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Fernando de Oliveira

Plugged in My Own Relationship

I grew up in a Christian family. My father was a pastor and my mother led the women ministries. Every Sunday we attended all services and church events. I was 8 years old and lived as a Christian, but I wasn’t. I memorized Bible verses, stories, songs and prayers. I considered myself a Christian, but I wasn’t. I had a gap between personal relationship with God and Christian practices. I misunderstood being in church with being saved, praying before meals with relationship with God, being a believer’s child with being a believer myself. I couldn’t fill up this gap by myself.

God used a unique way to reach me. He used my parents, some teachers and a spiritual leader to help me understand my responsibility in developing my personal relationship with God. Also, He used the Bible to persuade me to do it. Two Bible verses were very important to me: Romans 3:23-24 and John 3:16. They clarified my mind about how important it is to develop my own relationship with God. It’s more than doing something. It’s devoting my life to Jesus Christ. When I realized it, I recognized myself as a sinner and as someone who is in need of God’s forgiveness.

After making this decision, I felt something different. I felt as if I was clean before God and others. Before, I always struggled with forgiving people, but after giving my life to God I felt that I could forgive people because God had forgiven me. And a stronger desire to study the Bible grew in my heart. After that day I knew for sure that relationship with God is personal. I wait for the day when He will come back and I am sure I’ll spend the Eternal Life with him in Heaven.