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David Eric Kelly

My Story

I grew up in a Christian home, and I’ve known about Jesus my entire life, but there have definitely been times when I didn’t spend nearly as much time with Him as I should. I grew up with all the same temptations as other people did, whether those were external or internal. I went to a school where drugs and alcohol were prevalent in everyday life, and I praise God every day that He was able to get me through it without ever allowing it to enter my life. Over and over again God gave me the strength to resist temptation.

Just because I gave my life to Jesus early on doesn’t mean I haven’t gone through difficult times. Even in high school, I struggled with my faith and my desire to really live for Jesus. I obeyed His commands out of fear of my parents, not necessarily my love of Him. I’ve gone through patches of my life where I let sin come into my relationships with family, friends, and God. That sin was toxic, and I couldn’t just get rid of it myself. The more I ignored it and tried to pretend it wasn’t there, the more it spread into other aspects of my life. The only way I could repair it was when I came before God and confessed my sin, and asked Him to take it away so that I could fully experience His presence again. Even now, I can look back on my life and point to times in my life when God was covering me in His grace. Through the death of my cousin and my sister’s multiple eating disorders, God has had a prevalent role in my life as He gave me the strength to endure.

He continues to show Himself to me more and more, and the more I learn about Him, the more I love Him.