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Personal Testimony

I am thankful to God today for his mercy upon my life since I was a child. As a baby I had a little hole on the side of my neck that doctors could not heal, but I survived. The culture I grew up in has people who use witchcraft and it was God who saw me through it all.

I am a third generation Salvationist but it was on December 31st 1991 that I became saved. I had become a professional soccer player then and had strayed from the Lord partly because of that. My mother persuaded me to attend the watch night service and the Lord spoke to me through Captain Musafiri that night.

I later landed my dream job as a Radio Presenter/Producer on the national radio station where I presented a Gospel program that made me a house hold name. In 1997 I represented my territory at the International Youth Forum in Cape Town and in 1999 attended the Faith Education Symposium in London, the two events God used to shape my future for His kingdom.

When my wife and I came to America 3 days after we got married and without a single dollar to our name it was God who provided for all our needs, Philippians 4:19. God has been faithful to me ever since and having a relationship with him has helped me to become a better man, husband and father. I have trusted Him with my life, he has not disappointed me, and Jeremiah 1:5 says it all for me.

The last 3 years we were appointed envoys in charge of Peekskill Corps, NY where God used us in a mighty way. When we arrived, the corps had no soldiers and when we left they had 32 junior and senior soldiers. I am blessed to be serving God as a cadet at the Training College; I am excited about His work in and through me from here onwards.