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Melissa Susa

A New Person

At 6 years old I was an introverted child. Children used to make fun of me. The only thing I used to do was to cry quietly in a corner. I never wanted to participate in any event school had. While in my first years of high school I was trying to get rid of my shyness, but I couldn’t do it until I asked God to make me into a different person.

I didn’t want to be shy; I wanted to be able to talk to people. If God is love, he is also the God of freedom. He is God who can breakthrough my weaknesses and make a new me. At seventeen years old, I decided to go to church. It was Sunday morning when the Holy Spirit woke me up early and told me to ask grandma to go to church with her. Grandma’s reaction was “Hallelujah, Glory to God” and the reason she said those words was because, she already attempted many times to take me to church before, but I thought it was on God’s time not on mine.

Years later God introduced me to the Salvation Army. God started to change me into a new person who started to talk and participate in many events, especially in the youth choir; where I started to become extroverted. The Queens Temple Corps was the place where my adventure as a Christian, ended up in going to the School for Officer Training.

Here I am now; I want to make people happy by talking to them when I have the opportunity to. Now, I want everyone to know Jesus Christ is real. If it wasn’t for Him I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to share my testimony. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 1 Corinthians 5:17.