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New Books May 2019

English books (157)

BD Speculative Philosophy

BD171 .M39 2018      McIntyre, Lee C. Post-truth.

BF Psychology

BF408 .C175 2016      Cameron, Julia. The artist's way: a spiritual path to higher creativity.

BF432.3 .G379 2006      Gardner, Howard. Multiple intelligences: new horizons.

BF637.H4 C375 2009      Carkhuff, Robert R. The art of helping. 9th ed.

BJ Ethics

BJ1251 .C4955 2010      Christian ethics: an introductory reader.

BL Religions

BL80.3 .D680 2018      Dowley, Tim. Atlas of world religions.

BL85 .W37 2017 v. 1-3 REF     War and religion: an encyclopedia of faith and conflict.

BL240.3 .L4587 2019      Lennox, John C. Can science explain everything?

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

BP52 .K37 2007      Karsh, Efraim. Islamic imperialism: a history.

BR Christianity

BR98 .D692 2016      Dowley, Tim. Atlas of Christian history.

BR115.C3 T36 2019      Tanner, Kathryn. Christianity and the new spirit of capitalism.

BR115.J8 I77 2012      It's not all about you: young adults seeking justice.

BR118 .S55 2016      Smith, Kevin Gary. Writing and research: a guide for theological students.

BR128.I57 D97 2016      Dyrness, William A. Insider Jesus: theological reflections on new Christian movements.

BR129 .H255 2019      A handbook on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

BR195.W6 C625 2017      Cohick, Lynn H. Christian women in the patristic world: their influence, authority, and legacy in the second through fifth centuries.

BR307 .D69 2015      Dowley, Tim. Atlas of the European Reformations.

BR526 .S94 1994      Sweet, Leonard I. FaithQuakes.

BR563.H57 K64 2019      Kohn, Natalia. Hermanas: deepening our identity and growing our influence.

BR65.A9 G66 2016      González, Justo L. The mestizo Augustine: a theologian between two cultures.

BS The Bible

BS476 .W38 2001     Webb, William J. Slaves, women & homosexuals: exploring the hermeneutics of cultural analysis.

BS511.3 .S68 2001      Soulen, Richard N. Handbook of biblical criticism. 3rd ed.

BS630 .N68 2014      Notley, R. Steven. In the master's steps: the Gospels in the land. Carta New Testament atlas

BS680.J8 B78 2018      Brueggemann, Walter. Interrupting silence: God's command to speak out.

BS680.W7 G55 2018      Giles, Kevin. What the Bible actually teaches on women.

BS1199.W7 .S44 2004      Seekins, Frank T. A mighty warrior: the Hebrew-Biblical view of a woman.

BS1365.6.L4 M35 2005      McKenna, David L. Becoming Nehemiah: leading with significance.

BS2665.55 .T87 2017      Turfrey, Lucille. Homecoming: nature's parables on the faith community.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT28 .O94 2017      The Oxford handbook of nineteenth-century Christian thought.

BT267 .A44 2016      Allen, David Lewis. The extent of the atonement: a historical and critical review.

BT453 .S395 2014      Senior, Donald. Why the cross? Reframing New Testament theology

BT695 .G66 2015      Gonzalez, Justo L. Creation: the apple of God's eye.

BT704 .T83 2016      Tucker, Ruth. Black and white Bible, black and blue wife: my story of finding hope after domestic abuse.

BT708 .O36 2010      OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!: young adults speak out about sexuality & Christian spirituality.

BT709 .E34 2017      Edgar, Brian. The God who plays: a playful approach to theology and spirituality.

BT712 .L35 2016      Lamoureux, Denis O. Evolution: scripture and nature say yes!

BT732.5 .L87 2018      Luse, Katie. ConnectUp healing prayer training manual.

BT767 .T46 2014      Tennent, Timothy C. The call to holiness: pursuing the heart of God for the love of the world.

BT810.3 .L46 2017      Lennox, John C. Determined to believe?: the sovereignty of God, freedom, faith, and human responsibility.

BT82.7 .O94 2014      The Oxford handbook of African American theology.

BT82.7 .T54 2001      The ties that bind: African American and Hispanic American/Latino/a theology in dialogue.

BT83.9 .C65 2008      Coleman, Monica A. Making a way out of no way: a womanist theology.

BT94 .S64 2001      Snyder, Howard A. Kingdom, church, and world: biblical themes for today.

BV Practical Theology

BV85 .C495 2015      Chole, Alicia Britt. 40 days of decrease: a different kind of hunger, a different kind of fast.

BV125 .A45 2009      Allender, Dan B. Sabbath. The ancient practices series

BV199.F8 B58 2002      Blair, Robert. The funeral and wedding handbook.

BV215 .B423 2010      Benson, Robert. In constant prayer. The ancient practices series

BV260 .E93 2010      Evans, Robert J. Divine conversations: a journal of prayer.

BV600.3 .W36 2015      Wall, Robert W. Why the church? Reframing New Testament theology

BV601.8 .F54 2015      Flemming, Dean E. Why mission? Reframing New Testament theology

BV601.8 .F55 2013      Fitch, David E. Prodigal Christianity: ten signposts into the missional frontier.

BV625 .B88 2005      Butler, Phillip. Well connected: releasing power and restoring hope through kingdom partnerships.

BV625 .F83 2014      Fuder, John. Neighborhood mapping: how to make your church invaluable to the community.

BV630.3 .C497 2007      Church, state, and public justice: five views.

BV639.P6 J87 2018      Justice for Rizpah's children: radical responses to childhood poverty.

BV639.W7 M28 2001 v. 1-3     Malone, Mary T. Women & Christianity.

BV652.24 .C64 2009      Comiskey, Joel. Planting churches that reproduce: starting a network of simple churches.

BV652.25 .C352 2017      Camsey, Terry. Anticipate: seizing congregational life-cycle opportunities.

BV820 .S43 2017      Searcy, Nelson. Fusion: turning first-time guests into fully engaged members of your church. Rev. ed.

BV2063 .M2625 2018      McConnell, Douglas. Cultural insights for Christian leaders: new directions for organizations serving God's mission. Mission in global community

BV2063 .W8 2015      Wu, Jackson. One gospel for all nations: a practical approach to biblical contextualization.

BV2073 .D75 1997      Driver, John. Images of the church in mission.

BV2853.E3 A15 2019      Long, Kathryn. God in the rainforest: a tale of martyrdom and redemption in Amazonian Ecuador.

BV287 .B46 2009      Bennett, Judith. White cloud soaring: the story of 24-7 prayer in Aotearoa.

BV3793 .B329 2002      Barna, George. Grow your church from the outside in.

BV4012 .F58 2002      Fitchett, George. Assessing spiritual needs: a guide for caregivers.

BV4164.5 .P74 2008      Preparing for ministry: a practical guide to theological field education.

BV4211.3 .P365 2006      Pasquarello, Michael. Christian preaching: a Trinitarian theology of proclamation.

BV4211.3 .S26 2019      Sancken, Joni S. Words that heal: preaching hope to wounded souls. Artistry of preaching series

BV4398 .W56 1997      Wimberly, Edward P. Recalling our own stories: spiritual renewal for religious caregivers.

BV4415 .L435 2018      Lederleitner, Mary T. Women in God's mission: accepting the invitation to serve and lead.

BV4460.3 .W38 2019      Waters, Sonia E. Addiction and pastoral care.

BV4461 .G73 2018      Grcevich, Stephen. Mental health and the church: a ministry handbook for including children and adults with ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders, and other common mental health conditions.

BV4511 .A35 2001      Ackerman, John. Listening to God: spiritual formation in congregations. Alban Institute publication

BV4517 .N65 2018      Noland, Joe. Slightly irreverent: an occasional devotional for the mission-minded maverick; faint-hearted beware!

BV4529 .C56 2000      Cloyd, Betty Shannon. Parents and grandparents as spiritual guides: nurturing children of the promise.

BV4529 .V36 2007      Van Pelt, Rich. A parent's guide to helping teenagers in crisis.

BV4529.18 .W95 2017      Wyles, Catherine. A prodigal mum: what do you do when your child walks away from God?

BV4597.52 .I74 2012      Ireland, David. The skin you live in: building friendships across cultural lines.

BV4740 .B74 2005      Brennfleck, Kevin. Live your calling: a practical guide to finding and fulfilling your mission in life.

BV4811 .W6 2019b      Words of life: the Bible day by day. May-August 2019.

BV5055 .M35 2010      McKnight, Scot. Fasting. The ancient practices series

BX Christian Denominations

BX8495.W5 G837 2015      Guerrant, William C. Organic Wesley: a Christian perspective on food, farming, and faith.

BX9715 .D87 2019      Duracher, Frank. Now you know: the rest of The Army's story.

BX9719.N45 U5347 2018      Hill, Harold. Under two flags: the New Zealand Salvation Army's response to the First World War.

BX9719.S36 A762 2018      Armistead, David. All glory tae God: snapshots of The Salvation Army in Scotland 1879-2018.

BX9725.5.L68 T46 1993      The love feast: yesterday and today: a spiritual observance for Salvationists in worship.

BX9727.3 .S73 1903a      Starvation's shadow upon New England's poor.

D World History

D205 .C18 2018 REF     The Cambridge dictionary of modern world history.

DA550 .V65 2014      Voices of Victorian England: contemporary accounts of daily life. Voices of an era

DS109.9 .N68 2015      Notley, R. Steven. Jerusalem: city of the great king. Carta New Testament atlas

E History of the Americas

E184.A1 S954 2014      Sullivan, Shannon. Good white people: the problem with middle-class white anti-racism.

F History of the Americas

F2175 .G53 2014      Gibson, Carrie. Empire's crossroads: a history of the Caribbean from Columbus to the present day.

HC Economic History and Conditions

HC110.P6 A54 2013      Abramsky, Sasha. The American way of poverty: how the other half still lives.

HD Industries

HD60 .S59454 2015      The social entrepreneur: the business of changing the world.

HF Commerce

HF1379 .F342 2010      Fair trade and social justice: global ethnographies.

HF1379 .F343 2010      Fair trade, corporate accountability and beyond: experiments in globalizing justice.

HF1379 .L563 2012      Linton, April. Fair trade from the ground up: new markets for social justice.

HM Sociology

HM881 .B53 2019      The Wiley Blackwell companion to social movements.

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HN59.2 .M66 2017      Mooney, Linda A. Understanding social problems. 10th ed.

HN90.S6 W55 2009      Wilson, William J. More than just race: being black and poor in the inner city.

HQ1121 .M867 2018      Morris, Bonnie J. The feminist revolution: the struggle for women's liberation.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ9 .E52 2003 v. 1-4 REF     International encyclopedia of marriage and family.

HQ76.27.Y68 N498 2014      Newton, David E. LGBT youth issues today: a reference handbook.

HQ77.9 .S77 2017      Stryker, Susan. Transgender history: the roots of today's revolution. Rev. ed.

HQ536 .L335 2000      Landry, Bart. Black working wives: pioneers of the American family revolution.

HQ759.4 .E74 2015      Erdmans, Mary Patrice. On becoming a teen mom: life before pregnancy.

HQ767.15 .S26 2017      Sanger, Carol. About abortion: terminating pregnancy in twenty-first-century America.

HQ767.15 C185 2016      Camosy, Charles Christopher. Beyond the abortion wars: a way forward for a new generation.

HQ767.5.U5 M3727 2018      McBride, Dorothy E. Abortion in the United States: a reference handbook. 2nd ed.

HQ799.2.I5 S25 2016      Sales, Nancy Jo. American girls: social media and the secret lives of teenagers.

HQ799.7 .T95 2018      Twenge, Jean M. iGen: why today's super-connected kids are growing up less rebellious, more tolerant, less happy--and completely unprepared for adulthood: and what that means for the rest of us.

HS Societies. Secret, benevolent, etc.

HS2330.K63 G63 2017      Gordon, Linda. The second coming of the KKK: the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s and the American political tradition.

HT Communities. Classes. Races.

HT114 .C485 2014      Cities that shaped the ancient world.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV40 .S6464 2015 REF     Social workers' desk reference. 3rd ed.

HV95 .H38 2016      Hatcher, Daniel L. The poverty industry: the exploitation of America's most vulnerable citizens.

HV95 .K57 2013      Kneebone, Elizabeth. Confronting suburban poverty in America.

HV530 .S29 2012      Schäfer, Axel R. Piety and public funding: evangelicals and the state in modern America. Politics and culture in modern America

HV741 .C516 2014      Child welfare for the twenty-first century: a handbook of practices, policies, and programs.

HV741 .C75 2010      Crouse, Janice Shaw. Children at risk: the precarious state of children's well-being in America.

HV873 .C48 2014      Children living in transition: helping homeless and foster care children and families.

HV875 .H36 2007      Handbook of adoption: implications for researchers, practitioners, and families.

HV881 .R95 2017      Rymph, Catherine E. Raising government children: a history of foster care and the American welfare state.

HV1448.A85 S54 2013      Shelton, Letitia. Fighting for our daughters: the story of City Women, unity and mission in Toowoomba. 2nd ed.

HV1553 .D5474 2019 v. 1-2 REF     Disability in American life: an encyclopedia of concepts, policies, and controversies.

HV3187.A2 D444 2007      Delgado, Melvin. Social work with Latinos: a cultural assets paradigm.

HV4999.2 .S93 2012      Swartz, James. Substance abuse in America: a documentary and reference guide.

HV5279 .C37 2013      Cannon, Eoin F. The saloon and the mission: addiction, conversion, and the politics of redemption in American culture.

HV5279 .D634 2014      Dodes, Lance M. The sober truth: debunking the bad science behind 12-step programs and the rehab industry.

HV5292 .F555 2017      Finan, Christopher M. Drunks: an American history.

HV5824.W6 K65 2015      Knight, Kelly Ray. Addicted.pregnant.poor.

HV6789 .L38 2016      Latzer, Barry. The rise and fall of violent crime in America.

HV8699.U5 B393 2007      Beck, Elizabeth. In the shadow of death: restorative justice and death row families.

HV8699.U5 L33 2016      LaChance, Daniel. Executing freedom: the cultural life of capital punishment in the United States.

HV8865 .K47 2014      Kerley, Kent R. Religious faith in correctional contexts.

J Political Science

JA66 .D877 2011      Dupré, Ben. 50 political ideas you really need to know.

L Education

LB2369 .T8 2018      Turabian, Kate L. A manual for writers of research papers, theses, and dissertations: Chicago Style for students and researchers. 9th ed.

M Music

ML1300 .C69 2018      Cox, Lindsay C. Band for life: a humorous look at Salvation Army bands.

ML3001 .B433 2000      Bell, John L. The singing thing: a case for congregational song.

ML3001 .B455 2007      Bell, John L. The singing thing too: enabling congregations to sing.

ML3100 .B82 2019      Brueggemann, Walter. A glad obedience: why and what we sing.

PN Literature

PN6080 .O95 2014 REF     Oxford dictionary of quotations. New ed.

PN6081 .B27 2012 REF     Bartlett, John. Bartlett's familiar quotations: a collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature. 18th ed.

PR English Literature

PR788.O33 F73 2018      Franklin, J. Jeffrey. Spirit matters: occult beliefs, alternative religions, and the crisis of faith in Victorian Britain.

Q Science

QA76.774.M435 L46 2018      Leonhard, Woody. Windows 10 all-in-one. 3rd ed. For dummies

QP141 .M64 2014 REF     Modern nutrition in health and disease. 11th ed.

QR41.2 .T67 2019      Tortora, Gerard J. Microbiology: an introduction. 13th ed.

R Medicine

R121 .D73 2012 REF     Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary. 32nd ed.

R131 .P27 2016      Parker, Steve. Medicine: the definitive illustrated history.

R724 .O58 2012      On moral medicine: theological perspectives in medical ethics. 3rd ed.

RA776 .H148 2019      Hales, Dianne R. An invitation to health: your life, your future. 18th ed.

RA776 .H42 2018      Donatelle, Rebecca J. Health: the basics. 13th ed.

RA784 .B65 2019      Boyle, Marie A. Personal nutrition. 10th ed.

RC489.S74 G55 2013      Glimmers of hope: toward the healing of painful life experiences through narrative counseling.

RJ399.L45 W38 2017      Watson, Claire-Louise Grace. Fingerprints of Grace.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources.

Z710 .M23 2015      Mann, Thomas. The Oxford guide to library research. 4th ed.

ZA3075 .R43 2019      Reale, Michelle. Inquiry and research: a relational approach in the classroom.

Spanish books (56)

BF Psychology

SPA BF121 .F34 2017      Feldman, Robert S. Psicología con aplicaciones de América Latina. 12th ed.

BL Religions

SPA BL80.3 .R442 2017      El libro de las religiones. Grandes ideas explicaciones sencillas

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

SPA BP50 .A69 2014      Armstrong, Karen. El Islam.

BQ Buddhism

SPA BQ9265.4 .D38 2012      Dávila, Kigen Raúl. El budísmo zen y la práctíca contemplatíva.

BR Christianity

SPA BR60.A62 2018      Obras escogidas de los padres apostólicos.

SPA BR65.I62 S7 2018      Irenaeus. Obras escogidas de Ireneo de Lyon: contra las herejías; demostración de la enseñanza apostólica.

SPA BR65.O568 E5 2018      Origen. Obras escogidas de Orígenes: tratado de los principios.

SPA BR65.T32 S7 2015      Tertullian. Obras escogidas de Tertuliano.

SPA BR160.E5 E5 1999      Eusebius. Eusebio--historia de la iglesia: una nueva traducción con comentario.

SPA BR195.W6 T67 1996      Torjesen, Karen Jo. Cuando las mujeres eran sacerdotes: el liderazgo de las mujeres en la Iglesia primitiva y el escándalo de su subordinación con el auge del cristianismo.

SPA BR307 .D69 2016      Dowley, Tim. Atlas de la Reforma protestante.

SPA BR526 .G86 2004      Guinness, Os. Amarás a Dios con toda tu mente: por qué no pensamos y por qué debemos hacerlo.

SPA BR1725.C473 A3 2011      Claiborne, Shane. Revolución irresistible: viviendo una vida radical diariamente.

BS The Bible

SPA BS445 .E2 2008      Earle, Ralph. Cómo nos llegó la Biblia.

SPA BS575 .H563 2009      Higgs, Liz Curtis. Mujeres de la Biblia... ligeramente malas: mujeres imperfectas amadas por un Dios perfecto.

SPA BS1199.E8 W75 1996      Wright, Christopher J. H. Viviendo como pueblo de Dios: la relevancia de la ética del Antiguo Testamento.

SPA BS1235.53 .A85 2010      Atkinson, David John. Génesis 1-11: los albores de la creación. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1255.53 .T53 2009      Tidball, Derek. Levítico: libres para ser santos. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1325.53 .E83 2009      Evans, Mary J. 1 y 2 Samuel: personalidades, potencial, política y poder. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1365.6.L4 M35 2013      McKenna, David L. Liderando como Nehemías: liderazgo significativo.

SPA BS2695.53 .B87 2015 v. 1-2     Burt, David F. Efesios. Comentario Nuevo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS2755.53 .B86 2016      Burt, David F. Tito y Filemón. Comentario Nuevo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS2775.53 .B7 2002      Bruce, F. F. La epístola a los Hebreos.

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT10 .S54 2015      El significado del ser humano.

SPA BT198 .S746 2009      Stott, John R. W. Cristo, el incomparable.

SPA BT250 .L47 2013      Letham, Robert. La obra de Cristo. Biblioteca José M. Martínez

SPA BT695 .G66 2015      González, Justo L. La creación: la niña de los ojos de Dios.

SPA BT705 .C45 2008      Los niños en el pensamiento evangélico.

SPA BT102 .B718 2009      Bray, Gerald Lewis. La doctrina de Dios. Biblioteca José M. Martínez

SPA BT1103 .T6 2013      Desafíos filosóficos y culturales a la fe cristiana.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV215 .G89 2011      Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvier de La Motte. Experimente las profundidades de Jesucristo.

SPA BV600.3 .C57 2015      Clowney, Edmund P. La iglesia. Biblioteca José M. Martínez

SPA BV639.C4 C34 2004      Campbell, Wesley. Sé un héroe.

SPA BV652.1 .B952 2013      Byler, Jon. El corazón del líder: aprender a liderar con el carácter de Jesús.

SPA BV652.24 .C64 2010      Comiskey, Joel. Plantando iglesias que se reproducen: cómo comenzar una red de iglesias sencillas.

SPA BV652.24 .P38 2010      Patrick, Darrin. Plantador de iglesias: el hombre, el mensaje, la misión.

SPA BV3793 .B329 2007      Barna, George. Haga crecer su iglesia de afuera hacia adentro: entendiendo a los incredulos y como alcanzarlos.

SPA BV4446 .V365 2007      Hancock, Jim. Cómo ayudar a jovenes en crisis.

SPA BV4501.2 .S36 1986      Seamands, David A. Dejando a un lado lo que es de niño: cómo combatir los infantilismos en el carácter cristiano.

SPA BV4501.2 .T69 1999      Formación espiritual: una guía para responder al supremo llamamiento.

SPA BV4501.3 .R45 2016      Reimer, Rob. El cuidado del alma: siete principios transformadores.

SPA BV4529 .V36 2010      Van Pelt, Rich. Padres a prueba de crisis: una guía para prevenir y curar los problemas de nuestros hijos.

SPA BV4597.53.C58 T68 2008      Townsend, John Sims. Cómo manejar personas difíciles: qué hacer cuando la gente te pone el dedo en la llaga.

SPA BV4647.S43 M43 2012      McGrath, Alister E. La autoestima y la cruz.

SPA BV4740 .G85 2017      Guinness, Os. El llamamiento: cómo hallar y cumplir el propósito esencial de tu vida.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX8495.W5 L4 2002      Lelièvre, Matthieu. Juan Wesley: su vida y su obra.

SPA BX8593.Z6 B46 2015      Benge, Janet. Precursor incansable: la vida del conde Zinzendorf. Héroes cristianos de ayer y de hoy

SPA BX9418 .L37 2018      Lawson, Steven J. El genio expositivo de Juan Calvino. Un gran legado de héroes de la fe

SPA BX9719.C9 M55 2018      El milagro del Ejército de Salvación en Cuba.

HD Industries

SPA HD57.7 .M3874 2013      Manby, Joel. El amor sí funciona: siete principios vitales para líd̕eres eficaces.

HF Commerce

SPA HF1379 .C66 2002      Comercio justo: ¿una alternativa real?

SPA HF5387 .B855 1996      Burkett, Larry. Los negocios y la Biblia: una guia completa de principios biblicos para hombres y mujeres de negocios.

HM Sociology

SPA HM1033 .M94 2008      Myers, David G. Exploraciones de la psicología social. 4th ed.

L Education

SPA LB1060 .G357 2011      Gardner, Howard. Inteligencias múltiples: la teoría en la práctica.

Q Science

SPA QA76.76.W56 R374 2016      Rathbone, Andy. Windows 10 para dummies.

R Medicine

SPA R133 .P276 2017      Parker, Steve. Medicina: la historia visual definitiva.

Korean books (2)

BT Doctrinal Theology

KOR BT738.25 .W75 2018      Wright, N. T. God in public: how the Bible speaks truth to power today.

BX Christian Denominations

KOR BX9725.5.L68 L44 2008      Lee, Byung Kyu. Study of the Salvation Army's love feast.

Media (1)

BR Christianity

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 142      Mars Hill audio journal 142: November/December 2017.