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CFOT Community Covenant



201 Lafayette Ave. Suffern, NY 10901 • tsacfotny.eduphone button graphic 845-368-7200 fax button graphic (fax) 845-357-6644


Colonel Janet Munn
Training Principal
Colonel Janet Munn (F)
phone button graphic 845-368-7210

Major Jongwoo Kim
Assistant Training Principal for Administration
Major Jongwoo Kim (F)
phone button graphic 845-368-7208
Garrett, William
Educational Technology Officer
Major William Garrett (F)
phone button graphic 845-368-7270
Captain Sun Kyung Simpson
Spiritual Formation and Worship Coordinator
Captain Sunkyung Simpson (F)
phone button graphic 845-368-7202

Administration Department continued

Starnes, Ronald   Director of IT & Communications
   Daniel Machado
   phone button graphic 845-368-7271


Riesebieter, Christian   Music Coordinator
   Christian Riesebieter (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7278



Starnes, Ronald   Creative Arts Coordinator
   Kyle Higgins (RP)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7236


Starnes, Ronald   Accreditation Liaison
   Dr. Dennis VanderWeele (F)
   phone button graphic 845-368-7206


Personnel Department

Suarez, Alberto   Director of Personnel
   Major Alberto Suarez (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7217


Payton, Marika   Associate Director of Personnel
   Major Marika Payton (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7215

Starnes, Margaret   Assistant Director of Personnel
   Major Margaret Starnes (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7415


Payton, Marika   Personnel Officer
   Major Marta Dearin (RP)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7254


Flora, Felecia   Personnel Officer/ Campus Ministries Liaison
   Captain Felecia Flora (AF)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7222

Kim, Misook   Campus Ministries Director
   Major Misook Kim (AF)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7398


Curriculum Department

Garrett, Heather   Director of Curriculum
   Major Eva Geddes (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7201


Garrett, Heather   Education Officer
   Major Heather Garrett (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7220

Misla, Gloria   Education Officer
   Major Gloria Misla (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7247

Feliz, Miguelina   Curriculum Officer
   Major Miguelina Feliz (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7219

Feliz, Miguelina   Curriculum Officer
   Captain Joshua Simpson (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7274

Payton, David E.    Curriculum Officer/Personnel Officer
   Major David E. Payton (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7255

Torres, Iris   Spanish Studies Coordinator
   Major Iris Torres (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7225

Nevill, Emily   Librarian: Technical Services
   Mrs. Emily Nevill
   phone button graphic  845-368-7243

Rodriguez-Morell, Jose Antonio   Library Assistant
   Mr. Jose Antonio Rodriguez-Morell
   phone button graphic  845-368-7223

Rader, Robin   Library Director
   Ms. Robin Rader (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7228


Field Training and Evangelism Department

Machado, Silvia   Director of Field Training
   Major Silvia Machado (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7265

Armour, Rickie   Field Training Officer
   Captain Rickie Armour
   phone button graphic  845-368-7244


Holt, Heather L.   Field Training Officer
   Captain Heather L. Holt (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7291


Feliz, Eduardo J.    Field Training Officer
   Major Eduardo J. Feliz (RP)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7286


Business Department

Starnes, Ronald   Director of Business
   Maor Ronald Starnes (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7212

Fraser, Robin   Assistant Director of Business
   Mrs. Robin Fraser (F)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7241

Rivero, Kristen   Campus Services Coordinator
   Major Kristen Rivero (RP)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7253

Armour, Pamela   Senior Home Officer
   Captain Pamela Armour (RP)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7263

Jones, Joshua   Business Officer/Home Officer
   Captain Joshua Jones (AF)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7226

Ocasio, Luis   Transportation Officer/Home Officer
   Lieutenant Luis Ocasio (RP)
   phone button graphic  845-368-7294