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Joseph Swistak

Personal Testimony

I would love to be able to say that I didn’t know Jesus in my youth but that would not be true. As a child my family and I did go to church and I had an understanding of who He was. At the age of eight we stopped going and never returned. All of my life from that point on was a slow and steady progression downward. At a relatively young age I got in with the wrong crowd and began to make bad decisions as to my behavior. All along the way my behavior was based on selfish intent and thusly it destroyed any relationships I had including relationships with my family. There did however come a point where the hole in my soul lead me to get some help for my lifestyle.

It was at this time I sought out an ARC of the Salvation Army and began my journey back to the Lord. I began to see that I was forgiven for all the bad stuff I had done as long as I was truly sorry for those actions and the love of Jesus entered into my heart. The amazing thing in all this was the peace that embraced me and how I had never felt so free before.

My life today is a complete one-eighty from how it used to be since the addition of Jesus. Now I truly think of others and how my actions may affect them. The ability to love has become a part of me that I never had before and so many things that I thought where beyond my grasp have now become realities due to Jesus Christ in my heart. I now realize I could have always had Him but what was really needed was Him having all of me.