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Jennifer Buzzard

Personal Testimony

I remember meeting Christ for the first time the night before I started kindergarten, in my parents’ bedroom. They asked me if I would like to be in heaven with them and God when I died, and I of course said yes. This was the beginning of my journey. Growing up, I was a pretty decent kid. I didn’t rebel, and I told others about my being a Christian, but I didn’t have a close, personal relationship with God. When my family moved to Maine to help my grandparents out, I started attending The Salvation Army. It was there I started to grow in Christ. At my first Youth Councils, I felt God calling me to be an officer. I was excited and ready to do what God wanted me to do.

However, He wanted me to wait. I thought I was ready, but God knew I had some growing up to do. In this time, he brought me my husband, who, six months after we married, injured his back, beginning a downward spiral with his health. During the following five and a half years of being the support my husband needed through his problems, I was convinced that God had left us. Looking back now, I realize He was there all along, holding me up while I tried to hold my husband up.

I’ve made it through the dark times in my life and am now a stronger person with a stronger faith in my Lord, who can do all things. God has blessed me with a beautiful family to be a part of this new and exciting leg of my journey with Him.