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The College for Officer Training operates on the premise that every cadet, by virtue of his/her acceptance, gives indication of sound physical health.

The CFOT Medical Office provides primary medical care to the cadets, whereas it is expected that all children of cadets be established with a local pediatrician for well child evaluations, sick child exams, immunizations, and hospitalization. In the event of a medical emergency, the Medical personnel will provide emergency care for the cadets and their children. The Campus Physician will work in conjunction with the local pediatricians to provide medical care. Dr. Jenson is a board certified family physician. If you have medical problems (i.e. hypertension, diabetes, etc.), she will take care of you here (write prescriptions, do physical exams, etc.). You will be advised to make routine visits every time you are seen. If she feels you need to be referred to a specialist – she will make that referral. All appointments are to be made by the CFOT Medical personnel (in other words, no self-referrals).


The CFOT Medical Office is located on the 2nd Floor rear of Watson Hall near the entrance to the Curriculum Department. The office will be open for walk-in visits, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday (with the exception of holidays and long free weekends). Please reserve 7:30-8:30 a.m. for cadets or children who may need to be excused from classes for the day. You may contact the office by calling extension 21260 (7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) or in urgent or emergency situations by calling Capt. Jenson (845) 826-1853.

Dr. Martha Jenson, MD                                             Major Cheryl Watson, LPN

Cell: 845-826-1853                                                     Cell: 845-499-1132

Office: 845-368-7260 (21260)                                       Office: 845-368-7236 (21236)

If you have an emergency, please call – do not email or text. Email and text are easily missed, but a phone call will put you in direct contact with one of our medical providers.


Any Cadet or child who is ill and may need to be excused from classes, activities (Field Training), or Family Care Center must be seen in the Medical Office for “Sick Evaluation” (house-calls only for extreme emergencies). This includes ALL days of scheduled activities including Sunday s and Kettles. Evaluation in the Medical Office will determine if the illness warrants being excused from classes. If the Cadet/child’s illness warrants being homebound, the Cadet will be instructed to send a note via Lotus Notes to “CFOT Sickreport/CFOT/USE/SArmy”. Do not include the reason for your absence when you file a “sick-report”. Just state, “I have been evaluated and excused by the health officer.” The Health Officer will instruct you as to further evaluation of your condition.

It is not acceptable to report an illness after you have missed classes/activities or details.

If a cadet/child is ill, clearance from the Medical Director is required prior to returning to class/FCC. Please keep in communication with the medical office. In the event of sudden illness or injury after hours, contact should be made with Capt. Jenson. Arrangements will be made to see the Cadet after hours or instructions will be given for follow up. There is an emergency vehicle available for urgent medical purposes. The vehicle can be obtained through the Medical Office. The emergency vehicle’s use is at the discretion of the Director of Personnel and the Medical Office staff.

All appointments with specialists are to be scheduled by the CFOT Medical Office. Cadets are expected to communicate information obtained by specialists (labs, diagnostic studies, findings) with the Medical Director so that proper records are maintained. Please sign a release of information and include The Salvation Army Health Services/Dr. Jenson on the HIPAA sheet allowing communication with the specialist.

No elective appointments, procedures or surgeries will be approved during the final 2 months of training.

Cadets are expected to treat minor illnesses, such as headaches, colds, sinus conditions, allergies, etc. and carry on their normal College schedule. When a Cadet (or child) is excused due to illness after being assessed by the health officer, it is expected that the Cadet (child) will remain in their quarters (except to go to the doctor or pharmacy) throughout the day and evening. In some cases, the health officer may make the decision that the Cadet is well enough to return to classes at some point in the day, but other than that, the Cadet should be in their quarters. It is unacceptable to go to the dining room, other campus activities (including Campus Ministries), to other Cadet living quarters or, in the case of illness, to have visitors in your quarters. Because we live in a community and illness spreads very quickly, each Cadet is expected to respect the request of visitor limitation. If a Cadet is sent home from class due to illness, the Cadet will return to their quarters and submit a CFOT Sick Report. This will be your form of an excused absence for the remainder of the day.

Illnesses that are more serious are to be brought to the attention of the Health Officer in the medical office. After evaluation, the Health Director will determine if Emergency Room care is warranted. All medical and dental appointments are to be scheduled during unscheduled time (refer to the attendance policies section of the CFOT Catalog for policies concerning excused absences from classes and assignments). The responsibility lies with the Cadet to make proper arrangements (excused absence form and vehicle request forms) through the Personnel Department at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time, except in the case of an emergency.

If a Cadet has medical restrictions from activities, a detailed report must be obtained from the doctor who is restricting activity and submitted to the Health Director. If the restrictions continue past the recommended time prescribed, the Cadet will need to have further evaluation. They will also need to meet with the Personnel Director to determine a plan of action. If follow up treatments or appointments are required, the Cadet will inform the Medical Office of the date and time of these appointments as soon as they are scheduled. All diagnostic reports are to be brought to or faxed (845-368-7257) to the Medical Office to be placed in the medical record.

There are times when the Medical Office will be closed (Long free weekends, holidays, summer assignment, etc.). The Cadet is responsible to seek medical attention on his/her own during these times. Upon returning to the CFOT, the Cadet will inform the Medical Office of any medical or dental care received. If a procedure is required while the Cadet is on summer assignment, the Cadet will need to contact the Personnel Department for prior approval. Anytime a Cadet is seen by a physician outside of campus, a note should be obtained documenting the visit (may be mailed or faxed).

Click here for the Medical Providers information or the tab above on locations that are generally available for medical care when the Health Officer/Campus Physician is not available.

Cadets who are receiving medical care by specialists outside of the Medical Office (including pre and post-natal care) must obtain a note from their doctor(s) outlining limitations concerning classes, physical education, and detail. All women on the four-week maternity leave must have a note from their obstetrician clearing them to return to classes and activities. If an extension to the standard 4-week leave is needed, a note from the doctor and discussion with the Director of Personnel and the Medical Director will be necessary.


AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator) are located throughout each building. In the event of a life threatening medical emergency where CPR is needed, the AED should be utilized. Proper protocol should be employed with assessment, calling 911, breathing and circulation. An emergency is: loss of consciousness; extreme breathing difficulty; generalized seizure; and uncontrolled bleeding. When in doubt, CALL the Health Officer/Campus Physician.

EXPENSES AND MEDICAL COVERAGE (Pending changes in converting cadets to officer coverage per Chesterfield)

When you spend money on prescriptions or medical supplies when approved by the medical personnel, please present the receipts to Mrs. Robin Fraser in the Business Department for reimbursement.


Since ill cadets are not permitted to come to the dining room, if you require assistance in obtaining food from the dining room, you may contact the Medical Office.


The Center for Disease Control and the National Institute for Health have joined with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in promoting healthy lifestyles as a first measure in reducing the incidence of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. They have identified obesity in epidemic proportions among Americans. As we glorify God with our bodies, it is important that we take care of the Temples with which we have been blessed.

Healthy practices are encouraged in the personal life of the Cadet. Regular bathing, daily dental hygiene (brushing and flossing), nail care, hair care, and skin care (including sunscreen) are strongly encouraged. Treatments such as excessive hair coloring and tanning booths that can damage hair and skin are strongly discouraged.


There are two Fitness Centers: one in Agnew Hall basement & one on the second floor of Davidson. The exercise room hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The following guidelines must be respected in both areas:

  • No children under the age of 17 are to be in the fitness center without adult supervision, preferably the parent.
  • Children under 17 must have formal instruction on the use of fitness equipment by the Campus Training prior to using gym equipment.
  • All equipment is to be cared for properly by cleaning with disinfectant after each use.
  • All equipment is to be placed in its designated rack when workout is completed.
  • No food is to be taken into the fitness centers, & water only as a beverage can be consumed in these rooms.
  • Please be respectful of those who live in the residences near the fitness centers when playing music & or other distractions.
  • The sound equipment & TV’s are for use while in the fitness centers & are to be handled with care & respect. Please refrain from playing inappropriate music or TV/movies, etc.

In addition to the availability of the Wellness Coordinator’s services, each cadet participates in Health and Wellness Class as part of Curriculum.

Please do your best to stay healthy in this close knit community – WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY, use hand sanitizers that are around campus and in the dining room, cover your mouth and nose when you cough/sneeze with the inner aspect of your elbow, get 7-8 hours of sleep, and eat properly.


In order for the medication to be administered to a child while in Family Care, a NYS daycare medication form must be completed & signed by the child’s pediatrician. These are available from the director of FCC. It is advisable to obtain a few copies to have on hand when you are taking your child to the doctor.

If a child is asthmatic or suffers with allergies, please bring at least one dosage of appropriate medication to the Family Care Center where it will be marked with the child’s name and complete instructions, and stored for use in case it is urgently needed when the parent is off campus. The consent for the administration of medicine must be completed with instructions for the use of these medicines.


Durable medical equipment is available through the Medical Office such as nebulizers, crutches, splints, etc. It is advisable that Cadets purchase their own supplies for their personal comfort. Please see the Medical Officer to borrow this equipment. All borrowed items need to be returned before the end of the academic year by check out in June.