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Cheryl McCollum

My Testimony

At seventeen, I moved in with my High School sweetheart and his family. Once we graduated school we decided to get married. By this time we already had 2 children. I thought I had it all. This was the family that I never had. The blissful feeling was short lived. Both my sisters’ kids came to live with us because they were having issues with alcohol and drugs. This put a lot of pressure on my husband and I financially. It seemed like we could never get ahead. We were struggling already with our marriage and I felt he was being unfaithful. I was always worried about something. I would come home from work warm something up for the kids to eat and sit on the couch watching Lifetime movie channel. Every movie that came on I cried because each one was a mirror into my life. I felt abandoned, alone and unloved.

My middle sister decided she had enough of the streets and check into the Salvation Army ARC. I would take her children to see her on Family Sunday as a support to her. Each Sunday I went I sat in the front row crying. As I watched the Lord change and rebuild my sister. I too wanted Him to change and rebuild me. I wanted the light that my sister had for life. I was tired of being dead. I began to help out at the ARC and also at the Recovery Corps that they had started. God began to use the lives of the people around me to rebuild and strengthen me. I learned that he loved and cared about everything that I was feeling and going through. He became the source of my strength. I knew I wanted God to lead my life.