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New Books June 2019

English books (112)

BF Psychology

BF637.N4 F535 2011      Fisher, Roger. Getting to yes: negotiating agreement without giving in. Rev. ed.

BF637.P76 T73 2017      Tracy, Brian. Eat that frog!: 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. 3rd ed.

BL Religions

BL65.I55 H86 2017      Hunter, Shireen. God on our side: religion in international affairs.

BL240.3 .M34 2016      McGrath, Alister E. Inventing the universe: why we can't stop talking about science, faith and God.

BL628.5 .C3465 2001      Carey, Maureen. The artful journal: a spiritual quest.

BL2525 .O95 2012      The Oxford handbook of religion and the American news media.

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

BP222 .A37 2016      Africana Islamic studies.

BR Christianity

BR95 .N393 2003      New and enlarged handbook of Christian theology.

BR115.C3 B38 2018      Barnes, Kenneth J. Redeeming capitalism.

BR115.C8 E325 2017      Edgar, William. Created & creating: a biblical theology of culture.

BR115.C8 G37 2016      Georges, Jayson. Ministering in honor-shame cultures: biblical foundations and practical essentials.

BR115.C8 W7613 2016 v. 1-3     Wrogemann, Henning. Intercultural theology.

BR115.J8 T46 2019      Thompson, Joseph Milburn. Justice and peace: a Christian primer. 3rd ed.

BR115.W5 W754 2013      Wright, N. T. Creation, power and truth: the gospel in a world of cultural confusion.

BR118 .D98 2015      Dyrness, William A. Theology without borders: an introduction to global conversations.

BR118 .V36 2005      Vanhoozer, Kevin J. The drama of doctrine: a canonical-linguistic approach to Christian theology.

BR121.3 .E53 2018 v. 1-2 REF     Encyclopedia of Christianity in the global south.

BR170 .J64 2011      Jones, Simon. The world of the early church.

BR185 .F35 2017      Fairchild, Mark R. Christian origins in Ephesus and Asia Minor: Hierapolis, Alexandria Troas, Miletus, Nicaea, Laodicea, Colossae, Assos, Nicomedia, Metropolis, Nysa, Philadelphia, Ephesus, Thyatira, Sardis, Pergamon, Magnesia, Tralles, Smyrna, Aphrodisias, Priene, Tripolis.

BR479 .S86 2015      Sunquist, Scott W. The unexpected Christian century: the reversal and transformation of global Christianity, 1900-2000.

BR563.N4 F58 2018      Fluker, Walter E. The ground has shifted: the future of the Black church in post-racial America.

BR1070 .A727 2019     Arabic Christian theology: a contemporary global evangelical perspective.   

BS The Bible

BS476 .S83 2009      Stuart, Douglas K. Old Testament exegesis: a handbook for students and pastors. 4th ed.

BS1515.55 .B45 2016      Bell, Debi. On eagles' wings.

BS2655.T57 K44 2016      Keener, Craig S. The mind of the spirit: Paul's approach to transformed thinking.

BS2685.53 .K4425 2019      Keener, Craig S. Galatians: a commentary.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT75.3 .C4245 2014      Chan, Simon. Grassroots Asian theology: thinking the faith from the ground up.

BT83.55 .F453 2015      Feminist theology from the third world: a reader.

BT83.58 .A853 2007      Asian contextual theology for the third millennium: a theology of minjung in fourth-eye formation.

BT160 .O67 2019      Oord, Thomas Jay. God can't: how to believe in God and love after tragedy, abuse, or other evils.

BT375.3 .S66 2018 REF     Snodgrass, Klyne. Stories with intent: a comprehensive guide to the parables of Jesus. 2nd ed.

BT766 .N783 2013      Noble, T. A. Holy Trinity: holy people: the theology of Christian perfecting.

BT1102 .S6 2018      Sproul, R. C. If there's a God why are there atheists?: why atheists believe in unbelief. Rev. ed.

BV Practical Theology

BV150 .T44 2018      Thiselton, Anthony C. The power of pictures in Christian thought: the use and abuse of images in the Bible and theology.

BV600.3 .S64 2016      Smith, C. Christopher. Reading for the common good: how books help our churches and neighborhoods flourish.

BV625 .P33 2012      Pathak, Jay. The art of neighboring: building genuine relationships right outside your door.

BV652.1 .M33 2011      MacDonald, Gordon. Building below the waterline: shoring up the foundations of leadership.

BV4211.3 .B66 2008      Boone, Dan. Preaching the story that shapes us.

BV4211.3 .R59 2014      Robinson, Haddon W. Biblical preaching: the development and delivery of expository messages. 3rd ed.

BV4319 .G67 2015      Gould, Meredith. The social media gospel: sharing the good news in new ways. 2nd ed.

BV4396 .M19 2019      McWilliams, Thomas. Don't let them drown: officers' children in the storm of appointment change.

BV4403 .B66 2017      Bomar, Chuck. Serving local schools: bring Christ's compassion to the core of your community.

BV4501.3 .F6795 2018      Foster, Richard J. Celebration of discipline: the path to spiritual growth. Anniversary ed.

BV4520 .M2285 2011      MacDonald, Gordon. Going deep: becoming a person of influence.

BV4647.F55 B38 2007      Bash, Anthony. Forgiveness and Christian ethics. New studies in Christian ethics

BV4647.H67 B435 2017      Beck, Richard Allan. Stranger God: Meeting Jesus in disguise.

BX Christian Denominations

BX1765.3 .C65 2017      Collins, Kenneth J. Roman but not Catholic: what remains at stake 500 years after the Reformation.

BX4827.B57 W545 2014      Williams, Reggie L. Bonhoeffer's black Jesus: Harlem Renaissance theology and an ethic of resistance.

BX5995.C6 A3 2019      Coleman, Dale. Revelation: the education of a priest.

BX8331.3 .O34 2008      Oden, Thomas C. Doctrinal standards in the Wesleyan tradition. Rev. ed.

BX8495.W5 K555 2018      Knight, Henry H. John Wesley: optimist of grace. Cascade companions

BX9715 .M377 2015      Marsico, Katie. The Salvation Army: how do they help?

BX9719.S9 B88 1883a      Butler, Josephine Elizabeth Grey. The Salvation Army in Switzerland.

BX9743.A29 K46 1966      Kenyon, Albert. After many days: Martin Johannes Adendorff. Victory books

BX9743.D374 F54 1966      Fletcher, Lawrence V. L. Brother of all: Yesu Dasen. Victory books

E History of the Americas

E76.2 .W35 2006      Waldman, Carl. Encyclopedia of Native American tribes.

E184.A1 J86 2015      Jung, Moon-Kie. Beneath the surface of white supremacy: denaturalizing U.S. racisms past and present. Stanford studies in comparative race and ethnicity

E184.A1 W338 2017      Weed, Eric Arden. The religion of white supremacy in the United States.

E184.M88 L68 2017      Love, Erik. Islamophobia and racism in America.

E185 .D265 2016      Davis, Thomas J. History of African Americans: exploring diverse roots.

E185 .H86 2018      Hunter, Marcus Anthony. Chocolate cities: the Black map of American life.

E185.625 .K524 2016      Khabeer, Su'ad Abdul. Muslim cool: race, religion, and hip hop in the United States.

E185.86 .J664 2018      Jones, Nikki. The chosen ones: Black men and the politics of redemption.

E185.86 .S698 2005      Staples, Robert. Black families at the crossroads: challenges and prospects.

E185.89.I56 C66 2017      Cooper, Brittney C. Beyond respectability: the intellectual thought of race women.

F History of the Americas

F2258 .C677 2017      The Colombia reader: history, culture, politics.

HB Economic Theory. Demography

HB99.3 .B43 2017      Beckerman, W. Economics as applied ethics: fact and value in economic policy.

HC Economic History and Conditions

HC130.I5 K33 2013      Kacowicz, Arie Marcelo. Globalization and the distribution of wealth: the Latin American experience, 1982-2008.

HD Industries

HD31.2 .C65 2019      Collins, James C. Turning the flywheel: a monograph to accompany Good to great.

HM Sociology

HM742 .M375 2017      Mattson, Kristen. Digital citizenship in action: empowering students to engage in online communities.

HM1131 .B66 2006      Bonner, Adrian. Social exclusion and the way out: an individual and community response to human social dysfunction.

HM1271 .G36 2011      Gamst, Glenn. Handbook of multicultural measures.

HM1276 .C35 2018      Callero, Peter L. The myth of individualism: how social forces shape our lives.

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HN18.3 .P756 2018      Principles of sociology.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ796 .D3937 2016      DeLuca, Stefanie. Coming of age in the other America.

HQ1784 .B33 2017      Bad girls of the Arab world.

HQ766.5.U5 B73 2017      Briggs, Laura. How all politics became reproductive politics: from welfare reform to foreclosure to Trump.

HT Communities. Classes. Races.

HT1523 .M564 2017      Mills, Melinda. The borders of race: patrolling "multiracial" identities.

HT1531 .O33 2015      O'Flaherty, Brendan. The economics of race in the United States.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV45 .E53 2009      Encyclopedia of social work with groups.

HV91 .N68 2010      Not by faith alone: social services, social justice, and faith-based organizations in the United States.

HV541 .N33 2016      Napoli, Lisa. Ray and Joan: the man who made the McDonald's fortune and the woman who gave it all away.

HV741 .R62 2002      Roberts, Dorothy E. Shattered bonds: the color of child welfare.

HV1445 .D35 2012      Dáil, Paula vW. Women and poverty in 21st century America.

HV1568 .K335 2017      Kahana, Jeffrey Steven. Disability and aging: learning from both to empower the lives of older adults. Disability in society

HV3006.A4 L56 2006      Linhorst, Donald M. Empowering people with severe mental illness: a practical guide.

HV4999.Y68 N49 2016      Newton, David E. Youth substance abuse: a reference handbook. Contemporary world issues

HV5822.O99 M33 2018      Macy, Beth. Dopesick: dealers, doctors, and the drug company that addicted America.

HV5822.O99 Q56 2015      Quinones, Sam. Dreamland: the true tale of America's opiate epidemic.

HV5825 .G693 2012      Grant, Judith. Men and substance abuse: narratives of addiction and recovery.

HV6431 .H5713 2016      The history of terrorism: from antiquity to ISIS. Updated ed.

HV6439.U5 G3575 2018 v. 1-2 REF     Gangland: an encyclopedia of gang life from cradle to grave.

HV6558 .E53 2018 v. 1-2 REF     Encyclopedia of rape and sexual violence.

HV6570 .H356 2012      Handbook of child sexual abuse: identification, assessment, and treatment.

HV6799 .W65 2010      Wolcott, David B. Crime and punishment in America.

HV8067 .H84 2016      Huggins, Mike. Vice and the Victorians.

HV9950 .H56 2016      Hinton, Elizabeth Kai. From the war on poverty to the war on crime: the making of mass incarceration in America.

J Political Science

JC479 .S6949 2017      Spicker, Paul. Arguments for welfare: the welfare state and social policy.

JV6483 .D74 2015      Dreby, Joanna. Everyday illegal: when policies undermine immigrant families.

JV6600 .G66 2016      Gonzales, Roberto G. Lives in limbo: undocumented and coming of age in America.

K Law

KF3467 .D758 2016      Drobac, Jennifer Ann. Sexual exploitation of teenagers: adolescent development, discrimination, and consent law.

L Education

LB1028.3 .K649 2017      Kolb, Liz. Learning first, technology second: the educator's guide to designing authentic lessons.

M Music

ML3187.5 .I65 2018      Ingalls, Monique Marie. Singing the congregation: how contemporary worship music forms evangelical community.

PE English

PE1429 .Z5 2006      Zinsser, William. On writing well: the classic guide to writing nonfiction. 7th ed.

PN Literature

PN147 .S26 2014      The SBL handbook of style. 2nd ed.

PS American Literature

PS8557.U53828 B88 1986      Duncan, Michael. But for the grace of God.

RA Public Aspects of Medicine

RA418.5.P6 C375 2016      Cash, Kathleen Ann. Sex, shame, and violence: a revolutionary practice of public storytelling in poor communities.

RA427.2 .L36 2019      Setting up community health and development programmes in low and middle income settings. 4th ed.

U Military Science

UB357 .C565 2017 v. 1-2 REF     The civilian lives of U.S. veterans: issues and identities.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources.

Z710 .B22 2017      Badke, William B. Research strategies: finding your way through the information fog. 6th ed.

Z7772.A1 L64 2013 c. 1 REF     Longman, Tremper. Old Testament commentary survey. 5th ed.

Z7772.L1 C37 2013 c. 1 REF     Carson, D. A. New Testament commentary survey. 7th ed.

Spanish books (22)

BF Psychology

SPA BF637.P76 T73 2017      Tracy, Brian. ¡Tráguese ese sapo!: 21 estrategias para tomar decisiones rápidas y mejorar la eficacia profesional.

BL Religions

SPA BL240.3 .M34 2016      McGrath, Alister E. La ciencia desde la fe: los conocimientos científicos no cuestionan la existencia de Dios.

BR Christianity

SPA BR66.5 .V53 1993 REF     Vidal Manzanares, César. Diccionario de patrística (s. I-VI).

SPA BR148 .C67 2009      Coster, Bernard. Unidad y diversidad en la historia de la Iglesia.

SPA BR165 .B7 1986      Brox, Norbert. Historia de la iglesia primitiva.

SPA BR165 .R26 2009      Ramos-Lissón, Domingo. Compendio de historia de la iglesia antigua.

SPA BR170 .J64 2015      Jones, Simon. El mundo de la iglesia primitiva.

SPA BR305.3 .G66 2003      González, Justo L. Historia de la Reforma.  

SPA BR332.5 .L39 2017      Lawson, Steven J. La heroica valentía de Martín Lutero.  Un gran legado de héroes de la fe

BS The Bible

SPA BS491.3 .C66 2019      Comentario biblico contemporáneo: estudio de toda la Biblia desde América Latina.

SPA BS540 .B37 2019      Bargerhuff, Eric J. Historias bíblicas mal utilizadas: maneras sorprendentes de malinterpretarlas.

SPA BS680.C47 B37 2019      Bargerhuff, Eric J. Versículos bíblicos mal utilizados: maneras sorprendentes de malinterpretar la palabra de Dios.

SPA BS1375.53 .B878 2014      Burt, David F. Ester. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT140 .W45 2016      Wells. David F. Dios en el torbellino: cómo el amor santo de Dios reorienta nuestro mundo.

SPA BT160 .O67 2019      Oord, Thomas Jay. Dios no puede!: cómo creer en Dios y el amor después de la tragedia, el abuso y otros males.

SPA BT767.3 .K57 2008      Kinghorn, Kenneth C. Los dones del Espíritu Santo en el Nuevo Testamento.

SPA BT1102 .S6 2018      Sproul, R. C. Si Dios existe, ¿por qué hay tantos ateos?: por qué ateos creen en la incredulidad.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV2073 .G54 2019      Glasser, Arthur F. El anuncio del Reino: la historia de la misión de Dios en la Biblia.

SPA BV4011.3 .T75 2013      Tripp, Paul David. Llamamiento peligroso: enfrentando los singulares desafíos del ministerio pastoral.

SPA BV4509.5 .M86 2009b      Munroe, Myles. Los principios y los beneficios del cambio: cumpliendo tu proposito en medio de tiempos inciertos.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

SPA HV6626 .Z36 1985      Zambrano, Myrna M. Mejor sola que mal acompañada: para la mujer golpeada = For the Latina in an abusive relationship.

SPA HV6626 .C473 2011      Chignoli, Celso William. Violencia doméstica: detección, prevención y ayuda.