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Brad Moore

Personal Testimony

I was born to Majors Paul and Sherrylyn Moore, so I have always known of Jesus. I accepted Jesus into my heart at the age of 6, but I wasn’t entirely in full understanding of what all that would mean for my life in the years to come. As a teenager I began to stray from God and I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. I wouldn’t even tell my friends that I was a Christian, or that I went to church. I just went along with anything and everything they did, even if it was against what I claimed to believe, until one day when they started getting into drugs. At that point I knew that there was better for me in my life.

At the age of 16 I attended a Youth Councils and decided to recommit my life to Jesus. I realized that I was living two lives. One life at school, and another life at church. God wanted me to live every part of my life for him, so from that point on I started living my life to try and bring glory to God. Jesus lived and died for my sins, and I needed to accept the fact that I need a savior, and I am week under my own power. But the bible tells me in Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Since the age of 16 I have been on a journey with Christ as the center of my life. There has been times when I have struggled to make Christ the center of my focus, but through it all he has been there with me. God has been faithful to me, and I will continue to trust him in my life as an Officer.