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D. Matt Hamilton

Personal Testimony

I grew up in a small town called Elyria, Ohio. I didn’t really see life as hard or easy to come by. My parents divorced when I was only two years old so I only understood the concept of two separate lives. As a young boy, I would go to church youth group programs with some of the neighborhood families. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of six.

Once I graduated High School I left Ohio to serve in the United States Navy. I married my high school sweet heart. For a while life appeared to be okay on the surface. However, alcohol became my choice of drug, and it began to eat away at my career as well as my home life. After 5 years of service, I was labeled an alcoholic by some of my family members and I found myself going through a divorce.

I returned to my home town and continued to make choices that would lead down the wrong road. This road led me to drinking even more alcohol and it got so bad I had no compassion for life. Finally, I recognized God’s presence in my life and I began to lean on the Lord for support. He helped to remove the pain from my bad life choices, such as the addiction to alcohol, and gave me back happiness and joy. He has provided me with a great, loving wife and two wonderful, amazing children who show me love and grace every day as a reminder of His love and grace. Through my falls in life- divorce, alcohol - God has been patient, caring and loving but most important He has been preparing me, a sinner… to be his representative to His kingdom.