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I Had to Admit

I was raised in a home where my parents did not follow Christ even though they said they believed in Him. I was taught about Jesus from the very start. I was taught that Jesus loves me and that I should live and act like a Christian so that I would go to heaven someday. Thus I wanted to be a good kid. And I was a really good kid. Or so I thought.

When I was about 14 years old I went to an evening revival service with my brother and sister. My sister told me she and my brother had gotten saved at the service the night before and I should "get saved tonight". I told her that I did not need to because I was a Christian. In my mind I believed I was alright because I believed in Jesus and was doing the best I could to do the right things and go to heaven.

Just before I turned sixteen years old I was at church and received Jesus as my Savior. I’m not sure what the preacher preached about that night, although it was probably about how we need to repent and ask Christ into our lives, or go to hell. That night I wanted to make sure I had Jesus as my Savior in my life, and that I would go to heaven if I died. I knelt down at the altar and confessed to myself and to Jesus that I had sin in my life, and asked Him to forgive me and to come into my heart. “For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”(Romans 6:23)

Since Christ has come into my heart I have found that being a Christian is more than going to heaven. I know that Christ is with me helping me and leading my life in good times and in bad. He has also given me focus and purpose for this life.