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Ken Rankin

This is the story Ken wrote about himself before his promotion to glory:

Hello my name is Ken Rankin, a follower of Jesus Christ, and I currently live at the SFOT in Suffern, NY. Before I was a believer in Christ I lived a life filled with drugs and alcohol. I stole and I cheated and I lied. My life was a mess and I felt hopeless and alone. It seemed that this was all there was for me. Because of my lifestyle I went in and out of jails and institutions. Nothing worked and nothing changed for me.

That was until October of 2005. I again found myself in prison because of my choices and the lifestyle I was living. However, while there I started attending a bible study there with a man who came in from a local church and taught us the love found in Jesus. The life changing moment came for me when on one particular night he did an activity with us. This activity he did had me face myself against the holy standards of God. And in so doing I realized that I fell far short of these standards and was in trouble. When I came to the knowledge that I, in myself, was no good and needed help, it was then that I realized that I was in need of saving. At that moment I heard Jesus calling to me, telling me He loved me. I surrendered to Him that very moment.

Today my life is full of joy and purpose. God has cleansed me completely and I am free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol and all the misery that came with it. Because of the great sacrifice the Lord has done for me, I have decided to sacrifice my all to Him. And will serve Him the rest of my days in sharing His good news with the world.