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Barri Vazquez-Brandon

Distant Listener to Personal Savior

All my life I have always gone to church: The Salvation Army to be exact. I participated in every program possible. I was a sunbeam, Girl Guard, Junior Soldier and Senior Soldier. I knew the pledge by heart and I took it very seriously. I loved God and trusted him, and I always prayed in Jesus's name. My home life was a bit challenging but I knew I could always lean on God to take care of me. He knew all my fears, feelings and anxieties.

It wasn’t until I was fourteen and a staff member at Camp CONNRI that I truly accepted Christ into my life as my personal savior. I remember it clearly; we were in the middle of staff worship singing “Mighty to Save”. The words just made sense. All the teachings, all the songs, everything I had ever learned about The Lord finally clicked. My God is mighty to save! At that very moment I knew I wanted nothing more than to shine his light and let the whole world see my risen king through me.

Ever since that moment I have had a constant sense of peace about life. I realized that God was a personal God not just someone I talked to when I felt alone or unloved. I realized I could talk to him about the good things that were happening in my life. There were more positive things in my life that I never really noticed before. I couldn’t help but to be kind to people and show them the love that I have received from Christ. My life Bible verse is found in John 3:30 which says “He must become greater and I must become less”. I try my best in everything that I do to do it for The Lord. I want nothing more than to be used by him to help do his work in order to reach others.