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Lorissa Vaughan

Weak Made Strong, In the Saviors Love

I was raised in the Salvation Army, by living and caring parents. I’ve always known that God was there, that He loved me. When I was thirteen I moved to a new town, a new school. I went from being comfortable in my small town to being thrown into a different world, just trying to fit in. I wanted these people to like me. So I tried to bury the Christian girl image I had my whole life. I looked for happiness with boys who didn’t care about me. I looked for acceptance by girls who were mean to me. My focus in my life was trying to find where I fit in.

In the summer of 2011, I was working at Camp Sebago in Maine for my second summer. I was in a better place. My first summer changed my life. I found that it was possible to have good Christian friends that cared about you. The summer of 2011, I had the privilege to be a part of a production we call Jesus Theater. Jesus Theater is a show the staff puts on for the campers that tells them all about Jesus and how He died for us. It was during one of the many times we did this show, when my character got saved, that I was saved too. I surrendered everything I was holding back and truly accepted Christ as my Savior.

My life hasn’t been easy since that day I let Jesus into my heart. I’ve gone through many trials and struggles. But this time, I was never alone. I have someone to turn to when times get difficult; someone who won’t let me down. To me being a Christian is just sharing the same love that Jesus shows me every day to others. It means showing people, and telling people how much God loves them. It means living my life for God. It’s not always easy, and I know it always won’t be. But I will never have to face anything alone.