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Mary Hughes

Personal Testimony

I was born in Mt. Pleasant, PA to Stanley and Dolores Pevc. I am the youngest of five children; I have three sisters, Linda, Dolores and Ilene, and one brother, John. My father was a carpenter for Westinghouse Electrics till he retired in 1977. He also was a Constable till I was about twelve. He passed away February 2000. My mother was a housewife and stay at home mom until she passed away December 1998. I believed that I grew up in a normal house with both loving parents.

I moved to Oregon after I got married. I had my Son Daniel on November 1988. In April 1990, when my son was about a year and a half old, my now ex-husband decided to use us as punching bags. I then asked God into my life. I returned to Pennsylvania in May of 1990 and went back to the church that I had gone to before I moved to Oregon. I became an Elder at the Church. We attended there until we moved in 2006 and were again in search of a church that would be closer to us.

I got a job and worked for about seventeen years, as a Clerk Typist. In 2011 I took the offered voluntary lay off. My last day was June 15th and on the 21st I was hired to work for the summer at a Camp for the Boy Scouts of America. I then got a position of Program Assistant for The Salvation Army, in Monessen. I started to work for them on October 2011. Then in May of 2012, I felt that God was telling me to go when they made an alter call. I knew then that I was being called to become an Officer of the Salvation Army.