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Larry Fulmer

Finding My Way

I was born in a household with a Christian mother and a father who didn’t have a relationship with Christ. I grew up knowing all the bible stories and became very involved at the church I had been attending since I was two years old. During those times, I never really understood what having a relationship with Jesus Christ actually was.

When I was twelve years old my mom and dad divorced. Later in my teen years I felt hurt and confused. I started to ask God why? It would bother me when my friends would talk about their fathers when I knew that my father had left us. Through those painful years God began to place father figures in my life. These men would take me under their wings and teach me the things that my mother couldn’t. To this day I thank God for those men and I still look up to them.

In 2011 I was at a youth conference at my church called “Winterfest.” It was during an evening service where I gave it all to God. I gave Him my hurt, my confusion, and my anger. I began digging deep into God's Word and started to talk to Him on a daily basis. I was beginning to understand what a relationship with Jesus was. It totally changed me.

My father was absent for all the monumental events in my life such as High school graduation and going off to college. It wasn’t until my second year attending Valley Forge Christian College where I first met my wife Ashley. I praise God today because even through I’m no longer a part of my father’s life; I still have a heavenly father, the author and creator of my life. Now, I am pursuing Gods calling on my life to be a pastor in The Salvation Army.