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Awards, May 2014

Lt. Commissioner & Mrs. William Barrett Award

Exemplifies the spirit and ideals of Salvationism, the spirit of dedication and willingness to work and follow in the example of Lt. Commissioner and Mrs. William Barrett
Allison Cornish


Amelia Benjamin Urban Initiative Award

Exhibits an aptitude and passion to minister to and evangelize people
Janelle Lewis


Lt. Colonel F. William Carlson Memorial Award

Showed the most improvement in preaching. Exemplifies intelligence, diligence, sincerity, humility and zeal, showing promise of becoming an effective preacher of the gospel
Michelle Miller & Marta Romero


Major Mrs. Hulda Carlson Memorial Award

Typifies the spirit of Salvationism expressed in the life of Major Mrs. Hulda Carlson, particularly as expressed in ministries to women and children
Ashley Fulmer, Kama Lyle, Maribel Medina & Jessica Rock


Theodore & Jacqueline Carlson Award

Awarded to a graduating male and female cadet, selected by vote of the cadet body in recognition of their consistent and effective qualities and their spirit of Salvationism which together have enriched the spiritual lives of their fellow cadets
Allison Cornish & Jonathan Lewis


Commissioner William E. Chamberlain Award

Shows unusual promise of leadership in The Salvation Army
Byung-Hoon Bang, Jonathan Lewis, Luis Martinez, Jorge Muños & Allison Ward


Brigadier Eldred Churchill Award

Has a real love for the marginalized; a ministry for the forgotten of society. They should have expressed and have had experience with nursing homes, Adult Rehabilitation Centers or recovery mission
Patricia Edwards, Luis Ocasio & Lizbeth Rosado


Brigadier Arthur Craytor Award

Demonstrates particular acumen for and interest in Adult Rehabilitation work
Damon Bethel


Disciples of Jesus Award

Lives with a spirit of discipleship and shows consideration toward session mates; demonstrates spiritual influence and love toward fellow cadets
Selah Bender, Allison Cornish & Nydia Martinez


Colonel Henry Gariepy Award

Awarded to the session representative speaker who demonstrates the communication skills and spirit that exemplified the life of Colonel Henry Gariepy, OF
Jonathan Lewis


Lester & Atha Faulds Award

Evidenced the heart of a shepherd leader and demonstrates the capacity to develop and pastor local officers
Janelle Lewis


Major Gerry Gray Award

Shows excellence in contemporary music
Allison Ward


Brigadier Kate Hillman Award

Shows merit in the Salvationist vocation of Servant of ALL
Ashley Mineard & Jimmy Susa


Captains Albert & Normajean Honsberger Award

Managed their finances well and exemplifies the spirit, dedication and vitality that characterized the lives and ministry of Captains Albert and Normajean Honsberger
Isaac Santiago


Lt. Colonel Lyell Rader (OF) Evangelism Award

Awarded for recognition of evangelistic passion and soul-saving ministry
Jorge Muñoz


Major Dr. Mary M. Richardson Award

Showed personal commitment for the world mission of The Salvation Army
Selah Bender, Ashley Luzader, Giovanni Romero, Jorge Rosado & Michele Watt


Major Dorothy Saunders Award

Demonstrates effective evangelism, compassion and unselfish service to others
Luis Ocasio & Glamaris Santiago


Colonel Alvena Wood Award

Indicates a particular interest in and aptitude for working with women and children
Jina Bang, Roxanna Cuascut, Raquel Hernandez & Nydia Martinez


Helen Steiner Rice Award

Shows exemplary writing and literary skills as demonstrated by submissions of special material for evaluation and review
Roxanna Cuascut & Hannah Dale

Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware Division


Luke Barney



Sara (Harris) Barney



Jeremiah Eisley

Jeremiah Eisley is from the Carlisle Corps in the PENDEL Division where he was employed as a ministry assistant. Jeremiah accepted Christ as a child while he was walking through alfalfa fields toward his house. He knelt in the field and prayed a prayer of confession and forgiveness. Jeremiah spent two years in the navy and traveled to 15 countries. During this time his heart was moved as he observed the living conditions and injustices experienced in other places. He met The Salvation Army through a placement in AmeriCorps.



Ashley (Kull) Fulmer

Ashley Fulmer is from the Scranton Corps in the PENDEL Division, where she was the receptionist and program assistant. Ashley is a fourth generation Salvationist and describes herself as having a “William Booth heart.” She has attended college for music education and spent some time in her division as a regional music director. Ashley also is known to her coworkers as the “Scranton IT lad ” for her skills with technology.



Larry Fulmer

Larry Fulmer is married to Ashley and was working at The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Scranton. Larry grew up in the Assemblies of God church, but when he met Ashley was introduced to the Army and has grown to love it. Larry has taught himself how to play the guitar and, besides using his guitar skills in worship, teaches the young people in his corps how to play as well. Larry has attended Valley Forge Christian College and recently was the D.A.R.T. (Junior Staff) Supervisor at Camp Ladore.



Janelle (Bacon) Lewis

Janelle Lewis is also from the Philadelphia West Corps and is married to Jon. She met The Salvation Army through her husband. Before that, she really grew in her relationship with Christ by belonging to a holiness church where she held many leadership positions. She graduated from Temple University with a degree in Secondary Education/Science Education and was working as a high school chemistry teacher. Janelle teaches dance at her corps and also plays the xylophone, marimba, and bells.



Jonathan Lewis

Jonathon Lewis is from the Philadelphia West Corps in the PENDEL Division. Jon grew up in the church and has been walking the path of faith for a long time, but he decided to yield his dreams to the Lord and respond to God’s call to become an officer. Jon is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies. He was employed as a Social Worker in the Philadelphia area. He enjoys playing basketball and has a black belt in martial arts.



Samantha Lockard

Samantha Lockard was the program assistant at the Chester Corps in the Pendel Division. She grew up attending the Berwick, Pa. Corps and was very active in all aspects of Salvation Army life. Samantha says that Youth Councils 2006 changed her life, when she was profoundly impacted by a skit performed called, “Jesus Take the Wheel.” She allowed Jesus to take control of her life during that weekend. Samantha’s calling came at a Prayer and Fasting Retreat during a focused time of listening prayer. Samantha loves to help people. She is very interested in other cultures and enjoys graphic design. She also plays the flute and piccolo.



Francisca (Garcia) Tripari

Francisca Garcia is from the Philadelphia Tabernacle Corps in the Eastern PA/Delaware Division. She has walked with the Lord for 35 years. Francisca came to The Salvation Army through a family member, first as a volunteer. She has a Bachelor Degree in Christian Education. Francisca is known for her beautiful singing voice. She and her husband of 21 years have two adult children. Francisca’s corps officer describes her as someone who loves to serve the Lord and demonstrates a seeking spirit, with a solid witness and love for souls.



Martin Tripari

Martin Tripari, also from the Philadelphia Tabernacle Corps, has been a Christian since the age of 12. He came to The Salvation Army with his wife as a volunteer as well. Martin served as a leader of the Couples Ministry at his corps along with Francisca. He had worked in the same company for 13 years manufacturing car parts. He says, “There is nothing more that I enjoy than serving others and teaching others about the wonders of God.” For many years he served the Lord as a deacon in his church and now looks forward to continuing in ministry as a Salvation Army officer.

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Empire Division


Phil Davies



Luis Martinez

Luis Martinez was a soldier of the Buffalo Temple Corps in the Empire State Division. He is originally from Puerto Rico. Luis was employed by Time Warner Cable providing tech support. He has a gift in the field of technology and ministered in his corps by helping with the audio/visual needs. Luis also served with his wife as a Sunday School teacher for elementary aged children. He and his wife have been married for 13 years and have two children. Luis’ calling came to him through a dream and was confirmed at the Candidate Seminar and during Family Camp.



Nydia (Guerrero) Martinez

Nydia Martinez was a soldier of the Buffalo Temple Corps with her husband, Luis. Nydia’s family lost their home in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Hugo. That circumstance and her father’s health brought the family to Buffalo when Nydia was a teenager. Nydia worked as a bilingual teacher for children with special needs and has her Masters Degree in Education from the State University of New York Buffalo. Nydia has felt a calling to minister since she was very young and felt her calling as an officer confirmed at a Candidate Seminar. She took great joy in supervising the Daily Vacation Bible School at her corps each year and singing in the Worship Band on Sunday mornings.



Isaac Santiago

Isaac Santiago was a soldier of the Buffalo Temple Corps in the Empire State Division. He moved to Buffalo with his family from Puerto Rico when he was 19 years old. He attended college and then joined the US Army Reserve before meeting his wife and attending The Salvation Army, where he met Jesus Christ in a personal way. He says, “When I became a Christian I was so hungry for the Word of God that I started to read the Bible everywhere I went. I had it in my phone; I had it in audio; I just wanted to learn more about Jesus.” Isaac worked in Customer Service for a bank. He helped with the tech ministry at his corps and served alongside his wife as a youth leader. He felt his calling confirmed at the Candidate Seminar.



Glamaris (Reyes-Ortiz) Santiago

Glamaris Santiago was a soldier at the Buffalo Temple Corps, serving alongside her husband and also mothering their six year old daughter. Glamaris came to Buffalo with a woman from her church who had adopted her. It was through this woman that Glamaris met Jesus. Glamaris is a Certified Nurse Assistant and for five years worked as a bus driver in the Buffalo public school district. She loved the children she drove to school each day and they showed the love they had for her by often bringing her presents when they got on the bus. She saw her work as a ministry besides her ministry with the young people at the corps. Glamaris says, “From the moment I started attending The Salvation Army and saw how they work I wanted to be part of that wonderful work to which God has called all of us.”

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Greater New York Division


Paula Aguilera

Paula Aguilera is from the New York Temple Corps in the Greater New York Division. Paula grew up attending The Salvation Army in Spain, where her parents are officers. She has also spent a year as an ICO (International College for Officers) volunteer in London and a year attending a Salvation Army school in Norway. She served as the Corps Ministry Assistant at her corps. Paula enjoys a close relationship with Jesus, and although she feels humbled by the prospect of officership, she is ready for the challenge of ministry.



Allison Cornish

Allison Cornish is from the Spring Valley Corps of the Greater New York Division. She grew up in Massachusetts and Connecticut with her Salvationist family, attending corps activities and playing her instrument in the band. Allison graduated from Gordon College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry and then spent time serving as the Youth Pastor at the Chelsea/East Boston Corps before taking on a position at The Railton School for Youth Worker Training. Allison feels that the Lord seems to speak to her by letting her know He is preparing her for something before He calls her to something. She has felt Him preparing her for this next step in her life for awhile and is now stepping out in the call He has given her.



Dongyuen or "Chris" Han

Dongyuen Han is known as “Chris” and is from the Flushing Queens Corps where he worshiped with his wife, Ji Yeong. Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from a university in S. Korea and has taken classes toward a Master’s Degree from New York Theological Seminary. Chris was working as the Corps Assistant and was involved in all aspects of ministry. He loves music and plays guitar, keyboard, and drums. Chris has a passion for souls. As a boy he witnessed to a classmate for three years before they lost touch. Years later, he recognized that young man on the NYC subway. Chris’s friend thanked him for introducing him to the Gospel and told Chris he had become a Christian. Chris says now he would “like to spend all my energy and passion for Jesus Christ with The Salvation Army.”



Ji Yeong Han

Ji Yeong Kim (Han)

Ji Yeong Kim is from the Flushing Queens Corps in the Greater New York Division. She was not brought up to know Jesus, but felt incredibly moved as an 11 year old in a bookstore as she pondered a photograph of Michaelangelo’s “Pieta.” She feels that the Holy Spirit at that moment descended upon her and put in her heart a desire to know who Jesus is. She later went to design school, both in S. Korea and in the US at Parson’s School of Design, earning degrees in Industrial Design and Fashion Design. For five years she worked for many famous labels in the field of fashion, but found her calling in life at The Salvation Army when she met her husband. Ji Yeong is now a mother to Joseph. She is very excited and ready to follow God’s lead.



Nephtalie Joseph

Nephtalie Joseph is from the Westbury Corps in the Greater New York Division. She was born in Haiti, where she grew up attending The Salvation Army school there. She was enrolled as a Junior Soldier and Senior Soldier before moving to the United States. Nephtalie worked as the corps secretary. She is known as a woman of prayer and attended prayer meetings regularly. She is fluent in Creole, French, and English.



Luis Ocasio



Jessica Rock

Jessica Rock was a soldier of the Spring Valley Corps in the Greater New York Division. Jessie grew up in the home of Salvation Army officer parents. Although she accepted Christ as her Savior as a child, she remembers truly awakening to the idea of relationship with Jesus after reading C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” as a teenager. Jessie graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Education from Nyack College. She has served on CAST (Creative Arts Service Team) and also the Hands On team in Costa Rica. She feels that she never ran away from her calling to officership, but instead “slowly tiptoed” towards it, and now feels completely confident that this is what God has called her to do.



Giovanni Romero

Giovanni Romero is from the Brooklyn Bay Ridge Corps in the Greater New York Division. Giovanni found the Lord as a young boy in Honduras after hearing an American pastor preach in a park. Soon Giovanni was learning English from the pastor and translating into Spanish the pastor’s prayers and sermons. Giovanni worked as an interpreter in the New York court system. He also produced an evangelistic radio program that is heard all over the Latin world. Giovanni met The Salvation Army through a friend who asked him to help with the worship music at his corps. Giovanni is married to Marta.



Marta (Ayala) Romero

Marta Romero is from the Brooklyn Bay Ridge Corps in the Greater New York Division. She was a stay at home mom to her five children with her husband, Giovanni. She loves working with children and telling them about the love of Jesus. She also feels a burden for women and wants to help them understand the wonderful grace of Jesus Christ. Marta got saved at an evangelistic event in her native Honduras. She and Giovanni met in a stadium during such an event and now they have been married for fifteen years. She looks forward to working in ministry as an officer alongside her husband.



Jimmy Susa

Jimmy Susa is from the Queens Temple Corps in the Greater New York Division, originally from Columbia. Jimmy found Jesus as his Savior when he was invited to a Bible study by his uncle. Jimmy was working for the Department of Transportation in the City of New York as a city parking equipment worker. Jimmy has always enjoyed helping people and he and his wife came to The Salvation Army because they felt they wanted to be used more in ministry. They have a young son, Daniel.



Melissa (Gonzalez) Susa

Melissa Susa is also from the Queens Temple Corps. She grew up in Peru, where her grandmother took her to church. She remembers always wanting to be a pastor and would play church with her sisters. Melissa has her Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and was a stay at home mom. She was involved in the worship band, dance and drama, and teaching ministry at her corps.



Allison Ward

Allison Ward is from the Spring Valley, New York Corps. She graduated from Nyack College and the Railton School for Youth Worker Training. She was born and raised on Long Island with her sister and brothers, growing up in a Salvation Army family. Music has always played a big role in her life and Allison sings and plays horn. She was working at the corps as a program assistant. She loves the Lord and tries to use every opportunity to share Christ with others.

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Massachusetts Division


Patricia Edwards

Patricia Edwards is from the Worcester Citadel Corps in the Massachusetts Division. Although having interaction with The Salvation Army as a child, it wasn’t until she was an adult volunteering at Christmastime that Pattie began to open her heart, not only to The Salvation Army, but to the Lord. Pattie was employed at the corps as the Kids’ Feast director and she graduated with an Associates Degree in Human Services. Pattie is the mother of five children.

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New Jersey Division


Brandon Cottrell

Brandon Cottrell was a soldier of the Ocean County, New Jersey Corps and met The Salvation Army through his grandmother, who took him to church with her when he was 12 years old. He became very active in corps life and eventually gave his heart to the Lord as an older teen. Brandon is a graduate of the Railton School for Youth Worker Training and served as an intern in three different corps of the New Jersey Division. Brandon first felt called to ministry during a Cadets’ Campaign at his corps, and since then his calling was confirmed through prayer and ministry. He has appreciated the prayer and support given him through the years by the many retired officers in his home corps.



Kathryn Furman

Katie Furman is the daughter of Salvation Army officer parents from the Asbury Park, New Jersey Corps. She is a graduate of Houghton College with a degree in Youth Ministry and served as a Program Assistant in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Katie served for two summers with CAST (Creative Arts Service Team) and also worked at Camp Tecumseh as a Christian Education Assistant. Katie felt called to ministry when she was a young teen, seeing in a vision from God, herself in a Salvation Army officer’s uniform. Those who know Katie speak highly of her passion and love for the Lord.



Adriana Gonzalez

Adriana Gonzalez is from the Red Bank Corps in the New Jersey Division where she was employed as the program assistant. Before that, Adriana was the Assistant Camp Director and Marketing Director for Camp Allegheny in Western Pennsylvania. It was during her first summer at Allegheny that Adriana rededicated herself to the Lord. It was also at camp that Adriana began to sense that God wanted her to become a Salvation Army officer. When she accepted the call she felt immediate peace. Adriana is a graduate of Messiah College where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration in counseling.



Hwang Lim

Hwang Lim is from the Englewood Corps in the New Jersey Division. He is originally from South Korea, where his parents serve as Salvation Army officers. He says it was a very natural thing for him to accept Jesus as his Savior. Hwang has served as a chaplain in the military and worked as a counselor/teacher in the HIV/AIDS Care Department for The Salvation Army in South Korea. Hwang has his Bachelor’s Degree in Theology/Social Welfare and a Master’s Degree in Liturgy and Homiletics. He is in the process of obtaining his PhD in Theology.



Seoyoung Yoo (Lim)

Seoyoung Yoo (Lim) is married to Hwang and mother to Eugene, a daughter, and Evan, a son. She comes from a strong Salvation Army family in South Korea. Seoyoung spent time in the United Kingdom learning English and pursuing a degree in Air Transport Management, which she achieved. She worked for an airline there for a time. She is also a pianist and was very active at her corps and at home, being a homemaker. She testifies that she wants to be an officer who can “show God’s heart and love towards people God created.”

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Northeast Ohio Division


David Bender

David Bender is from the Mount Vernon, Ohio Corps in the Neosa Division. He is the son of Salvation Army officer parents. David heard about Jesus all his life, but it wasn’t until he became an older teen that he really began to take his faith seriously. He has worked at camp and enjoys sports and politics. David was working at the corps and was primarily responsible for youth programming. He wants Christ to be seen in his daily life.



Selah (Sutton) Bender

Selah Bender is married to David and also comes from the Mount Vernon Corps in Ohio. Her grandparents are Salvation Army officers. She has a heart for the outcasts of society and has many memories of helping to serve in the soup kitchen and meeting people with stories of addiction and homelessness. She reached out to God at a time in her life when she felt very alone and God made His presence known to her in a very real way. Selah just finished getting her Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice.



Ashley Ferrell

Ashley Ferrell is from the Painesville, Ohio Corps in the NEOSA Division. She is a graduate of the Railton School for Youth Worker Training and was employed at the Wooster Corps as its youth worker. Ashley is a product of The Salvation Army’s holistic approach to ministry and says, “In order to truly fulfill my purpose, I have accepted that the Army is also the place in which God has chosen to use me for the rest of my life.”



Michelle Miller



Gretchen (Irizarry) Muñoz

Gretchen Muñoz is from the Painesville Corps and is originally from Puerto Rico, where she worked as an EMT with her husband. She met The Salvation Army in Kissimmee, Florida. Gretchen loves to serve the Lord and describes her calling as “a fire in my heart.” Gretchen enjoys cooking and baking, and she had the opportunity to use these gifts as the supervisor of the soup kitchen ministry at her corps.



Jorge Muñoz

Jorge Muñoz is from the Painesville, Ohio Corps where he worked as a program assistant. Originally he is from Puerto Rico, where he worked as an EMT. It was at his work that he met his wife, Gretchen. Although Jorge has some connections to The Salvation Army through a relative, he didn’t become a faithful attender and soldier until adulthood. He describes his life as empty before he truly developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is eager to serve in ministry full time.

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Northern New England Division


Justin Barter



Marsha Herz

Marsha Herz is from the Waterville, Maine Corps in the Northern New England Division. She was serving as a candidate intern at the corps in Berlin, New Hampshire. Marsha has been going to The Salvation Army since she was a little girl and has been involved in just about every activity. She feels she has the gift of encouragement and enjoys sharing her faith through Facebook and conversations.



Joel Lyle

Joel Lyle comes from the Old Orchard Beach Corps in the Northern New England Division. He comes from a rich Salvation Army heritage, a great many of his family members serving as Salvation Army officers. He and his wife, Kama, have just become parents for the first time to Jordan Douglas. Joel has spent 8 years of his life in the field of banking and was serving as the NNE Division’s Young Adult and Youth Ministries Coordinator. He says, “The world is a dark place and I believe The Salvation Army is a light to help those in need.”



Kama (Weidemann) Lyle

Kama Lyle, also from the Old Orchard Beach Corps, was introduced to The Salvation Army when she went to live with her grandparents and became very active at the Portland, Maine Corps. Kama loves to work with children and has spent many summers at Camp Sebago. She was employed as the head teacher in a preschool. Kama is described as “a joyful Christian wife and mother who has much to offer to others through the ministry of The Salvation Army.”

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Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands Division


Lemuel Cuascut

Lemuel Cuascut is from the Mayaguez Corps in Puerto Rico & V.I. Division. Lemuel grew to love The Salvation Army when his parents were placed in charge of a corps on the island. He worked at his corps as the ministry assistant. Lemuel has also worked at Camp Allegheny and was named Young Person of the Year at the 2006 Hershey Congress. He has a great love for God’s Word and considers it a wonderful joy to read it. He has been married for three years to his wife, Roxanna, and they have a two year old daughter, Anaiah.



Roxanna (Cruz) Cuascut

Roxanna Cuascut is also from the Mayaguez Corps, but met the army in Arecibo, where her father, a police officer, was helping coordinate a community program with The Salvation Army. Roxanna had accepted the Lord as a child, but she rededicated her life to Him at The Salvation Army and says she received her call to officership during a Youth Council. She loves working with children and served as a tutor at her corps in the after school program.



Maribel Medina

Maribel Medina is from the Bayamon Corps in Puerto Rico. She is a mother with three adult children: one daughter and two sons, one of whom is a Salvation Army officer. Maribel has attended the University of Puerto Rico and has certifications in cosmetology and accounting. She was working at the corps as the Volunteer Coordinator. Although she hails from Puerto Rico, Maribel says she loves the snow! Maribel is ready and excited about fulfilling the calling God placed on her life many years ago.



Jorge Rosado

Jorge Rosado is from the Bayamon Corps in the Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Division. Jorge grew up attending The Salvation Army, accepting Christ as a teen, and served as the Corps Treasurer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting from Devry University and has been working in his family’s business, the largest fast food chain on the island, for many years. He is married to Lizbeth and they have two daughters. Jorge was a strong spiritual leader in his corps and his presence is already sorely missed.



Lizbeth (Sepulveda) Rosado

Lizbeth Sepulveda (Rosado) is from the Bayamon Corps in the Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Division. She has a powerful testimony about how God saved her, bringing her out of a life of darkness into His marvelous light. Lizbeth has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Puerto Rico. While working in Human Resources at a hospital, Lizbeth had regular daily devotions with the employees. She also served as the Open Doors Service Coordinator for The Salvation Army.

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Southern New England Division


Byung-Hoon Bang

Byung-Hoon is from the New Haven, Connecticut Corps, where he was volunteering as a program assistant. He has earned his Master of Non-profit Management Degree from Indiana University. Byung-Hoon already has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and a Master of Divinity from Asbury Theological Seminary, where he was first introduced to The Salvation Army by a friend. He has been employed as a pastor in the Methodist Church in the past, but feels God is calling him to The Salvation Army because it is the perfect fit for his ministry gifts. Byung-Hoon and his family are originally from South Korea.



Jina Bang

Jina Bang also comes from the New Haven Corps, where she soldiered with her husband and assisted with corps programming. She is the mother of their three children. Jina is also from South Korea. Jina hoped to feel significance through her involvement with political movements during her time at university. This only left her with a feeling of emptiness until a friend began to study the Bible with her and Jina found Jesus. Jina has her Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in Social Work and looks forward to being a partner in ministry alongside her husband.



Jose Hernandez

Jose Hernandez was an Envoy at the Providence Temple Corps in Rhode Island. He grew up in a Christian family in Mexico, and gave his life fully to Christ as a teenager when he heard a Holy Week sermon about Jesus and Peter walking on the water. He has been married to his wife, Raquel, for 19 years and they have three sons. They are as ready as ever to serve the Lord and meet the challenges of ministry in The Salvation Army.



Raquel (Goiz-Escobar) Hernandez

Raquel Hernandez grew up in Mexico like her husband. She also had the benefit of a Christian upbringing and accepted the Lord as her Savior as a teenager. Raquel achieved her certificate to be an Executive Secretary through much hard work and sacrifice, since her school was three hours away each day by public transportation! She and her husband came to the United States and met The Salvation Army through a family member in Hartford, Connecticut. Raquel was also serving as an Envoy at the Providence Temple Corps.



Shareena Lee

Shareena was a soldier of the Hartford North End Corps in the Southern New England Division. She grew up going to The Salvation Army, participating in all the activities. Shareena is a mother to 3 1/2 year old Mialys. She has an Associate Degree in Social Services, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Capital Community College. Because of how she has been ministered to by the Body of Christ at The Salvation Army, Shareena wants to do the same for others. She says, “I’m going to find those lost kids, pregnant young mothers, drug-addicted parents and bring them what He gave me. A HOPE IN CHRIST! ALONE!”



Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas was a soldier of the Hartford Citadel Corps in the Southern New England Division. He has grown up in The Salvation Army, but got really serious about his faith as a college student. Steven has a Masters Degree in Psychology from Harvard and worked as a paraprofessional with children who have behavioral difficulties. God spoke to him about his calling through a dream and also his experience at camp leading a Bible Study with the young men on staff. Steven is an artist and a poet and has used these gifts to build awareness about social injustice and diversity.

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Southwestern Ohio & Northeast Kentucky Division


Dawn (Robards) Carter

Dawn Carter grew up in Massachusetts, but was a soldier of the Sidney, Ohio Corps along with her husband, Shane. She and Shane have a new daughter named Abigail. Dawn was invited to church at The Salvation Army by the corps officer in Waltham, who saw her trying to learn how to ride her bike in the corps parking lot. She eventually accepted Christ as her Savior at Camp Wonderland during “The Miracle Mile, “ a presentation about the ministry of Jesus. Dawn enjoys singing and has traveled extensively with her high school’s show choir. She has felt called to officership for many years and states, “The more I did God’s work and got involved in all branches of Salvation Army ministry, the happier and more at peace I became. It’s hard to describe the feeling of fullness and joy that overcomes me while doing God’s work.”



Shane Carter

Shane Carter was a soldier of the Sidney, Ohio Corps in the SWONEKY Division. He found his calling out of the frustration and emptiness he felt after pursuing several interests in different colleges. He is the child of officer parents and accepted Christ when he was a child. He then worked as a Customer Service manager at Walmart, where he was a highly valued employee. He has always had an interest in cooking and musical theater and loves to express his faith through worship arts, also taking on leadership in this area at his corps. Shane loves playing the piano and blesses others through that ministry gift.



Ashley Luzader

Ashley Luzader is from the Newport, Kentucky Corps in the SWONEKY Division. Ashley has worked at Camp SWONEKY for ten summers. At a Youth Councils Ashley dedicated her life to fulltime service for the Lord, which led her to Project 1:17. After graduating from Project 1:17, she was employed as the Youth Worker in Lima, Ohio and then the Worthington Woods Corps. During a teen retreat she was coleading, Ashley came to realize that God’s calling for fulltime service included officership and now she is ready to accept that call.

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Western Pennsylvania Division


Damon Bethel

Damon Bethel is from the Altoona, Pennsylvania Corps, where he served as the Program Assistant. Damon has a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Secondary Education from the University of Miami, where he attended on a football scholarship. He is the child of officer parents. Damon Says that when he deals with people, he always tries to show them the same love that God showed him.



Ashley Mineard

Ashley Mineard is from the Beaver Falls Corps in the Western Pennsylvania Division, where she was employed as a Corps Program Assistant. She has a strong testimony of God's faithfulness in her life and has been involved with The Salvation Army since she was a little girl. Ashley has a BA in human services from the Geneva College, where she also played in the marching band. Ashley says she answered God's call to officership at the Young Adult Emerge conference and has never been so at peace in her life.



Michele Watt

Michele Watt is from the Greenville Corps in the Western Pennsylvania Division. Michele is a fourth generation Salvationist, attending the corps as a child where her grandmother was the Young People's Sergeant Major. Michele spent three years serving in the Air Force and then drove a truck for a tire company. She enjoyed the long hours of communion with the Lord while she made the trek to Buffalo each week. It was during one of these journeys that she really opened herself up to the love of Christ. Michele loved the programs she was in at her corps that focused on building relationships and promoting fellowship, and she looks forward to ministering in relationship to the hearts of people through Jesus Christ.

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