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Hannah Gwak

God Led Me to His Way

I grew up in a Christian family. It was natural that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. However, I did not know the Bible and I went to the church formally. Before I met God, I chased worldly things and followed my thought and my feelings about what I wanted to do. I did not think about any other persons and even looked around others. Oh My God! How could I live like that! God started to touch my mind, my heart, and even my situation.

God has nudged me to His way. I was struggling with my difficult situation while I was working in New York. In the meantime, my mother asked me to go to camp that would be held in my church. In fact, I do not like to go to camp because it is boring and silly. By the way, I answered that I wanted to go there immediately at that time. Thinking back now, I am sure that God led me to go to camp. After arriving at there, I heard my pastor’s sermon about Revelation in the Bible. At that time, I was surprised and my mind was filled with the Holy Spirit. After returning to my home, I began reading the Bible every day and going to the church for prayer every night. While I was working, I was happy that I could go to the church after working for prayer.

Since then, I obeyed my pastor’s order, and I was associated with some part of work in church. After I met God, my life was changed, and even my thinking and the way of my attitude. And I realized that God has called me for a long time. Therefore, I am here in which is the Salvation Army.