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New Books March 2019

English books (69)

B Philosophy

B802 .H65 2005      Himmelfarb, Gertrude. The roads to modernity: the British, French, and American Enlightenments.

BF Psychology

BF637.H4 P38 2012      Pathological altruism.

BJ Ethics

BJ1251 .C496 2017      Christian ethics: four views. Spectrum multiview books

BM Judaism

BM198.3 .B53 2018      Biale, David. Hasidism: a new history.

BR Christianity

BR118 .E87 2018      Evangelical theological method: five views. Spectrum multiview books

BR479 .S7155 2018      Stanley, Brian. Christianity in the twentieth century: a world history. Princeton history of Christianity

BR1642.U6 M33 2018      McAlister, Melani. The kingdom of God has no borders: a global history of American evangelicals.

BR1713 .D47 2014      Derusha, Michelle. 50 women every Christian should know: learning from heroines of the faith.

BS The Bible

BS476 .B4945 2012      Biblical hermeneutics: five views. Spectrum multiview books

BS575 .S53 2017      Shade, JoAnn. Ezer strong: teen women of the Bible.

BS1171.3 .D37 2018      Dost, Christopher. Jesus' Bible: a concise history of the Hebrew scriptures.

BS1192.5.A1 K56 2010      Kinlaw, Dennis F. Lectures in Old Testament theology.

BS2330.3 .W53 2015      What the New Testament authors really cared about: a survey of their writings.

BS2555.53 .F78 2016 v. 1-4     Fruchtenbaum, Arnold G. Yeshua, the life of Messiah from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

BS2555.53 .L49 2016      Lexham geographic commentary on the Gospels.

BS2555.6.J8 S25 2010      Jesus and justice.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT50 .F346 2014      Faith and reason: three views. Spectrum multiview books

BT77 .K425 2005      Kinlaw, Dennis F. Let's start with Jesus: a new way of doing theology.

BT83.78 .B37 2011      Barker, Jeff. The storytelling church: adventures in reclaiming the role of story in worship.

BT121 .B77 1911      Brengle, Samuel Logan. When the Holy Ghost is come.

BT160 .G58 2017      God and the problem of evil: five views. Spectrum multiview books

BT265.3 .N38 2006      The nature of the atonement: four views. Spectrum multiview books

BT303.2 .H578 2009      The historical Jesus: five views. Spectrum multiview books

BT304.2 .K56 1998      Kinlaw, Dennis F. The mind of Christ.

BT375.3 .E87 2014      Pierson, Cheri. Exploring parables in Luke: integrated skills for ESL/EFL students of theology.

BT704 .E925 2012      Evans, Rachel Held. A year of Biblical womanhood: how a liberated woman found herself sitting on her roof, covering her head, and calling her husband "master.”

BT704 .S674 2015      Stackhouse, John G. Partners in Christ: a conservative case for egalitarianism.

BT713 .D48 2018      Detweiler, Craig. Selfies: searching for the image of God in a digital age.

BT738 .K56 2018      Kim, Grace Ji-Sun. Intersectional theology: an introductory guide.

BT764.3 .J88 2011      Justification: five views. Spectrum multiview books

BT765 .S245 2019      Sánchez M., Leopoldo A. Sculptor spirit: models of sanctification from spirit Christology.

BT767 .B77 1911      Brengle, Samuel Logan. The way of holiness.

BT993.3 .F73 2011      Framework of our faith: a disciple's guide to the Apostles' creed.

BT1103 .Z347 2018      Zacharias, Ravi K. Jesus among secular gods: the countercultural claims of Christ.

BV Practical Theology

BV111.3 .S96 2018      Swoboda, A. J. Subversive Sabbath: the surprising power of rest in a nonstop world.

BV210.3 .K5453 2012      Kinlaw, Dennis F. Prayer: bearing the world as Jesus did.

BV215 .W34 2019      Walt, John David. Right here right now Jesus: moving from a prayer life to a life of prayer. Seedbed daily text

BV638 .D27 2018      Daman, Glenn. The forgotten church: why rural ministry matters for every church in America.

BV652.24 .G75 2008      Griffith, Jim. Ten most common mistakes made by new church starts.

BV676 .S534 2017      Shade, JoAnn. To be continued--: women, ministry, and retirement.

BV811.3 .B37 2009      Baptism: three views. Spectrum multiview books

BV825.3 .L67 2008      The Lord's Supper: five views. Spectrum multiview books

BV1464 .D57 2014      Discipleship that transforms: an introduction to Christian education from a Wesleyan Holiness perspective.

BV4415 .L38 2017      Leach, Tara Beth. Emboldened: a vision for empowering women in ministry.

BV4501.3 .M33 2017      MacDonald, Gordon. Ordering your private world. Rev. ed.

BV4520 .C43 2018      Chan, Sam. Evangelism in a skeptical world: how to make the unbelievable news about Jesus more believable.

BV4596.S5 H58 2018      Hitchcock, Christina. The significance of singleness: a theological vision for the future of the church.

BV4637 .N63 1997      Noakes, David S. God!: what's happening to me? : the Salvationist in transition.

BV4832.3 .S65 2007      Smithers, Rosemary. Jesus unframed: imaginative meditations.

BX Christian Denominations

BX9705 .I58 1914      Souvenir and guide.

BX9721.3 .S258 2018      Salvationist ethics in a complex world.

BX9723 .E91 1889a      Ex-staff officer. The new papacy: behind the scenes in the Salvation Army.

BX9724 .N65      Noland, Doris. I am the hope of the Army!": Junior Soldier coloring book with "that's what we believe songs."

BX9725.5 .B2 E24 2002      Ebenezer, P. Into what were you baptized?

BX9727.3 .B75 1915      The brighter day: being the annual report of the prison work of the Salvation Army in America.  

BX9735.C54 M55 2017      Miller, David. Chesterfield Corps of The Salvation Army: a pictorial history.

BX9735.H67 L66 2012      Longhurst, E. W. March forth!: the history of Horsham Corps of The Salvation Army 1887-2011.

BX9743.P38 A3 2012      Paterson, Wilma. The officer's daughter: growing up in the pastor's home (with glimpses of GUS).

E History of the Americas

E184.S75 O79 2018      Ortiz, Paul. An African American and Latinx history of the United States.

E185.61 .A98 2017      Azaransky, Sarah. This worldwide struggle: religion and the international routes of the Civil Rights Movement.

E185.615 .T595 2019      Tisby, Jemar. The color of compromise: the truth about the American church's complicity in racism.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ281 .B46 2013      Bender, Rebecca. Roadmap to redemption: a faith based, comprehensive workbook designed to help survivors of sex trafficking overcome their past and move forward toward their future.

HQ281 .F656 2016      Foot, Kirsten A. Collaborating against human trafficking: cross-sector challenges and practices.

HQ281 .L57 2011      Lloyd, Rachel. Girls like us: fighting for a world where girls are not for sale, an activist finds her calling and heals herself.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV4387 .D37 2016      Darkness and deliverance: 125 years of the 'In Darkest England" scheme.

K Law

KF373.S743 A3 2014      Stevenson, Bryan. Just mercy: a story of justice and redemption.

PS American Literature

PS3604.E868 B69 2018      DeTournay, Raymond. The boy at Booth Memorial.

Q Science

QA76.9.U83 B86 2013      Buley, Leah. The user experience team of one: a research and design survival guide.

RC Internal Medicine

RC552.P67 V358 2014      Van der Kolk, Bessel A. The body keeps the score: brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma.

Spanish books (35)

BR Christianity

SPA BR100 .M68 2018      Moreland, James Porter. Fundamentos filosóficos para una cosmovisión cristiana.

BS The Bible

SPA BS476 .D88 2008      Duvall, J. Scott. Expedición a través de la Palabra: [guía para entender y aplicar la Biblia].

SPA BS1335.53 .O45 2015 v. 1-2     Olley, John W. Reyes. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1345.53 .W52 2009      Wilcock, Michael. 1 y 2 Crónicas: una Iglesia, una fe, un Señor. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1365.53 .B76 2010      Brown, Raymond. Nehemías: siervo de Dios en tiempos de cambio. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1430.53 .W55 2012 v. 1-2     Wilcock, Michael. Salmos: cantos para el pueblo de Dios. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1485.53 .G57 2013      Gledhill, Tom. Cantar de los cantares: letras de amor. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1545.53 .W75 2011      Wright, Christopher J. H. Ezequiel: un nuevo corazón y un nuevo espíritu. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1555.53 .W32 2012      Wallace, Ronald S. Daniel: el Señor es rey. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1565.53 .K44 2014      Kidner, Derek. Oseas, Hageo y Malaquías. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1575.53 .P76 2014      Prior, David. Joel, Miqueas y Habacuc: escuchando la voz de Dios. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1595.53 .B75 2015      Bridger, Gordon. Abdías, Nahúm, y Sofonías: la bondad y la severidad de Dios. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1665.53 .W43 2013      Webb, Barry G. Zacarías: venga tu reino. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1965.5 2018a      Interlineal académico del Nuevo Testamento.

SPA BS1965.5 2018b      El Nuevo Testamento interlineal Griego-Español: teológico y exegético.

SPA BS2555.6.J8 S25 2010      Jesus y la justicia.

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT77 .K425 2009      Kinlaw, Dennis F. Todo comienza con Jesús: un novedoso enfoque teológico.

SPA BT121.3 .F38 2016      Ferguson, Sinclair B. El Espíritu Santo.

SPA BT304.2 .K56 2006      Kinlaw, Dennis F. La mente de Cristo.

SPA BT993.3 .F73 2005      La estructura de nuestra fe.

SPA BT1103 .Z347 2018      Zacharias, Ravi K. Jesús entre dioses seculares: las afirmaciones contraculturales de Cristo.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV4012.2 .A3 1984      Adams, Jay E. Manual del consejero cristiano.

SPA BV4211.2 .K535 2007      Kinlaw, Dennis F. Predicando en el Espíritu.

SPA BV4501.3 .M33 2018      MacDonald, Gordon. Ponga orden en su mundo interior. Rev. ed.

SPA BV5081 .U55 2017      Underhill, Evelyn. La mística: estudio de la naturaleza y desarrollo de la conciencia espiritual.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX890 .J6233 2018      John of the Cross. En una noche oscura: poesía completa y selección de prosa. Penguin clasicos

SPA BX2350.2 .N6695 1997    Nouwen, Henri J. M. ¿Puedes beber este cáliz?

SPA BX2350.2 .N677 1992      Nouwen, Henri J. M. El regreso del hijo pródigo: meditaciones ante un cuadro de Rembrandt.

SPA BX4700.T4 A15 2015      Teresa. Libro de la vida.

SPA BX4705.N87 A3 2000      Nouwen, Henri J. M. La voz interior del amor: desde la angustia a la libertad.

SPA BX4705.N87 A33 1996      Nouwen, Henri J. M. Diario desde el monasterio: espiritualidad y vida moderna.

SPA BX4705.N87 O43 2006      O'Laughlin, Michael. El amado de Dios: biografía espiritual de Henri Nouwen.

SPA BX9715 .S66 2007      Somos un pueblo especial.

D World History

SPA D810.J4 F727 2015      Frankl, Viktor E. El hombre en busca de sentido.

R Medicine

SPA R725.56 .C785 1999      Cruz, Antonio. Bioética cristiana: una propuesta para el tercer milenio.

Korean books (2)

BV Practical Theology

KOR BV4225.2 C56 1995      Choi Hyo-seop. The encyclopedia of new illustration.

KOR BV4627.I34 B43 2014      Beale, G. K. We become what we worship: a biblical theology of idolatry.

Media (9)

BR Christianity

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 134      Mars Hill audio journal 134: July/August 2016.

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 135      Mars Hill audio journal 135: September/October 2016.

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 136      Mars Hill audio journal 136: November/December 2016.

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 137      Mars Hill audio journal 137: January/February 2017.

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 139      Mars Hill audio journal 139: May/June 2017.

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 141      Mars Hill audio journal 141: September/October 2017.

BX Christian Denominations

DVD BX9705 .E47 2010      Empowerment 2010: October 29-31, 2010 ; Ladore Conference Center, Waymart, PA.

DVD BX9705 .E47 2012      Empowerment 2012: legacy: goodness, integrity, humility.

PN Literature

DVD PN1997 .O97 2011      Our people: the musical : the story of William and Catherine Booth and the beginnings of the Salvation Army in England.