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Joe Hansen

My Story

Not too long ago, I felt as if I needed to earn acceptance. I felt like I needed to earn it from it God and from everyone else in my life. I looked for it from everyone around me. I sought acceptance from friends, family, other adults…anyone. This led me to fall to peer pressure, and I made some very bad decisions. I became a thief in order to have possessions that would impress the people around me. I lied about life experiences in order to seem cool. However, trying to please everyone pulled me in all directions all at once. I felt torn, confused, and lost. My head was spinning out of control trying to keep up with everything.

Then, while in college, I was invited to church and changed my circle of friends, but just going to church and changing my friends didn’t help. I was still seeking approval from others. I had not yet had a change of heart that gave me the confidence to be myself. I stopped stealing and lying, but I still felt empty inside. Finally, I trusted Jesus with my life. I gave Him control of my life so that He could help me. I found that He accepted me right where I was and for whom I was. Even though I was a thief and a liar, He wanted to help me have acceptance.

Since I gave myself over to Christ, He has guided me on the path that I should go. He has helped me to be the person I was always meant to be, and to be confident in myself. He has led me to be an officer in the Salvation Army, and to spend the rest of my life in His service. Now I have peace that surpasses the problems that face me.