expanded ed.

BV4501.3 .N6775 2015      Nouwen, Henri J. M. Spiritual formation: following the movements of the Spirit.

BV4529 .C353 2015      Campbell, Ross. How to really love your child. Rev. ed.

BV4647.M4 F73 2016      Francis, Pope. The name of God is mercy.

BV4811 .W6 2018a      Words of life: the Bible day by day. January-April 2018.

BV4847 .Y68 2000      And you shall shine.  

BX Christian Denominations

BX2323 .T87 1978      Turner, Victor W. Image and pilgrimage in Christian culture: anthropological perspectives.

BX2350.2 .N685 1998      Novak, Michael. Tell me why: a father answers his daughter's questions about God.

BX7678.L6 F69 1960      Christian faith and practice in the experience of the Society of Friends.

BX9715 .H57 2017 c. 1 REF     Historical dictionary of The Salvation Army. 2nd ed.

BX9719.G7 O25 2011      Oakley, Ray. To the glory of God: a history of the development of the Salvation Army in the British Isles as expressed, illustrated and symbolised through its buildings and some paintings.

BX9720.W47 T45 vol. 3      Telling our stories: volume 3.

BX9743.B6 A25 2017      Booth, Catherine Mumford. Settled views: the shorter writings of Catherine Booth.

BX9743.H63 A3 2017      Hodder, Jolene Kay. A bend in the road.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV554.4 .S24 1958      The Salvation Army manual for emergency disaster service.

J Political Science

JK1012 .A44 2017 REF     Cohen, Richard E. The almanac of American politics 2018: members of Congress and governors: their profiles and election results, their states and districts.

M Music

M2131.S24 Y68 1991      Songs of praise: formerly The Youth Songbook.

PN Literature

PN6120.R4 S28 2015      Satterlee, Karen K. Stepping out of the pages: Bible personalities speak.

PR English Literature

PR9199.4.G664 C66 2009      Goodridge, Donald V. Come with the wind: Nicodemus tells his story : a biographical novel.

PS American Literature

PS3558.O776 T43 1994      Hostetler, Bob. They call me AWOL.

PS3566.A949 Fre 2005      Pavey, Stephen. Free rollin'.

PS3602.R696 A6 2016      Brown, Raymond Douglas. Coming home.

PZ Fiction and Juvenile Belles Lettres

PZ7.D833 Rud      Duff, Mildred. Rude Rosa.

PZ7.H1679 Con 2000      Halverson, Mathew. Concord Cunningham: the Scripture sleuth.

PZ7.W58425 Ju 2010      White, Paul Hamilton Hume. Jungle Doctor's fables.

PZ7.W58425 Jun 2007 v. 1     White, Paul Hamilton Hume. The jungle doctor.

RC Internal Medicine

RC535 .M37 2001      Marks, Isaac Meyer. Living with fear: understanding and coping with anxiety. 2nd ed.

RC552.S62 B98 2016      Butler, Gillian. Overcoming social anxiety and shyness: a self-help guide to using cognitive behavioural techniques.

Spanish books (14)

BR Christianity

SPA BR115.C8 V37 2013      Veith, Gene Edward. Tiempos posmodernos: una guía para entender el pensamiento y la cultural actual.

SPA BR115.J8 C67 2016      Cosmovisión cristiana y justicia social.

SPA BR158 .K344 1993      Kasdan, Barney. Los tiempos establecidos por Dios: una guía práctica para entender y celebrar las fiestas bíblicas.

BS The Bible

SPA BS440 .H694 2017 REF     Diccionario bíblico ilustrado Holman.

SPA BS475.3 .D66 2009      Donner, Theo G. El texto que interpreta la lector: una exposición de la Biblia.

SPA BS680.W7 S64 2011      Spencer, Aída Besançon. Más allá de la maldición: mujeres llamadas al ministerio.

SPA BS1405.53 .P34 2016      Pagán, Samuel. Los libros poéticos y sapenciales del Antiguo Testamento. Interpretación eficaz hoy

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT103 .C56 2011      Cinco argumentos acerca de la existencia de Dios.

SPA BT203 .E95 2012      Evidencias de lo sobrenatural: divinidad, milagros y resurreción de Jesús.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV210.3 .F682 2005      Foster, Richard J. La oracion: verdadero refugio del alma.

SPA BV601.8 .P335 1997      Padilla, C. René. Discipulado y misíon: compromiso con el Reino de Dios.

SPA BV825.5 .F64 2009      Foley, Edward. Hagan esto en conmemoración mía: como los cristianos hemos celebrado la eucaristía a través de la historia.

SPA BV4447 .G45 2006      Generación de adoradores: cómo acompañar a esta generación al trono de la gracia.

SPA BV4828 .S6 1985      Thomas a Kempis. La imitación de Cristo.

Korean books (1)

BX Christian Denominations

KOR BX9719.K6 K55 2008      Kim, Chun-ch'ŏl. Centenary of The Salvation Army Korea Territory, 1908-2008.

Media (2)

BR Christianity

DVD BR115.S39 Y37 2016 v. 1-3      Yarhouse, Mark A. Contextual missions and the LGBT+ community.

BX Christian Denominations

DVD BX9715 .B68 2015      Boundless salvation.