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Denise Martin

My Story

Hi! I’m Denise and I am from Cincinnati, OH. I was a “good” kid growing up. I didn’t get in trouble or cause trouble. I got good grades and was always willing to help people. I’ll admit I wasn’t that perfect teenager – I liked to go out and drink with my friends every now and then. Unfortunately, one time some drugs got slipped into my drink and I was raped. I felt pretty lost and worthless after that. A family friend invited me to church not long afterward. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but what I found was forgiveness and the ability to forgive. I discovered that God still loved me and wanted me to be His child. I wish I could say that I stayed in my Christian walk, but that didn’t happen for a couple of decades. I eventually went back to drinking a couple times a year and began pursuing a financially sound career. It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that my walk with God changed. I had been going to church somewhat regularly during the time in between, but hadn’t really lived a Christian life. That all changed in 1996. I finally realized that God was what I needed – not the nice car or the good job. I needed to turn my life over to God’s will and stop trying to do things my way. My way wasn’t working very well. I can honestly say my life is much better now. I still have problems – even roses have thorns – but God is with me in the thick of life and He always leads me through the thorny parts. God has taught me that He is with me regardless of my circumstances – He makes my load lighter.