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New Books May 2018

English books (120)

B Philosophy

B105.J87 M33 1988      MacIntyre, Alasdair C. Whose justice? Which rationality?

BF Psychology

BF637.F67 W67 2003      Worthington, Everett L. Forgiving and reconciling: bridges to wholeness and hope.

BF637.L4 S873 2014      Strom, Mark. Lead with wisdom: how wisdom transforms good leaders into great leaders.

BF637.R45 C68 2008      Cottrell, Stephen. Do nothing to change your life: discovering what happens when you stop.

BJ Ethics

BJ1241 .G54 2014      Gill, Robin. A textbook of Christian ethics. 4th ed.

BL Religions

BL240.3 .P6455 2011b      Polkinghorne, J. C. Science and religion in quest of truth.

BR Christianity

BR115.C45 T65 2015      Toly, Noah. Cities of tomorrow and the city to come: a theology of urban life. Ordinary theology series

BR115.C8 H393 2014      Hauerwas, Stanley. Resident aliens: life in the Christian colony: a provocative Christian assessment of culture and ministry for people who know that something is wrong. Exp. ed.

BR115.P7 V3155 2017      Van Geest, Fred. Introduction to political science: a Christian perspective.

BR117 .R35 2013      Reading the Christian spiritual classics: a guide for evangelicals.

BR121.3 .G73 2013      Granberg-Michaelson, Wesley. From Times Square to Timbuktu: the post-Christian West meets the non-western church.

BR145.3 .I78 2001 v. 1-2     Irvin, Dale T. History of the world Christian movement.

BR150 .H37 2015      Hart, David Bentley. The story of Christianity: a history of 2,000 years of the Christian faith.

BR162.3 .H37 2009      Hart, David Bentley. Atheist delusions: the Christian revolution and its fashionable enemies.

BR563.H57 R63 2011      Rodriguez, Daniel A. A future for the Latino church: models for multilingual, multigenerational Hispanic congregations.

BR1641.A1 N29 2009      Nathan, Rich. Empowered evangelicals: bringing together the best of the evangelical and charismatic worlds.

BR1644 .Y66 2005      Yong, Amos. The Spirit poured out on all flesh: Pentecostalism and the possibility of global theology.

BS The Bible

BS476 .V34 2009      Vanhoozer, Kevin J. Is there a meaning in this text?: the Bible, the reader, and the morality of literary knowledge.

BS476 .W475 2009      Westphal, Merold. Whose community? which interpretation?: philosophical hermeneutics for the church. The church and postmodern culture

BS480 .B548 2014      Blomberg, Craig L. Can we still believe the Bible?: an evangelical engagement with contemporary questions.

BS680.W6 W49 2011      Wilson, A. Kenneth. It seemed like a good idea at the time: some of the best and worst decisions in the Bible.

BS1171.3 .R53 2008      Richter, Sandra L. The epic of Eden: a Christian entry into the Old Testament.

BS1182.3 .B35 2004      Bar-Efrat, Shimeon. Narrative art in the Bible.

BS1225.52 .S53 2006      Ska, Jean Louis. Introduction to reading the Pentateuch.

BS1235.52 .P76 2014      Provan, Iain W. Seriously dangerous religion: what the Old Testament really says and why it matters.

BS1430.54 .K45 2015      Keller, Timothy. The songs of Jesus: a year of daily devotions in the Psalms.

BS1938 .D48 2017      Jackson, Paul Norman. Devotions on the Greek New Testament: 52 reflections to inspire and instruct.

BS2655.S49 W47 2016      Westfall, Cynthia Long. Paul and gender: reclaiming the apostle's vision for men and women in Christ.

BS2655.W5 P39 2009      Payne, Philip Barton. Man and woman, one in Christ: an exegetical and theological study of Paul's Letters.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT28 .K58 1997      Knight, Henry H. A future for truth: evangelical theology in a postmodern world.

BT77 .W95 2017      Wyld, Rich. The world according to Theologygrams.

BT165 .N48 2017      Nikondeha, Kelley. Adopted: the sacrament of belonging in a fractured world.

BT180.P6 H39 2016      Hays, J. Daniel. The temple and the tabernacle: a study of God's dwelling places from Genesis to Revelation.

BT734.2 .A53 2001      Anderson, David A. Letters across the divide: two friends explore racism, friendship, and faith.

BT766 .C63 2009      Colón-Emeric, Edgardo Antonio. Wesley, Aquinas, and Christian perfection: an ecumenical dialogue.

BT766 .G73 1997      Greathouse, William M. Love made perfect: foundations for the holy life.

BT767 .R392 2018      Raymond, Jonathan S. Social holiness: the company we keep.  

BT1212 .G64 2009      God is great, God is good: why believing in God is reasonable and responsible.

BT1315.3 .H47 2012      Heresies and how to avoid them: why it matters what Christians believe.  

BT1315.3 .M35 2010      McGrath, Alister E. Heresy: a history of defending the truth.

BT1317 .K67 2010      Köstenberger, Andreas J. The heresy of orthodoxy: how contemporary culture's fascination with diversity has reshaped our understanding of early Christianity.

BV Practical Theology

BV600.3 .C36 2008      Canonical theism: a proposal for theology and the church.

BV601.5 .C54 2013      Cleveland, Christena. Disunity in Christ: uncovering the hidden forces that keep us apart.

BV601.8 .F76 2013      Frost, Michael. The shaping of things to come: innovation and mission for the 21st-century church.

BV601.8 .H82 2012      Huckins, Jon. Thin places: 6 postures for creating & practicing missional community.

BV637 .R58 2012      Rivera, Raymond. Liberty to the captives: our call to minister in a captive world.

BV638 .R67 2017      Roth, Brad. God's country: faith, hope, and the future of the rural church.

BV639.P6 H58 2010      Heuertz, Christopher L. Friendship at the margins: discovering mutuality in service and mission.

BV639.S5 D35 2017      Dalfonzo, Gina. One by one: welcoming the singles in your church.

BV639.W7 B46 2013      Bessey, Sarah. Jesus feminist: an invitation to revisit the Bible's view of women.

BV639.W7 J36 2010      James, Carolyn Custis. Half the church: recapturing God's global vision for women.

BV652.1 .B37 2018      Barton, R. Ruth. Strengthening the soul of your leadership: seeking God in the crucible of ministry. Expanded ed.

BV772.5 .H25 2017      Harris, Peter. Keeping faith in fundraising.

BV835 .H54 2013      Hiebert, Dennis. Sweet surrender: how cultural mandates shape Christian marriage.

BV2061.3 .B337 2017      Badriaki, Michael Bamwesigye. When helping works: alleviating fear and pain in global missions.

BV3770 .B42 2012      Bebbington, David. Victorian religious revivals: culture and piety in local and global contexts.

BV4011.3 .J48 2017      Jethani, Skye. Immeasurable: reflections on the soul of ministry in the age of Church, Inc.

BV4030 .R84 2010      Ruelas, Abraham. Women and the landscape of American higher education: Wesleyan Holiness and Pentecostal founders.

BV4211.3 .C74 2011      Craddock, Fred B. Craddock on the craft of preaching.

BV4330 .M53 2015      Michael, Larry J. A necessary grief: essential tools for leadership in bereavement ministry.

BV4435 .H68 2011      Houston, J. M. A vision for the aging church: renewing ministry for and by seniors.

BV4438.5 .K76 2010      Kroeger, Catherine Clark. No place for abuse: biblical & practical resources to counteract domestic violence. Rev. ed.

BV4447 .D45 2004      DeVries, Mark. Family-based youth ministry. Rev. ed.

BV4459 .T56 2009      Thompson, David A. Beyond the yellow ribbon: ministering to returning combat veterans.

BV4501.3 .D638 2015      Docter, Robert L. Integrity: a complete life.  

BV4501.3 .M67 2015      Morgan, Alison. Following Jesus: the plural of disciple is church.

BV4517 .T83 1998      Tuck, Brian Gordon. On this new day: a collection of radio scripts.

BV4596.T88 R64 2011     Rohr, Richard. Breathing under water: spirituality and the twelve steps.

BV4597.53.L43 B36 2016      Ledbetter, Bernice M. Reviewing leadership: a Christian evaluation of current approaches.

BV4597.53.L43 F67 2012      Ford, Lance. Unleader: reimagining leadership-- and why we must.

BV4630 .M36 2017      McMinn, Mark R. The science of virtue: why positive psychology matters to the church.

BV4740 .G365 2014      Garber, Steven. Visions of vocation: common grace for the common good.

BV4811 .W6 2018b      Words of life: the Bible day by day. May-August 2018.

BX Christian Denominations

BX1795.S48 J645 2006      John Paul. Man and woman He created them: a theology of the body.

BX8331.2 .C63 1987      Connor, John. Wesleyan doctrine made plain: programmed instruction plus supplement.

BX8331.3 .C35 2011      Campbell, Ted. Methodist doctrine: the essentials.

BX8349.L43 G67 2016      Gorveatte, Mark. Lead like Wesley: help for today's ministry servants.

BX8495.W5 M274 2011      McEwan, David B. Wesley as a pastoral theologian: theological methodology in John Wesley's doctrine of Christian perfection. Studies in evangelical history and thought

BX9722 .D63 2008      Docter, Robert L. A view from the corner.

BX9743.H268 A25 2011      Harris, Wesley. Writing the vision.

E History of the Americas

E184.A1 R4467 2014      Roithmayr, Daria. Reproducing racism: how everyday choices lock in white advantage.

E185.86 .B524 2002      Black children: social, educational, and parental environments. 2nd ed.

E185.86 .P336 2017      Patton, Stacey. Spare the kids: why whupping children won't save Black America.

HC Economic History and Conditions

HC110.P6 E343 2016      Edin, Kathryn. $2.00 a day: living on almost nothing in America.

HC110.P6 S43 2017      Shapiro, Thomas M. Toxic inequality: how America's wealth gap destroys mobility, deepens the racial divide, & threatens our future.

HC110.P6 S48 2005      Shipler, David K. The working poor: invisible in America.

HC110.P6 T57 2015      Tirado, Linda. Hand to mouth: living in bootstrap America.

HD Industries

HD57.7 .W55 2016      Wilson, Kent R. Steward leadership in the nonprofit organization.

HG Finance

HG179 .M6196 2017      Morduch, Jonathan. The financial diaries: how American families cope in a world of uncertainty.

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HN90.S6 C565 2005      Class matters.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ536 .C853 2007      Cultural diversity and families: expanding perspectives.

HQ759.45 .E35 2005      Edin, Kathryn. Promises I can keep: why poor women put motherhood before marriage.

HQ767.9 .L37 2011      Lareau, Annette. Unequal childhoods: class, race, and family life. 2nd ed.

HQ1060 .W49 2014      Wexler, Barbara. Growing old in America. Information plus reference series

HQ1233 .W58446 2017      Women and leadership: history, theories, and case studies. Berkshire essentials

HQ1426 .W663 2016      Women's America: refocusing the past. 8th ed.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV741 .K674 2012      Kozol, Jonathan. Fire in the ashes: twenty-five years among the poorest children in America.

HV3176 .S84 2016      Sue, Derald Wing. Multicultural social work practice: a competency-based approach to diversity and social justice. 2nd ed.

HV4023 .M39 2017      Mayne, A. J. C. Slums: the history of a global injustice.

HV4493 .D46 2017      Denbok, Leah. Nowhere to call home: photographs & stories of the homeless.

HV4506.R53 E57 2016      Ensign, Josephine. Catching homelessness: a nurse's story of falling through the safety net.

HV4999.C45 C34 2014      Califano, Joseph A. How to raise a drug-free kid: the straight dope for parents. Rev. ed.

HV5825 .A644 2018      Abadinsky, Howard. Drug use and abuse: a comprehensive introduction. 9th ed.

HV6250.4.W65 S79235 2018      Storkey, Elaine. Scars across humanity: understanding and overcoming violence against women.

HV7411 .R87 2011 REF     Ireland, Connie. The dictionary of criminal justice. 7th ed.

HV8688 .Z44 2014      Zehr, Howard. The little book of restorative justice: a bestselling book by one of the founders of the movement. Rev. ed.

HV875.64 .S5576 2000      Simon, Rita J. In their own voices: transracial adoptees tell their stories.

HV9304 .P464 2009      Petersilia, Joan. When prisoners come home: parole and prisoner reentry.

HV9950 .W35 2015      Walker, Samuel. Sense and nonsense about crime, drugs, and communities. 8th ed.

J Political Science

JV6450 .P67 2014      Portes, Alejandro. Immigrant America: a portrait. 4th ed.

JV6475 .U48 2014 v. 1-3 REF     Undocumented immigrants in the United States: an encyclopedia of their experience.

L Education

LB1029.T4 A37 2017      Adult learning through collaborative leadership. New directions in adult & continuing education

LC4091 .J46 2009      Jensen, Eric. Teaching with poverty in mind: what being poor does to kids' brains and what schools can do about it.

PS American Literature

PS648.S58 T35 2017      Tales of two Americas: stories of inequality in a divided nation.

Q Science

QH325 .R38 2012      Rau, Gerald. Mapping the origins debate: six models of the beginning of everything.

QP360 .C69 2014      Cozolino, Louis J. The neuroscience of human relationships: attachment and the developing social brain. 2nd ed.

RJ Pediatrics

RJ47.8 .F54 2016      Fleischman, Alan R. Pediatric ethics: protecting the interests of children.

RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology.

RM316 .K84 2014      Kuhn, Cynthia. Buzzed: the straight facts about the most used and abused drugs from alcohol to ecstasy. 4th ed.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources.

Z678 .G668 2005      Gordon, Rachel Singer. The accidental library manager.

Z678.93.O65 E54 2010      Engard, Nicole C. Practical open source software for libraries.

Spanish books (7)

BR Christianity

SPA BR165 .W43 2015      Wedderburn, A. J. M. Una historia de los primeros cristianos.

SPA BR600 .B37 1997      Bastian, Jean Pierre. La mutación religiosa de América Latina: para una sociología del cambio social en la modernidad periférica.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV4438 .C54 2013      Clark, Chap. Ministerio intergeneracional: ¿cómo involucrar y ministrar a los padres de nuestros jóvenes?

SPA BV4509.5 .C425 2010      Chalke, Steve. Agentes de cambio: veinticinco lecciones en el arte de lograr que se hagan las cosas.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX8331.2 .C63 1989      Connor, John. Doctrina Wesleyana aclarada: instrucción programada con el suplemento.

SPA BX8331.3 .C35 2012      Campbell, Ted. Doctrina metodista: los fundamentos.

GV Recreation. Leisure

SPA GV1472.3.U6 H65 2015      Actividades fantásticas para refrescar tu ministerio. Biblioteca de ideas