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The Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.), under New York State education law, requires that a minimum of 30 quarter credits of liberal arts or general education (in a 90 quarter credit calendar) be instructed for obtaining the degree.  To fulfill this requirement, the College follows the plan of many larger universities and colleges by designating a number of courses in differing Divisions of Study as a portion of this “general education,” as the information in these courses is more theoretical, comparative and preparatory for later learning.  In addition to the three courses listed in the General Education Division (Critical Reading, Writing & Communication, Psychology and Teaching & Learning - 5 quarter credits), the following courses contribute to this breadth requirement:

Ethics (2 credits), Biblical Interpretation (2), Music & Creative Arts (2), Worship (2), Homiletics (2),Church History (2), Leadership Formation & Personal Development (2), Principles of Finance (2) Approaches to Social Concerns (2) and Approaches to Faith-based Counseling (2)

In addition to the sum of 25 quarter credits cited above, 3 additional and differently constructed Homiletics courses (6 credits) are required.  Finally, many colleges and universities would also recognize instruction in the literature and culture of the Bible as part of their general education components.