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Frenie Antoine

My Testimony

I grew up in a religious family. And I went to a Catholic school where it was required for all students to come to school in Sunday's Uniform to school so that we all can go to church together. I heard about Jesus daily but I never actually met him personally. At that age, I would consider Jesus to be a friend of a friend that you hear about every day.

Growing up, I was a good girl you hear about. But I was very angry and if you asked me why I would not be able to tell you. I was living in a state of depression where I was constantly questioning my reason for being, and what I am to do with my life. I was constantly worried about every little detail of my life, comparing myself to the people around me. My life was miserable because I had no peace.

One Sunday while I was listening to a message being preached at a camp, I felt something in me compelling to take the next step. Instead of just hearing about Jesus, I felt I needed to have an intimate relationship with him by getting to know him better through prayer and Bible reading.

And the more I was getting closer to Jesus through bible reading and prayer, the more I began to change. I was no longer angry at the world. Through reading, God spoke to me through Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper give you hope and a future." Right then I gave myself over to Jesus and gave him complete control of my future and my dreams. Since then I have never experience such peace than I do now. Nothing worries or stresses me out. I wake up happy instead of angry. And I know that since before I was born I had a purpose and Jesus is helping me live my life the way I was meant to live it.