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New Books May 2017

English books (62)


BF Psychology

BF637.T5 A45 2015      Allen, David. Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity.

BJ Ethics

BJ37 .B43 1998      Beckwith, Francis. Relativism: feet firmly planted in mid-air.

BJ1401 .G85 2005      Guinness, Os. Unspeakable: facing up to evil in an age of genocide and terror.

BL Religions

BL241 .B68 2008      Bovey, Nigel. God, the big bang and Bunsen-burning issues.

BR Christianity

BR115.C8 C596 2012      Cooke, Phil. Unique: telling your story in the age of brands and social media.

BR115.H6 W39 2004      The way forward?: Christian voices on homosexuality and the church.

BR115.J8 R63 2016      Roberts, Campbell. Just imagine the [world] 4 God.

BR121.3 .S259 2012      Samples, Kenneth R. 7 truths that changed the world: discovering Christianity's most dangerous ideas.

BR121.3 .S26 2007      Samples, Kenneth R. A world of difference: putting Christian truth-claims to the worldview test.

BR517 .Y37 2014      Yancey, Philip. Vanishing grace: whatever happened to the good news?

BS The Bible

BS195.N37 2010h      The family reading Bible: New International Version.

BS195.N35 2005      The NASB minister's Bible.

BS651 .L3625 2011      Lennox, John C. Seven days that divide the world: the beginning according to Genesis and science.

BS651 .P65 2003      Polkinghorne, J. C. Belief in God in an age of science.

BS680.E38 C37 2013      Carroll R., M. Daniel. Christians at the border: immigration, the church, and the Bible. 2nd ed.

BS2417.P68 T44 2017      Theoharis, Liz. Always with us?: what Jesus really said about the poor.

BS2506.3 .H37 2008      Harris, Wesley. Dear Paul.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT10 .P53 2010      A place for truth: leading thinkers explore life's hardest questions.

BT97.2 .I5 1997      In defense of miracles: a comprehensive case for God's action in history.

BT121.3 .B34 2011      Barrett, C. K. The Holy Spirit and the Gospel tradition.

BT301.2 .S254 1993      Sanders, E. P. The historical figure of Jesus.

BT482 .H33 2003      Habermas, Gary R. The risen Jesus & future hope.

BT1103 .G437 2001      Geisler, Norman L. Unshakable foundations.

BT1103 .K68 2009      Koukl, Gregory. Tactics: a game plan for discussing your Christian convictions.

BT1103 .M58 2008      Mittelberg, Mark. Choosing your faith: in a world of spiritual options.

BT1103 .M66 2017      Moreland, James Porter. The God conversation: using stories and illustrations to explain your faith. 2nd ed.

BT1103 .T6 2004      To everyone an answer: a case for the Christian worldview: essays in honor of Norman L. Geisler.

BT1212 .L45 2011      Lennox, John C. Gunning for God: why the new atheists are missing the target.

BT1212 .Z34 2008      Zacharias, Ravi K. The end of reason: a response to the new atheists.

BV Practical Theology

BV215 .R87 2011      Rustenbach, Rusty. A guide for listening and inner-healing prayer: meeting God in the broken places.

BV440 .S25 1930      Salvation Army songs.

BV600.3 .V545 2008      Viola, Frank. Reimagining church: pursuing the dream of organic Christianity.

BV652.1 .S938 2012      Sweet, Leonard I. I am a follower: the way, truth, and life of following Jesus.

BX Christian Denominations

BX8217.W54 C65 2013      Wesley, John. The sermons of John Wesley: a collection for the Christian journey.

BX8495.W5 Y97 1999      Yrigoyen, Charles. John Wesley: holiness of heart & life.

BX9719.N8 L93 2017      Lydholm, Gudrun Maria. Lutheran Salvationists?: the development towards registration as an independent faith community in the Salvation Army in Norway with focus on the period, 1975-2005.

BX9721.3 .B87 2012      Burns, Alan. Founding vision for a future Army: spiritual renewal and mission in The Salvation Army.

BX9721.3 .D67 2015      Doss, Glen. Called to be God's own: a Salvation Army Christ-based approach to recovery and Salvationism. 2nd ed.

BX9725 .S24 2004      Salvation Army ceremonies.

BX9726 .C677 2008      Corps ministry: position descriptions.

BX9726 .M53 2007      Michaels, Margaret K. So-- God has called you to be a Salvation Army officer. 2nd ed.

BX9726 .S65 1927      Orders & regulations for soldiers of The Salvation Army.  

BX9741 .H69 2011      How I met The Salvation Army: true stories of Christian transformation.

BX9743.C41 A3 2010      Chapman, Robert. A godly heritage.

BX9743.D67 A3 2013      Doss, Glen. Reflections of a former atheist.

BX9743.G55 G55 2016      Gilman, James A. Sheng Fang: the place of victory: one man's experience of Salvationist pioneering in China.

BX9743.P39 I8 2013      It is appointed unto men.

HD Industries

HD30.28 .W378 2000      Weisbord, Marvin Ross. Future search: an action guide to finding common ground in organizations and communities. 2nd ed.

HG Finance

HG179 .W55 2007      White, John F. As your money burns: debt relief for Christians.

HM Sociology

HM671 .R565 2013      Rima, Samuel D. Spiritual capital: a moral core for social and economic justice.

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HN49.C6 I554 2015      An introduction to community development. 2nd ed.

HN49.C6 P467 2013      Phillips, Rhonda. Sustainable communities: creating a durable local economy.

HN65 .A675 1972      Alinsky, Saul David. Rules for radicals: a practical primer for realistic radicals.

HN90.C6 T433 2002      Temali, Mihailo. The community economic development handbook: strategies and tools to revitalize your neighborhood.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV4045 .P39 2013      Payne, Ruby K. A framework for understanding poverty: a cognitive approach. Rev. ed.


HV4045 .W553 1996      Wilson, William J. When work disappears: the world of the new urban poor.

HV8698 .M355 2015      McCarthy, David Matzko. Death penalty and discipleship: a faith formation guide.

L Education

LB2369 .B75 2014      Bui, Yvonne N. How to write a master's thesis. 2nd ed.

M Music

M2198 .S5 2015      Songs of salvation: The Salvation Army official song book for Adult Rehabilitation Centers and Harbor Light Centers in the United States of America.

ML1311 .H66 2012      Holz, Ronald W. New York Staff Band: celebrating 125 years, 1887-2012.

T Technology

TH9598 .M45 2014      Plunkett, Geoff. Let the bums burn: Australia's deadliest building fire and the Salvation Army tragedies.

TX714 .B785 2015      Brown, Leanne. Good and cheap: eat well on $4/day.

Spanish books (21)

BF Psychology

SPA BF637.T5 A45 2015      Allen, David. Organízate con eficacia: el arte de la productividad sin estrés.

BR Christianity

SPA BR65.I62 S7 2003      Irenaeus. Lo mejor de Ireneo de Lyon. Grandes autores de la fe

SPA BR65.J62 S7 2004      Justin, Martyr, Saint. Lo mejor de Justino Mártir. Grandes autores de la fe

SPA BR65.J7676 S7 2003  John.     Lo mejor de Juan Clímaco. Grandes autores de la fe

SPA BR65.O53 S7 2002      Origen. Lo mejor de Orígenes. Grandes autores de la fe

BS The Bible

SPA BS2506.3 .H37 2010      Harris, Wesley. Estimado Pablo.

SPA BS2777 .M23 2017      MacArthur, John. Comentario MacArthur del Nuevo Testamento: 1 Pedro a Judas.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV1533 .H379 2002      Hayes, Clancy P. Deje una viva impresión...¡sea maestro!  

SPA BV1533 .H39 2004      Hayes, Clancy P. Perpetuar la verdad mediante la enseñanza.

SPA BV4211.3 .C73 2012      Crane, James D. Manual para predicadores: orientación espiritual, intelectual y práctica.

SPA BV4447 .O78 2008      Ortíz, Félix. Raíces: pastoral juvenil en profundidad.

SPA BV4501.2 .L868 2011      Lutzer, Erwin W. Cómo decir no: a los hábitos pecaminosos.

SPA BV4501.3 .W464 2004      White, James Emery. Abrace al Dios misterioso: cómo amar al Dios que no comprendemos.

SPA BV4511 .L39 1996      Lay, Humberto. Discipulado: herramienta de crecimiento espiritual para todo cristiano.

SPA BV4597.3 .S83      Stamateas, Bernardo. Juegos sucios: un análisis de la personalidad inmadura y su solución.

SPA BV4597.53.L43 L49 2012      Leys, Lucas. El mejor lider de la historia.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX9725 .S24 1989      Ceremonias del Ejército de Salvación.

SPA BX9726 .C677 2010      Descripción de cargos del ministerio del cuerpo.

D World History

SPA DS112 .V38 1964      Vaux, Roland de. Instituciones del Antiguo Testamento.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

SPA HQ536 .E39 2000      Eisenman, Tom. 13 tentaciones que enfrenta tu familia.

PJ Oriental Languages and Literatures

SPA PJ4835.S6 S34 2008 REF     Alonso Schökel, Luis. Diccionario bíblico hebreo-español.

Media (2)

BS The Bible

DVD BS551.3 .N47 2001 v. 1-36     The animated stories from the Bible.

Q Science

DVD QH325 .O743 2003      The origin of life.