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Luis Martinez

A Bird's Eye View of My Life

I was born into a beautiful family in Puerto Rico. However, my family was going to experience what it meant to live in sin and without God. God had his plans set and I was going to see the power of redemption in my life. It all started with the divorce of my parents. There was a family dispute after this. I had to live with my father because my mom couldn’t take care of me. He was never around. Because of his carelessness, I experienced sexual abuse, no love from him, and still no God. I can’t recall how much time had passed but one day, I got the news that my father had died in a motorcycle accident. Now I had no hope of ever having the love of a father. Well, at least not yet. Family disputes continued between my mom and my father’s family. By the grace of God, He allowed me to move-in with my mom. Things got better. God continued to put things together so I could meet Him. Finally, one day I went to church with my aunt as a teen and I met the Father I never had. He gave me love and new hope.

We eventually moved to Buffalo, NY. I met my beautiful wife and got married. Even though the church was a good place to meet with people, eventually I didn’t think I needed to go anymore. I wasn’t doing bad things, so I thought. I just stopped attending. I truly met the Lord again at the Salvation Army in Buffalo. He spoke to me about letting go of all worries and hurt. I let go of my worries and gave him control of my life; He freed me from sin. He can also do the same for whoever believes in him.