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New Books February 2020

English books (117)

B Philosophy

B755 .P47 2018      Pessin, Andrew. The Jewish God question: what Jewish thinkers have said about God, the Book, the People, and the Land.

B823.3 .P67 2014      Poplin, Mary S. Is reality secular?: testing the assumptions of four global worldviews.

BF Psychology

BF323.D5 N49 2016      Newport, Cal. Deep work: rules for focused success in a distracted world.

BF637.C4 H43 2010      Heath, Chip. Switch: how to change things when change is hard.

BJ Ethics

BJ1251 .P35 2019      Pallant, Dean. To be like Jesus!: Christian ethics for a 21st-century Army.

BL Religions

BL41 .M84 2016      Muck, Terry C. Why study religion?: understanding humanity's pursuit of the divine.

BL51 .M335 2016      Many yet one?: multiple religious belonging.

BL51 .T4274 2018      Thiselton, Anthony C. Approaching philosophy of religion: an introduction to key thinkers, concepts, methods & debates.

BL65.C8 Z34 2019      Zahl, David. Seculosity: how career, parenting, technology, food, politics, and romance became our new religion and what to do about it.

BL80.3 .R45 2010 v. 1-6 REF     Religions of the world: a comprehensive encyclopedia of beliefs and practices.

BL85 .R33 2015      Race, Alan. Thinking about religious pluralism: shaping theology of religions for our times.

BL240.3 .C687 2018      Cootsona, Gregory S. Mere science and Christian faith: bridging the divide with emerging adults.

BL263 .H69 2016      How I changed my mind about evolution: evangelicals reflect on faith and science.

BL458 .W5835 2019 v. 1-2 REF     Encyclopedia of women in world religions: faith and culture across history.

BL535 .M68 2018      Moreman, Christopher M. Beyond the threshold: afterlife beliefs and experiences in world religions. 2nd ed.

BL1202 .B73 2018      A brief introduction to Hinduism.

BL1202 .F56 1996      Flood, Gavin D. An introduction to Hinduism.

BL1202 .F58 2015      Flueckiger, Joyce Burkhalter. Everyday Hinduism.

BL1202 .K564 2016      Knott, Kim. Hinduism: a very short introduction.

BL1202 .S33 2018      Sengupta, Hindol. Being Hindu: understanding a peaceful path in a violent world.

BL1210 .H487 2016      Hinduism in the modern world.

BL1351.3 .B75 2018      A brief introduction to Jainism and Sikhism.

BL1853 .G37 2014      Gardner, Daniel K. Confucianism: a very short introduction.

BL2202.3 .E45 2016      Ellwood, Robert S. Introducing Japanese religion. 2nd ed.

BL2400 .M383 2015      Mbiti, John S. Introduction to African religion. 2nd ed.

BL2400 .O48 2014      Olupona, Jacob K. African religions: a very short introduction.

BL2520 .E52 2010 v. 1-4 REF     Encyclopedia of religion in America.

BL2525 .B45 2017 v. 1-2 REF     Benowitz, June Melby. Encyclopedia of American women and religion.

BL2525 .G667 2019      Gorski, Philip. American covenant: a history of civil religion from the Puritans to the present.

BL2525 .M366 2019      Martin, Walter. The kingdom of the cults: the definitive work on the subject. 6th ed.

BL2747.3 .B243 2019      Baggett, Jerome P. The varieties of nonreligious experience: atheism in American culture.

BM Judaism

BM155.3 .G66 2018      Goodman, Martin. A history of Judaism.

BM562 .B75 2018      A brief introduction to Judaism.

BM562 .S65 2014      Solomon, Norman. Judaism: a very short introduction.

BM700 .D58 1991      Donin, Hayim. To be a Jew: a guide to Jewish observance in contemporary life: selected and compiled from the Shulhan arukh and Responsa literature, and providing a rationale for the laws and the traditions.

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

BP67.U6 O94 2014      The Oxford handbook of American Islam.

BP161.2 .R86 2012      Ruthven, Malise. Islam: a very short introduction.

BP172 .A98 2019      Azumah, John Alembillah. My neighbour's faith: Islam explained for Christians.

BP172 .M394 2017      Medearis, Carl. Muslims, Christians, and Jesus: understanding the world of Islam and overcoming the fears that divide us. Rev. ed.

BP327 .S65 2000      Smith, Peter. A concise encyclopedia of the Baha'i faith.

BP365 .W67 2012      Worthington, Frances. Bahá'í basics: a guide to the beliefs, practices, and history of the Bahá'í Faith.

BP603 .H36 2016      The Oxford handbook of new religious movements.

BP605.S2 W37 2019      Westbrook, Donald A. Among the Scientologists: history, theology, and praxis.

BQ Buddhism

BQ4022 .B75 2018      A brief introduction to Buddhism.

BQ4022 .K46 2013      Keown, Damien. Buddhism: a very short introduction.

BR Christianity

BR95 .N39 2016 REF     New dictionary of theology: historical and systematic. 2nd ed.

BR115.C8 F563 2016      Floyd-Thomas, Juan Marcial. The altars where we worship: the religious significance of popular culture.

BR127 .H355 2018      Hamilton, Adam. Christianity and world religions: questions we ask about other faiths. Rev. ed.

BR128.A8 S57 2009      Sire, James W. Deepest differences: a Christian-atheist dialogue.

BR195.M37 M373 2018      Marriage and sexuality in early Christianity. Ad fontes: early Christian sources

BR515 .K53 2019      Kidd, Thomas S. America's religious history: faith, politics, and the shaping of a nation.

BR517 .H38 2017      Harvey, Paul. Bounds of their habitation: race and religion in American history.

BS The Bible

BS195 .N32 2019      NET Bible.  

BS195 .P75 2009      The inclusive Bible: the first egalitarian translation.

BS1225.3 .G578 2000      The women's Torah commentary: new insights from women rabbis on the 54 weekly Torah portions.

BS1225.6.L3 W35 2019      Walton, John H. The lost world of the Torah: law as covenant and wisdom in ancient context.

BS2330.3 .K46 2018      Keown, Mark J. Discovering the New Testament: an introduction to its background, theology, and themes.

BS2330.3 .P67 2018      Powell, Mark Allan. Introducing the New Testament: a historical, literary, and theological survey.

BS2595.6.W65 S64 2012      Spencer, F. Scott. Salty wives, spirited mothers, and savvy widows: capable women of purpose and persistence in Luke's gospel.

BS2651 .S277 2020      Schreiner, Thomas R. Paul, Apostle of God's glory in Christ: a Pauline theology. 2nd ed.

BS2655.H72 B36 2020      Banks, Robert. Paul's idea of community: the early house churches in their cultural setting. 3rd ed.

BS2705.53 .M66 2019      Moore, Thomas. Philippians: an exegetical guide for preaching and teaching. The big Greek idea series

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT21.2 .M17 2013      McGrath, Alister E. Historical theology: an introduction to the history of Christian thought. 2nd ed.

BT27 .G46 2013      George, Timothy. Theology of the reformers. Rev. ed.

BT27 .M37 2012      McGrath, Alister E. Reformation thought: an introduction. 4th ed.

BT715 .B75 2016      Bridges, Jerry. Respectable sins.

BT732.7 .W75 2008      Wright, Christopher J. H. The God I don't understand: reflections on tough questions of faith.

BT738.4 .H55 2016      Hill, Craig C. Servant of all: status, ambition, and the way of Jesus.

BT767 .N65 2019      Noland, Joe. The holiness dilemma: high-octane holiness a mo' betta way (3 books in 1).

BV Practical Theology

BV215 .G74 2019      Greig, Pete. How to pray: a simple guide for normal people.

BV652 .R46 2003      Rendle, Gilbert R. Holy conversations: strategic planning as a spiritual practice for congregations.

BV652 .W557 2010      Wimberly, John W. The business of the church: the uncomfortable truth that faithful ministry requires effective management.

BV652.24 .S37 1999      Schwarz, Christian A. Paradigm shift in the church: how natural church development can transform theological thinking.

BV835 .A457 2009      Alupoaicei, Marla. Your intercultural marriage: a guide to a healthy, happy relationship.

BV2063 .C47 2015      Christian mission & economic systems: a critical survey of the cultural and religious dimensions of economies.

BV3773 .L63 2020      Lovelace, Richard F. Dynamics of spiritual life: an evangelical theology of renewal. Rev. ed.

BV4011.3 .S46 2019      Senkbeil, Harold L. The care of souls: cultivating a pastor's heart.

BV4012.2 .M834 2017      Mucherera, Tapiwa N. Counseling and pastoral care in African and other cross-cultural contexts.

BV4211.3 .K553 2017      Kim, Matthew D. Preaching with cultural intelligence: understanding the people who hear our sermons.

BV4211.3 .P55 2019      Pilgrim, Dale W. Sermons that illuminate: how the Bible can ignite your preaching to connect people with God.

BV4241 .A248 2020      Abingdon preaching annual 2020: planning sermons and services for fifty-two Sundays.

BV4461 .M56 2019      Ministry with persons with mental illness and their families. 2nd ed.

BV4501.3 .L96 2016      Lynch, John. The cure: what if God isn't who you think he is and neither are you?

BV4509.5 .U53 2012      Understanding spiritual warfare: four views.

BV4520 .M65 2016      Mowry, Bill. The ways of the alongsider: growing disciples life to life.

BV4529 .R86 2018      Rundman, Dawn. Little steps, big faith: how the science of early childhood development can help you grow your child's faith.

BV4596.M87 M87 2005      The musician's core: 40 devotions for music groups : based on the book The Heart of the Artist, by Rory Noland.

BV4597.53.I55 T69 2011      Townsend, John Sims. Beyond boundaries: learning to trust again in relationships.

BV4597.53.L43 B57 2011      Blackaby, Henry T. Spiritual leadership: moving people on to God's agenda.

BV4843 .A84 2019      Ash, Fred. Inspiration for a man cave.

BV4910.33 .S74 2019      Stevens, Bruce A. Choose to trust: faith and pragmatism tackling cancer.

BX Christian Denominations

BX4700.T4 E37 2019      Eire, Carlos M. N. The life of Saint Teresa of Avila: a biography. Lives of great religious books

BX6700.A4 N55 2013      Niklaus, Robert L. All for Jesus: God at work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

BX8349.C58 B48 2019      Bevins, Winfield H. Marks of a movement: what the Church today can learn from the Wesleyan revival.

BX8526.5 .A55 2008      Ankerberg, John. The facts on Jehovah's witnesses.

BX8611 .B695 2012      Bowman, Matthew Burton. The Mormon people: the making of an American faith.

BX8611 .R54 2019      Riess, Jana. The next Mormons: how Millennials are changing the LDS church.

BX8635.3 .A53 2011      Anderson, Ross J. Understanding your Mormon neighbor: a quick Christian guide for relating to Latter-day Saints.

BX8635.3 .B87 2008      Bushman, Richard L. Mormonism: a very short introduction.

BX8635.3 .M35 2015      McKeever, Bill. Mormonism 101: examining the religion of the Latter-Day Saints. Rev. ed.

BX8643.W66 M333 2019      McDannell, Colleen. Sister saints: Mormon women since the end of polygamy.

BX9276.A1 F54 1908      Orders and regulations for field officers of The Salvation Army.

E History of the Americas

E40 .G53 2019      Gibson, Carrie. El Norte: the epic and forgotten story of Hispanic North America.

E93 .C428 2019      Charles, Mark. Unsettling truths: the ongoing, dehumanizing legacy of the doctrine of discovery.

E441 .K64 2003      Kolchin, Peter. American slavery, 1619-1877.

GN Anthropology

GN316 .G845 2018      Guest, Kenneth J. Essentials of cultural anthropology: a toolkit for a global age. 2nd ed.

HD Industries

HD57.7 .G4582 2007      George, Bill. True north: discover your authentic leadership.

HD57.7 .L589 2015      Livermore, David A. Leading with cultural intelligence: the real secret to success. 2nd ed.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ767.9 .B736 2006      Brazelton, T. Berry. Touchpoints: birth to 3: your child's emotional and behavioral development. Rev. ed.

HQ767.9 .B737 2001      Brazelton, T. Berry. Touchpoints three to six: your child's emotional and behavioral development.

HQ799.15 .T685 2006      Townsend, John Sims. Boundaries with teens: when to say yes, how to say no.

HQ1453 .G46 1992      Gender conflicts: new essays in women's history.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV6963 .K347 2019      Kalifa, Dominique. Vice, crime and poverty: how the Western imagination invented the underworld.

HV8699.U5 P74 2013      Prejean, Helen. Dead man walking: an eyewitness account of the death penalty in the United States.

K Law

KF2995 .C576 2020      Coaching copyright.

L Education

LB1084 .S445 2019      Schwartz, Kyle. I wish for change: unleashing the power of kids to make a difference.

PE English

PE1408 .L3178 2019      Langan, John. College writing skills, with readings. 10th ed.

Spanish books (29)

BL Religions

SPA BL65.V55 A76 2015      Armstrong, Karen. Campos de sangre: la religión y la historia de la violencia.

BR Christianity

SPA BR60.A65 G66 2019      González, Justo L. Historia de la literatura cristiana antigua.

SPA BR115.P74 S87 2010      La supremacia de Cristo en un mundo postmoderno.

BS The Bible

SPA BS680.L42 E37 2016      Eims, LeRoy. Sea un líder motivador: principios de liderazgo que perduran.

SPA BS1199.W58 A26 2009      Acosta, Milton A. El humor en el Antiguo Testamento.

SPA BS2330.3 .B87 2010      Burt, David F. ¿Nos podemos fiar del Nuevo Testamento?: historicidad y fiabilidad de los documentos del Nuevo Testamento.

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT50 .V47 2014      La verdad. Un lugar para la verdad

SPA BT98 .A65 2016      Armstrong, Karen. Una historia de Dios: 4000 años de búsqueda en el judaísmo, el cristianismo y el islam.

SPA BT482 .L54 2019      Licona, Mike. La resurrección de Jesús: un nuevo acercamiento historiográfico.

SPA BT715 .B75 2015      Bridges, Jerry. Pecados respetables: confrontemos esos pecados que toleramos.

SPA BT732.7 .W75 2010      Wright, Christopher J. H. El Dios que no entiendo: reflexiones y preguntas difíciles acera de la fe.

SPA BT738.4 .H55 2018      Hill, Craig C. Siervo de todos: estatus, ambición y el camino de Jesús.

SPA BT1103 .G45 2019      Geisler, Norman L. No basta mi fe para ser ateo.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV639.C4 O23 2018      Obando, Esteban. Manual de consejería para el trabajo con niños.

SPA BV4447 .O23 2018      Obando, Esteban. Manual de consejería para el trabajo con adolescentes.

SPA BV4511 .D48 2018      Diseño para el discipulado.  

SPA BV4517.5 .M33 2019      McCracken, Brett. Incómodo: el desafío inconforme y esencial de la comunidad cristiana.

SPA BV4520 .M65 2017      Mowry, Bill. Los caminos del acompañante: edificando discípulos relacionalmente.

SPA BV5053 .N68 2007      Nouwen, Henri J. M. Dirección espiritual: sabiduría para la larga andadura de la fe.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX6700.A4 N55 2013      Niklaus, Robert L. Todo por Jesús: la obra de Dios en la Alianza Cristiana y Misionera.

SPA BX8625 .S7 1993      El libro de Mormon: otro testamento de Jesucristo ; Doctrina y convenios de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Días ; La perla de gran precio.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

SPA HQ519 .R65 2014      Rojas-Marcos, Laura. La familia: de relaciones tóxicas a relaciones sanas.

SPA HQ734 .C464 2019      Chapman, Gary D. Ama a tu cónyuge aun cuando quieras salir corriendo: ayuda para matrimonios en crisis.

SPA HQ734 .S683 1986      Smalley, Gary. El gozo del amor comprometido.

SPA HQ734 .S684 1986      Smalley, Gary. El gozo del amor comprometido.

SPA HQ734 .W52 2019      Wheat, Ed. El placer sexual ordenado por Dios. Rev. ed.

SPA HQ759.915 .B653 2018      Bonnell, Karen. Padres separados: cómo criar a los hijos en la separación y el divorcio.

SPA HQ799.15 .T685 2006      Townsend, John Sims. Límites con los adolescentes: cuándo decir "sí", cómo decir "no.

L Education

SPA LB1060 .S37 2012      Schunk, Dale H. Teorías del aprendizaje: una perspectiva educativa. 6th ed.