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Click to download the CFOT Response to COVID-19.

Click to download the CFOT Re-Entry Policies for Employees, Officers & Cadets. (En Español)


The College for Officer Training is a unique learning and training facility for The Salvation Army. Our two-year fully residential program prepares our students, and in many ways their immediate families, to be Salvation Army officers throughout the Northeast United States. Our response to COVID-19 is presently as follows: (subject to change).

  1. Unlike colleges that have temporarily dismissed their students and suspended some or all academic activity, our students are individuals and families who have actually left/sold their homes and moved onto campus. As such, we don’t have the option of closing and emptying the residential facilities, as families would then be homeless.

  2. All educational spaces (classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.) have been closed. Students are in residence and taking classes online. The Spring quarter begins 3/23/2020 and all classes will be available online. As we have families in residence often with two parents taking the same classes, we offer both live and recorded classes to meet their needs. With public schools closed and travel and large gatherings limited, we hope this flexibility helps our families.

  3. All group gatherings have been suspended until further notice. All events/ Extracurricular events are canceled until further notice.

  4. As a fully residential college, meals in our Dining Room are an important part of campus life, both practically and socially. Strategies to continue the important task of feeding our students and families include: a fully compliant rotating schedule for kitchen staff, meals served in shifts, packed in Styrofoam clamshell containers with disposable plastic ware.

  5. The campus library is taking online requests and delivering books to the students’ mailboxes.

  6. Faculty and supporting staff are available via phone or email.

  7. Necessary infrastructure services including mail, facility maintenance, IT, Health & Wellness, etc. are provided without interruption. However, slightly delayed responses are possible with many employees working from home to comply with state and local regulations. We are not accepting visitors except supplies delivery.

  8. The New York state registered day care center, or “Family Care,” has also been closed until further notice.

  9. CFOT Administration continues to diligently monitor and respond to the COVID-19 situation and to meet governmental expectations and regulations. As new information becomes available, decisions are made accordingly to protect the CFOT community, with meetings often occurring daily. These decisions are communicated via email and a private group on Facebook.

  10. Questions or concerns about the CFOT response to COVID-19 should be directed to

Click here for the presentation our Health Office gave to officers and cadets.

Further information from our Territorial Headquarters can be found here:

View General Brian Peddle's COVID-19 video message.