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Suffern, New York, January 31, 2018

Campus Property

                  The physical resources, particularly instructional facilities, are designed, maintained and managed so that the College can fulfill all of its purposes.  We seek to allow cadets to meet and achieve their educational objectives while living in a collective community of God-honoring and loving families and singles.  Adequate and separate spaces are set apart for all educational and living functions and services that individuals and families would require including:   1) instruction,   2) support service,           3) food services,   4) administration, and 5) child care facilities. The Campus is a welcoming residential space and all cadets live on grounds with their immediate family (except adult children, in most cases) in separate or shared (for most singles) housing. 

The College campus consists of a 30-acre, nicely wooded campus, with numerous buildings and grassy areas between.  A full size gymnasium, a smaller gym and work-out spaces and modern equipment exist either in dormitory settings or attached to the main instructional buildings for use by all adults and supervised youth.  Equipment and opportunities for outside exercise and team play exist with a youth soccer field, walking/running paths and bicycle opportunities.  Finally, a fully functional, licensed Family Care Center (similar to any licensed nursery and preschool) with two playgrounds and a separate staff is provided on-campus, with very modest expense to cadets/students and at reasonable, below-average-rate-for-the-area charge to some employees who need/elect this benefit.  In all respects, the campus is people friendly with child, youth and adult space for active living.

For instruction, sufficient equipment is set aside for every function required, either by individuals or, frequently, in a shared environment.  Good facilities exist for the more limited public performances by cadets in a large (250+ seating) auditorium and a similar, attractive chapel (200+ seating).  Most classrooms are smaller (capacity 18 to 36), however, 2 are intermediate in size (45 to 56 capacity) and the auditorium also serves as a lecture hall.  A piano laboratory and music room (for band and ensemble instrumental practice/playing) are also available to individuals and cadet groups (along with a number of differing musical instruments, brass and string) and are used for appropriate instruction.

The College provides each matriculating cadet with a laptop computer upon arrival and an I.T. department and staff aid in instruction and maintenance of these learning resources.  Additionally, printers and back-up computers are available in the I.T. department and printers are also available in the Library.   Smart Boards for electronic instructional presentations exist in the two intermediate-sized classrooms and 8 of the smaller ones, 3 electronic printers are available in dormitories and all instructors are also furnished with computers.           

                  The Brengle Library at the College for Officer Training is a welcoming, comfortable, quiet and sufficiently large space within the Administration Building which can accommodate a variety of learning and leisure activities for cadets and their families.  The library collection ihouses print materials, including books, journals, monographs and serials, and a variety of non-print media adequate in breadth and depth to support the institution’s mission and curriculum, in addition to full-text electronic databases.  Additionally, some of the holdings are geared towards younger learners, as cadets will teach and nurture their children.

The College has a current enrollment of 73 cadets.  The population living on campus, including some instructional staff and families of those staff and all students and their families, is currently 140 to 155, at any one time.

Campus Living

                  Cadets and their families will spend considerable time on the campus as a living and caring community.  One second-year cadet states that, “My family of six feel comfortable physically and socially living on campus, though we look forward to the creative freedom of having our own space in additional second-year cadet a few months” (male).  Another second-year cadet states, “(She finds) campus living is a safe and comfortable environment.  I am given the necessary information and precautionary measures in order to keep our campus safe (for example, campus security phone numbers).  Campus grounds are well structured for various activities such as outdoor walking/prayer walk, exercise, community gathering lounge areas and so much more.”  A married first-year couple stated, “We are enjoying living on campus.  We feel safe and that our children are welcomed and well-cared for.  It is a community of many different people, which in some cases could be difficult, but being in this community has been amazing; we felt welcomed and loved from the beginning.  We feel supported by our leaders and by our fellow cadets.”  Finally, from an employee, “The College grounds are well-cared for and the open areas and playgrounds are beautiful.  Consideration of cadets, their families and officer staff, for one another, enables good bonding and lends to a good learning environment.  I feel safe here while working.”

Crime on Campus

                  The College maintains a safe and secure, but open, campus.  A private twenty-four hour, seven days per week security firm and employees, as well as the local Sheriff’s Department are initial contact providers.  Additionally, Salvation Army staff in the Offices pf Personnel and Business are continuously available and available for reporting incidents and triage.  The Suffern Fire Department responds and has trained on campus for any incident of reported injury or fire.

                  During the most recent two years (2015-17), the major reporting incidents on campus were 22 false fire alarms, 5 reports of vagrants on campus, 4 reported thefts, 4 reported door or elevator malfunctions and 1 auto accident.  No crimes against person were reported and only a single case of vandalism of personal property.