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New Books March 2020

English books (45)


BJ Ethics

BJ1854 .D75 2005      Dresser, Norine. Multicultural manners: essential rules of etiquette for the 21st century. Rev. ed.

BL Religions

BL1900.L35 M64 2006      Moeller, Hans-Georg. The philosophy of the Daodejing.

BL2018 .N47 2016      Nesbitt, Eleanor M. Sikhism: a very short introduction.

BL2525 .R448 2015 v. 1-4 REF     Religion and American cultures: tradition, diversity, and popular expression.

BL2525 .W414 2014      Weiner, Isaac. Religion out loud: religious sound, public space, and American pluralism.

BL2747.3 .A34 2011      Aikin, Scott F. Reasonable atheism: a moral case for respectful disbelief.

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

BP166 .N465 2019      Nguyen, Martin. Modern Muslim theology: engaging God and the world with faith and imagination.

BR Christianity

BR67 .H39 2011      Haykin, Michael A. G. Rediscovering the church fathers: who they were and how they shaped the church.

BR145.3 .A27 2013     Aaron, Daryl. The 40 most influential Christians who shaped what we believe today.

BR145.3 .B335 2019      Backhouse, Stephen. Zondervan essential companion to Christian history.

BR157 .W67 2020 REF     Johnson, Todd M. World Christian encyclopedia. 3rd ed.

BR162.3 .K74 2016      Kreider, Alan. The patient ferment of the early church: the improbable rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire.

BR165 .D58 2014 v. 1-3 REF     Encyclopedia of ancient Christianity.

BR165 .F743 2018      Fredriksen, Paula. When Christians were Jews: the first generation.

BR165 .G74 2010      Green, Bernard. Christianity in ancient Rome: the first three centuries.

BR315 .S74 2001      Steinmetz, David C. Reformers in the wings: from Geiler von Kaysersberg to Theodore Beza.

BR317 .V36 2017      VanDoodewaard, Rebecca. Reformation women: sixteenth-century figures who shaped Christianity's rebirth.

BR350.T8 D33 1994      Daniell, David. William Tyndale: a biography.

BR759 .K55 2016      Knight, Frances. Victorian Christianity at the fin de siècle: the culture of English religion in a decadent age.

BR1700.3 .B58 2018      The book of saints: the modern era.

BR1700.3 .B66 2016      The book of saints: the early modern era.

BR1720.P42 G65 2018      Gold, Barbara K. Perpetua: athlete of God.

BR1720.P42 R43 2018      Rea, Jennifer A. Perpetua's journey: faith, gender, & power in the Roman Empire. Graphic history series

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT160 .W72 2006      Wright, N. T. Evil and the justice of God.

BT1103 .M353 2019      McLaughlin, Rebecca. Confronting Christianity: 12 hard questions for the world's largest religion.

BV Practical Theology

BV652.1 .S376 2017      Scroggins, Clay. How to lead when you're not in charge: leveraging influence when you lack authority.

BV3790 .M66 2018      Practical evangelism for the twenty-first century: complexities and opportunities.

BV4011.6 .M66 2019      Moody, Edward E. First aid for your ministry: supporting those who minister.

BV4235.L3 G37 2014      Garrington, Jim. Preaching for the homiletically impaired: a guide for lay preachers and other neophytes.

BV4460 .H83 2020      Hubach, Stephanie O. Same lake, different boat: coming alongside people touched by disability. Rev. ed.

BV4527 .S646 2011      Sonnenmoser, Pamela. Beside the empty cradle: finding peace with childlessness.

BX Christian Denominations

BX9701 .S3 2020 c. 1 REF     The Salvation Army year book 2020.

BX9743.B61 D38 1962      Davies, Olwen M. Florence the home-maker: the exploits of Florence Booth. Victory books

BX9743.C32 B53 1962      Blackwell, H. Benjamin. Fighting sweep: the adventures of Elijah Cadman. Victory books

BX9743.C732 W55 1963      Williams, Sidney. Pudding and policies: John Carleton. Victory books

BX9743.R37 B53 1961      Blackwell, H. Benjamin. Ambassador extraordinary: the adventures of George Scott Railton. Victory books

BX9743.S546 B37 1962      Barnes, Cyril J. Every inch a missionary: the story of Henry Pimm Smith. Victory books

E History of the Americas

E169.Z83 O33 2019      O'Brien, Brandon J. Not from around here: what unites us, what divides us, and how we can move forward.

E176.1 .G65 2018      Goodwin, Doris Kearns. Leadership in turbulent times.

HD Industries

HD62.4 .M64 2013      Molinsky, Andy. Global dexterity: how to adapt your behavior across cultures without losing yourself in the process.

HD62.6 .E277 2019      Ebrahim, Alnoor. Measuring social change: performance and accountability in a complex world.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV5278 .S33 2019      Schaberg, William H. Writing the big book: the creation of A. A.

L Education

LB1051 .S645177 2017      Sousa, David A. How the brain learns. 5th ed.

LB1062 .A36 2019      Agarwal, Pooja K. Powerful teaching: unleash the science of learning.

RJ Pediatrics

RJ499 .H84 2019      Hugstad, Kristi. Beneath the surface: a teen's guide to reaching out when you or your friend is in crisis.

Spanish books (14)

BF Psychology

SPA BF408 .C175 2016      Cameron, Julia. El camino del artista: un curso de descubrimiento y rescate de tu propia creatividad: la biblia de los creativos reconocida mundialmente.

SPA BF637.C4 H43 2011      Heath, Chip. Switch: cómo cambiar las cosas cuando cambiar es difícil.

BR Christianity

SPA BR145.3 .A27 2014      Aaron, Daryl. Los 40 cristianos más influyentes que forjaron lo que creemos hoy.

SPA BR350.T8 L39 2018      Lawson, Steven J. La osada misión de William Tyndale.

BS The Bible

SPA BS575 .G725 2013      Grady, J. Lee. Las intrépidas hijas de la Biblia.

SPA BS1505.6.P69 S55 2012      Smith, Gary V. Los profetas como predicadores: introducción a los profetas Hebreos.

SPA BS2795.55 .S26 2016      Sanchez, Juan R. 1 Pedro para ti.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV652.1 .S376 2018      Scroggins, Clay. Cómo liderar cuando no estás al mando: aprovechando la influencia cuando no tienes autoridad.

SPA BV4225.3 .V55 2014      Vila, Samuel. Gran diccionario enciclopédico de anécdotas e ilustraciones.

SPA BV4447 .O77 2017      Ortiz, Félix. Cada joven necesita un mentor.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX9725.5.A1 L39      Layton, Philip. Los sacramentos y la Biblia: el punto de vista salvacionista de acuerdo a las escrituras.

E History of the Americas

SPA E176.1 .G65 2019      Goodwin, Doris Kearns. Liderazgo en tiempos turbulentos.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

SPA HV8699.U5 P74 1996      Prejean, Helen. Pena de muerte.

L Education

SPA LB1051 .S645177 2019      Sousa, David A. Cómo aprende el cerebro: las últimas investigaciones sobre el cerebro para potenciar el aprendizaje de todos los estudiantes.

Korean books (11)

BS The Bible

KOR BS440 .S694 1979 v. 1-12 REF     Illustrated encyclopedia of the Bible.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 1      Beacon Bible commentary: Genesis-Deuteronomy.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 2      Beacon Bible commentary: Joshua-Esther.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 3     Beacon Bible commentary: the poetical and wisdom literature.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 4      Beacon Bible commentary: the major prophets.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 5      Beacon Bible commentary: the minor prophets.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 6      Beacon Bible commentary: Matthew-Luke.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 7      Beacon Bible commentary: John-Acts.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 8      Beacon Bible commentary: Romans-Corinthians.

KOR BS491.2 .B4 vol. 9      Beacon Bible commentary: Galatians-Philemon.

KOR BS491.2 .B43 vol. 10      Beacon Bible commentary: Hebrews-Revelation.