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Emmanuel Echavarria

Personal Testimony

My life before Christ was adventure. My mother was a Catholic, so she would take me to her church every Sunday. I hated it, it was very boring, and it was just plain weird to me. So I would just rebuke my mom and was just a bitter kid when I was young. I would go to school and start fights; sometimes I would just skip school. My life before Christ, I would say I was a bitter kid with no understanding to life.

God showed Himself to me though His Word, I learned so much because of Bible Bowl. Because I went home every day and studied His Word and kept on studying. As I was studying I notice that my life was changing little the people that hung out with I didn’t anymore, my attuided changed a lot as I learned how Jesus wanted us to treat each other. I finally had a understanding about life, on why we should go to church? Why should we pray? Because we were made to worship and keep in comunmwith our Creator, this is what I learned through Gods words, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savor because I was tired of being bitter. As a result of all that I have accepted the calling God gave me on my life and now I will become an officer in His Army.