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Dominic Nicoll

My Lonely Journey to a Great Path

I was born in a small town in England called Blackpool. I was raised always going to The Salvation Army every Sunday for church, but I also went throughout the week too. I never really understood what it was all about, this church thing. I went because that was what my family did and so there I was every Sunday. I never really listened to a sermon or anyone who was trying get a point across especially when it was my officer parents. However, it didn’t get better when I got older, instead I was looking for ways to turn from the Lord, look for places I could run and hide. This seemed like the better option to hide, however, it didn’t last long.

Soon my older brother invited me to a summer camp in upstate NY. This place changed my life. I was watching a drama group when I heard the Lord talking to me and telling me he had plans for my life. Sooner than later though I let that feeling go and when I first got married to my wife we stopped going to church again. We tried giving reasons on a Sunday morning as to why we couldn’t go, whether it was we didn’t have money for transport or we didn’t have a car, it was too cold outside, these were all reasons we tried to give. All of a sudden we were given a car, I was given my working papers three months early, and I got a job within a week. These were all signs for me and my wife to go back to church. We haven’t looked back and we are so happy to know the Lord and to love him. I knew that we wanted to raise a Christian family and that God was calling me to go back when I rededicated my life to Him.