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Cadet Summer Assignments

On behalf of the Territorial Commander, I am pleased to announce the Summer assignments for the cadets of the Messengers of Compassion Session
effective June 19, 2018.

Eastern Pennsylvania & Delaware Division
Cadet Travis L. Payne CHAMBERSBURG, PA
Cadets Jared P. and Kirsten M. Starnes LEVITTOWN, PA
Cadets Daniel R. and Vanessa Muller PHILADELPHIA (Citadel), PA
Empire State Division
Cadet Sojourney O. and Tyler C. Adcox TROY (Temple), NY
Greater New York Division
Cadet Jeanne-Elie Lubin SPRING VALLEY, NY
Cadet Meghan C. (Rivero) Labrecque and
Stephen N. Rivero-Rodriguez
Cadet Carol Jean Hardiman
Cadet Sarai Olmedo-Garcia
QUEENS (Templo De Queens), NY
Massachusetts Division
Cadet Manuel E. Sulca BOSTON (Central Hispanic), MA
New Jersey Division
Cadet Alexander and Olga L. Vargas DOVER, NJ
Northeast Ohio Division
Cadet Kate G. and Michael Borrero CLEVELAND (Temple), OH
Northern New England Division
Cadet Betty Ellen and Derek Barrett OLD ORCHARD BEACH (Citadel), ME


Southern New England Division
Cadet David A. Webb WATERBURY, CT
Southwest Ohio & Northeast Kentucky Division
Cadet Jacob D. Wittenberg PIQUA, OH

We express our gratitude for a job well done in completing their first year at the College for Officer Training and our prayer for the cadets as they prepare their hearts and minds for their summer assignments.


Lt. Colonel Ruth A. Stoneburner
Secretary for Personnel