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Giovanni Romero

A God Given Joy

I had been member of a church for most of my childhood and teen years until the day I realized that that wasn’t enough. Over the years because of my father’s alcoholism and my mother hitting me daily, I had grown to be a very angry young man. I hated my parents. I had violent thoughts and my heart was full of vengeance. Because my parents were throwing me out the house by the age of 10, I was constantly pursuing safety and security. I had to work since I was 6 years old selling produce on the streets; there I discovered the value of money. I knew that if I could only make money, lots of it, I was going to be alright. My mother always called me names; she said that I was ugly because I looked like her. I figured that I needed to have money and possessions to be liked and accepted. I had no social skills whatsoever.

By 16 I had a woodshop and even 4 guys older than I working for me. I had a plan for everything; I was going to save enough money and keep buying bigger and more profitable businesses. I joked with my friends telling them that in my veins I had 100 dollar bills running. But I felt inferior, rejected and unlovable even though I had the admiration of many.

One day I was invited to church by a pastor. I accepted reluctantly. That night I accepted Jesus into my life. Things didn’t changed overnight but I trusted that God was going to heal my heart from anger and resentment. I prayed that I was going to go to sleep and wake up the following day being different and it happened just like that. One day I realized that I didn’t hate anymore, that God had change my heart. I gave God all the glory.

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. —Jeremiah 29:11