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Melvin Aleman

God's Ways With Me

I was born in Puerto Rico in 1976. First of all, I give thanks to the Lord that my family raised me in a truly Christian environment. Both my dad and mom and my sister, a family of four, were always involved in Church life. So I can gladly say that I have never seen my father drinking or smoking or my mother doing anything else but guiding us in the ways of the Lord. Some may think that there should be a specific moment in anyone’s life were they can say I receive the Lord that specific day, but I believe that in my case, I can’t really tell you of a specific day or moment when I did that decision for the first time. But yes, while I was growing up I remember so many times that I talked to Jesus and ask Him to live and work in my life the way He wanted to, and I can say for sure that He has been working in my life since as long as I can remember.

I grew up as a 4 to 5 years old kid going to different Churches singing songs to the Lord with my father as my personal sound man or DJ. Also I remember the entire family helping my Dad to build our house. My sister painted some wood panels with my mom, while I got in top of the roof handing nails and tools to my Dad, at that time we will never knew that some years later a Hurricane will pull the whole house to the ground. But even in times that we faced bad things, God keep providing for us every in moment.

As a teenager I stayed away from drugs and alcohol, even though it was all around me in the school and in the streets. While I was in high school I was also working in my father’s Auto repair Shop in the afternoons, so my life was basically Church, Family, School and Work. I got married too early by the wrong motives, and a few years later we split. Yes I can remember passing through a few hard moments and also times when I made bad decisions that I had to face, but above all that I can say that the Lord has been good to me. As I was growing up I never got away from God, and I stayed working in my Church with the music, the youth activities and in any way that I was able to.

I met Cely, my wife as she was working as a youth pastor in the Church, It all started when she asked me for a favor, She wanted me to pretend that I was her boyfriend to get rid of one guy that was after her, so you can imagine the rest. We kept dating and so on. Later on we got married and I kept playing and singing with a few music groups while we were the youth pastors in the Church. Then Kennen my older son was born and a year later my daughter Corlays was born too, but with some difficulties. She was born ahead of time because of some blood trouble. After she was born she stayed in the Children’s intensive Care for 2 weeks and there they changed all of her blood. I can sadly remember that some times when we went to the hospital to see her, because we could not take her home, some parents of the kids next to my daughter where crying because their baby just died, really sad. Thanks God she recovered from everything and she is OK now.

We continued planning our future but God’s plans where different. I remember when we decided to build a house, we had everything, all the papers we needed, good income, good credit, we owned the plot were we wanted to build the house and also the Bank said yes. Two years passed and there was always trouble with everything. They needed more papers or they were waiting for something from the engineer. I remember now different times when I was praying and crying to the Lord, asking him; Why all my friends have their homes all ready and I’m getting such a hard time with all this, I don’t know, but now I know that it wasn’t God’s plan at that moment for us to establish there with a new house. During that time God was working in my life, I was feeling that the Lord wanted more from me. I started to have this thought that I could not live my life doing what I was doing, that I needed to do all I could for the Kingdom of God. That year a missioner came to talk to our Church, and while I was listening to him God told me “You can do what he is doing, you can give everything to me”. A few weeks later I talked to my pastor about what I was feeling and nothing he told me really helped me at the moment. So one more year passed with this unbreakable thought in my mind that I needed to do more for Jesus, until one day when my wife and I were taking, I remember looking at a bulb light in the kitchen and a perfectly clear thought came to my mind and said to me “The Salvation Army”, wow, I told my wife to call one officer couple that she knew, and ask them what we need to do to serve in the Army. When she called them they told us that they were praying for us along time. So a little time later we joined the Army, we worked in the San Juan Corps in everything that we could, and now here we are, thanks to God who has really always has been good to us…