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Maurice Moukouangala

Personal Testimony

I was born and raised in a Christian family. My parents were Salvation Army Officers and made sure that I started my journey with the Lord from a young age. So, I started attending church since I was a baby. I was enrolled as a Junior Soldier when I was 8.

Even though I was raised in a Christian home where I knew the love of God, I did not take my Spiritual life seriously. Going to church was like a family tradition to me. Even being involved in different Corps activities was just a life routine and I did not really have happiness despite the standard of my social life.

There came a moment in my life time when I wanted to be more involved with church and I decided to take my Spiritual life seriously. I reaffirmed my commitment as a Christian, invited Jesus in my heart to be my Lord and Savior and decided to make Him the center of my life. I took a further step with my Christian life, I started reading my Bible, doing my daily devotion, and meditating on the word of God more often. Since then, I started to look at life in a different angle than before.

After becoming fully committed with my Christian life, I started feeling that I was not doing much for the Lord. I searched my heart and prayed the Lord to help me find out what I could do for Him so that I could have a total peace in my heart.

I realized that I wanted to serve Him full time in ministry. I knew that for the rest of my life I could do that as a Salvation Army Officer. This is a decision I prayerfully made after seeking His guidance. Since I made that decision, I have the joy of serving Him as I walk with Him daily. Now I know that there is no greater reward than the joy and peace when I am serving the Lord.