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New Books November 2019

English books (112)

B Philosophy

B72 .G73 2019      Grayling, A. C. The history of philosophy.

BF Psychology

BF575.G7 L495 1999      Levy, Alexander. The orphaned adult: understanding and coping with grief and change after the death of our parents.

BF637.B85 M326 2018      McKee, Jonathan R. The bullying breakthrough: real help for parents and teachers of the bullied, bystanders, and bullies.

BF721 .P285 2019      Parke, Ross D. Social development. 3rd ed.

BF723.C7 C36 2014      Cameron, Julia. The artist's way for parents: raising creative children.

BF723.C7 D36 2013      Daniels, Susan. Raising creative kids.

BJ Ethics

BJ2010 .H68 2015 REF     How to be a perfect stranger: the essential religious etiquette handbook. 6th ed.

BL Religions

BL2525 .M36 2018      Marsden, George M. Religion and American culture: a brief history. 3rd ed.

BL2525 .M449 2017 v. 1-2 REF     Melton's encyclopedia of American religions. 9th ed.

BM Judaism

BM155.3 .T45 2008      Telushkin, Joseph. Jewish literacy: the most important things to know about the Jewish religion, its people, and its history. Rev. ed.

BS1235.53 .S745 2019 c. 1 REF     Steinmann, Andrew. Genesis: an introduction and commentary. Tyndale Old Testament commentaries

BS The Bible

BS680.D62 S54 2007      Shelly, Rubel. Divorce & remarriage: a redemptive theology.

BS1475.53 .H45 2019 c. 1 REF     Heim, Knut Martin. Ecclesiastes: an introduction and commentary. Tyndale Old Testament commentaries

BS2417.W6 P47 2019      Peppiatt, Lucy. Rediscovering Scripture's vision for women: fresh perspectives on disputed texts.

BS2555.52 .K44 2019      Keener, Craig S. Christobiography: memory, history, and the reliability of the Gospels.

BS2675.53 .T39 2014      Taylor, Mark Edward. 1 Corinthians. New American commentary.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT705 .M55 2019      Miller-McLemore, Bonnie J. Let the children come: reimagining childhood from a Christian perspective.

BT1103 .G445 2013      Geisler, Norman L. Christian apologetics. 2nd ed.

BV Practical Theology

BV10.3 .C54 2019      Cherry, Constance M. Worship like Jesus: a guide for every follower.

BV639.W7 K556 2018      Klein, Linda Kay. Pure: inside the Evangelical movement that shamed a generation of young women and how I broke free.

BV700 .S78 1998      Studying congregations: a new handbook.

BV4330 .S577 2012      Smith, Harold Ivan. When you don't know what to say: how to help your grieving friends.

BV4440 .D38 2017      Davis, Woody L. Church talk makes men walk: what the research shows and what to do.

BV4440 .S663 2010      Sonderman, Steve. How to build a life-changing men's ministry. Rev. ed.

BV4501.3 .S762579 2019      Stone, Charles. Holy noticing: the Bible, your brain, and the mindful space between moments.

BV4501.3 .W46952 2014      Whitney, Donald S. Spiritual disciplines for the Christian life: study guide. Rev. ed.

BV4527 .S267 2014      Scazzero, Geri. The emotionally healthy woman: eight things you have to quit to change your life.

BV4529.18 .J325 2019      Jacobs, Linda Ranson. The single parent: confident and successful.

BV4579.5 .M55 2017      Miller, Craig Kennet. Boomer spirituality: seven values for the second half of life.

BV4580 .B75 2015      Briscoe, D. Stuart. Improving with age: God's plan for getting older and better.

BV4596.D58 B67 2013      Borquez, Michelle. The YOU plan: a Christian woman's guide for a happy, healthy life after divorce.

BV4630 .B76 2016      Brown, Kevin. Designed for good: recovering the idea, language, and practice of virtue.

BV4910.45 .P48 2016      Peters, David W. Post-traumatic God: how the church cares for people who have been to hell and back.

BV5072 .L54 2001      Light from light: an anthology of Christian mysticism. 2nd ed.

BX Christian Denominations

BX9726 .C375 2019      Carlson-Johnson, Julie. An initial evaluation of the continuing professional education program of The Salvation Army Eastern Territory.

BX9743.B7 .C68 1959      Coutts, Frederick Lee. The first Salvationist: the story of William Booth. Victory books

BX9743.J43 M67 1964      Morgan, James. Once a skeleton: Charles H. Jeffries. Victory books

BX9743.L432 K46 1964      Kendrick, Kathleen. 'I can't--but I must!': Kate Lee. Victory books

BX9743.L65 S68 2019      Southwell, Ian. Lasting treasure: the story of George and Jennie Lonnie.

BX9743.M44 A94 1964      Ayers, Catherine, M. Alice of Inglewood: Alice Meech. Victory books

BX9743.P35 R36 1964      Rankin, Frances. Hungarian crusader: Erzsébet Pántea. Victory books

BX9743.P76 N44 1958      Neeve, Ethel M. Nurse by royal command: the story of Mabel Poole. Victory books

BX9743.S77 W66 1964      Woods, Reginald. Two men in the snow: Jack Stoker. Victory books

BX9743.S79 T68 1966      Tout, Kenneth J. Mary of Vendaland: Mary Styles. Victory books

BX9743.T76 B37 1959      Barnes, Cyril J. Exile always at home: the story of John Toomer. Victory books

E History of the Americas

E184.A1 D69 2018      Dowd, Nancy E. Reimagining equality: a new deal for children of color.

E184.K6 O44 2018      Okazaki, Sumie. Korean American families in immigrant America: how teens and parents navigate race.

HD Industries

HD7125 .H24 2019      Hacker, Jacob S. The great risk shift: the new economic insecurity and the decline of the American dream. 2nd ed.

HG Finance

HG179 .L483 2016      Lieber, Ron. The opposite of spoiled: raising kids who are grounded, generous, and smart about money.

HG179 .R31563 2013      Ramsey, Dave. The total money makeover: a proven plan for financial fitness.

HG179 .R69247 2010      Roth, J. D. Your money: the missing manual.

HG179 .T97 2019      Tyson, Eric. Personal finance. For dummies

HM Sociology

HM1106 .P756 2018      Principles of sociology: personal relationships & behavior.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ536 .B674 2017      Boss, Pauline. Family stress management: a contextual approach.

HQ536 .W68 2014      Wright, H. Norman. Communication: key to your marriage: the secret to true happiness. Rev. ed.

HQ734 .C4678 2010      Chapman, Gary D. Things I wish I'd known before we got married.

HQ734 .F2416 2015      Family problems: stress, risk, and resilience.

HQ755.8 .B694 2019      Boyce, W. Thomas. The orchid and the dandelion: why some children struggle and how all can thrive.   

HQ755.8 .E176 2016      Eanes, Rebecca. Positive parenting: an essential guide.

HQ755.8 .K53 2010      Kidder, Rushworth M. Good kids, tough choices: how parents can help their children do the right thing.

HQ755.86 .B675 2008      Bottke, Allison. Setting boundaries with your adult children.

HQ755.86 .B88 2019      Burns, Jim. Doing life with your adult children: keep your mouth shut and the welcome mat out.

HQ756 .M44 2017      Meeker, Margaret J. Hero: being the strong father your children need.

HQ756.7 .K58 2008      Kiselica, Mark S. When boys become parents: adolescent fatherhood in America.

HQ759.9 .W58 2012      Witkin, Georgia. The modern grandparent's handbook: the ultimate guide to the new rules of grandparenting.

HQ759.915 .B653 2017      Bonnell, Karen. The co-parenting handbook: raising well-adjusted and resilient kids from little ones to young adults through divorce or separation.

HQ759.92 .P353 2013      Papernow, Patricia L. Surviving and thriving in stepfamily relationships: what works and what doesn't.

HQ770.4 .L44 2017      Leman, Kevin. Making children mind without losing yours. Rev. ed.

HQ772 .B6437 1994      Boyd, Charles F. Different children, different needs: the art of adjustable parenting. Rev. ed.

HQ772 .D58 2004      Dobson, James C. The new strong-willed child: birth through adolescence.

HQ772.5 .C864 2011      Cummings, E. Mark. Marital conflict and children: an emotional security perspective.

HQ777.5 .M13 2016      McBride, Jean. Talking to children about divorce: a parent's guide to healthy communication at each stage of divorce.

HQ777.5 .P43 2010      Pedro-Carroll, JoAnne L. Putting children first: proven parenting strategies for helping children thrive through divorce.

HQ777.5 .R54 2006      Ricci, Isolina. Mom's house, dad's house for kids: feeling at home in one home or two.

HQ796 .L46 2015      Leman, Kevin. Planet middle school: helping your child through the peer pressure, awkward moments & emotional drama.

HQ797 .W57 2013      Wiseman, Rosalind. Masterminds & wingmen: helping our boys cope with schoolyard power, locker-room tests, girlfriends, and the new rules of Boy World.

HQ798 .W544 2016      Wiseman, Rosalind. Queen bees & wannabes: helping your daughter survive cliques, gossip, boys, and the new realities of girl world. 3rd ed.

HQ799.15 .C55 2006      Cline, Foster. Parenting teens with love and logic: preparing adolescents for responsible adulthood. Expanded ed.

HQ801 .W3813 2005      Warren, Neil Clark. Falling in love for all the right reasons: how to find your soul mate.

HQ814 .R94 2015      Rye, Mark S. The divorce recovery workbook: how to heal from anger, hurt & resentment & build the life you want.

HQ1018 .P37 2015      Parrott, Les. Saving your second marriage before it starts: nine questions to ask before -- and after -- you remarry. Expanded ed.

HQ1031 .K525 2013      Killian, Kyle D. Interracial couples, intimacy, and therapy: crossing racial borders.

HQ1061 .M4345 2017      Medeiros, Kate de. The short guide to aging and gerontology.

HQ1073 .T57 2018      Tisdale, Sallie. Advice for future corpses * and those who love them: a practical perspective on death and dying.

HQ1073.5.U6 N48 2016      Neumann, Ann. The good death: an exploration of dying in America

HQ1075 .W69 2019      Fixmer-Oraiz, Natalie. Gendered lives: communication, gender, and culture. 13th ed.

HQ1090 .E924 2016      Exploring masculinities: identity, inequality, continuity and change.

HQ1090.3 .K553 2018      Kimmel, Michael S. Manhood in America: a cultural history.

HQ1237.5.U6 H57 2019      Hirshman, Linda R. Reckoning: the epic battle against sexual abuse and harassment.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV3004 .G734 2015      Greig, Jason Reimer. Reconsidering intellectual disability: l'Arche, medical ethics, and Christian friendship.

HV6556 .G5165 2017      Ghafoerkhan, Olivia. Sexual assault: the ultimate teen guide.

HV6626 .H3249 2019      Hattery, Angela. Gender, power, and violence: responding to sexual and intimate partner violence in society today.

HV6626 .R465 2018      Religion, gender, and family violence: when prayers are not enough.

HV6626.2 .S59 2019      Snyder, Rachel Louise. No visible bruises: what we don't know about domestic violence can kill us.

HV875.26 .M66 2015      Moore, Russell. Adopted for life: the priority of adoption for Christian families and churches.

HV875.64 .S628 2017      Smith, Darron T. White parents, black children: experiencing transracial adoption.

HV9104 .F334 2019      Fagan, Abigail A. Communities that care: building community engagement and capacity to prevent youth behavior problems.

K Law

KF3828 .T37 2019      Tashbook, Linda. Family guide to mental illness and the law: a practical handbook.

L Education

LC2731 .M59 2016      Morris, Monique W. Pushout: the criminalization of Black girls in schools.

PS American Literature

PS3619.E9835 Z46 2019      Sexton, Jared. The man they wanted me to be: toxic masculinity and a crisis of our own making.

Q Science

QH332 .M58 2014      Mitchell, C. Ben. Christian bioethics: a guide for pastors, health care professionals, and families. B&H studies in Christian ethics

R Medicine

R722.32.A53 B35 1964      Baird, Catherine. 'Little doctor', V.C: Harry Andrews. Victory books

R722.32.W55 G38 1963      Gauntlett, Sidney Carvosso. He gave sight to hundreds: Dr. Vilhelm A. Wille. Victory books

R724 .B4582 2016      Bioethics: an anthology. 3rd ed.

R727.4 .B35 2014      Balfour, Erika. Being an empowered patient: an advocacy guide: medical malpractice, technology and other essential topics.

RA Public Aspects of Medicine

RA412.2 .N55 2018      Niles, Nancy J. Navigating the U.S. health care system.

RA785 .M385 2011      McClellan, Stephanie. The ultimate stress-relief plan for women.

RJ Pediatrics

RJ101 .C5184 2016      Child health: a population perspective.

TX Home Economics

TX307 .M54 2016      Miller, Susan. After the boxes are unpacked: moving on after moving in. Expanded ed.

U Military Science

UH629.3 .L39 2015      Lawhorne-Scott, Cheryl. Military mental health care: a guide for service members, veterans, families, and community.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources.

Z675.U5 P525 2017      Pitts, Joelle. Creating and sharing online library instruction: a how-to-do-it manual for librarians.

Z678.9 .S54 2018      Silveira, Diana. Library technology planning for today and tomorrow: a LITA guide.

Spanish books (18)

BJ Ethics

SPA BJ1275 .E85 2007      Ética cristiana para una sociedad de consumo en crisis.

BL Religions

SPA BL2747 .V45 2019      Velarde Lombraña, Julián. Agnosticismo y ateísmo.

BR Christianity

SPA BR145.3 .J63 2017      Johnson, Paul. La historia del cristianismo.

SPA BR516.5 .V36 2006      Van Baalen, Jan Karel. El caos de las sectas. 2nd ed.

BS The Bible

SPA BS491.3 .N45 2019      Nuevo comentario bíblico: siglo veintiuno. 2nd ed.

SPA BS1235.53 .B536 2017      Blank, Rodolfo. El libro de Génesis: reflexiones misiológicas y pastorales. Comentario Concordia

SPA BS1515.53 .W43 2010      Webb, Barry G. El mensaje de Isaías: sobre alas de Aguila.

SPA BS2585.52 .W36 2018      Watanabe Maruyama, José Antonio. El evangelio de Marcos: panorama histórico, estructural-semiótico y narrativo.

SPA BS2625.53 .S56 2003      Simons, Roberto. Exploremos Hechos.

SPA BS2665.53 .N94 2010      Nygren, Anders. La Epístola a los Romanos. Comentario Concordia

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT1103 .M384 2018      McDowell, Josh. Evidencia que demanda un veredicto: verdades transformadoras para un mundo escéptico. Rev. ed.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV15 .B57 2011      Birch, Andrew J. ¿Qué es la adoración?: enseñanza bíblica y práctica contemporánea.

SPA BV4596.M3 T46 2011      Thomas, Gary. Matrimonio sagrado: diseñado por Dios, no solo para hacernos felices, sino para acercarnos mas a el.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX4406.5.Z8 N68 2005      Novoa, María José Floriano. Teresa de Calcuta: una madre para todos.

HD Industries

SPA HD57.7 .S5487 2017      Sinek, Simon. Los líderes comen al final: por qué algunos equipos funcionan bien y otros no.

HG Finance

SPA HG179 .T97 2017      Hernández, Vicente. Finanzas personales para dummies.

SPA HQ798 .P57 2002      Pipher, Mary Bray. Cómo ayudar a su hija adolescente: respuestas sólidas a la anoréxia, la sexualidad, la incomunicación, el fracaso escolar y otros problemas de las adolescentes de hoy.

TX Home Economics

SPA TX355 .R535 2017      Rinzler, Carol Ann. Nutrición para dummies.

E-books (25)

BT Doctrinal Theology

E-BOOK BT732.5 .S83 2013      Stanger, Frank Bateman. He healed them: the church's ministry of healing.

E-BOOK BT765 .S77 2015      Street, J. C. Methodism and the second blessing.

E-BOOK BT767 .C58 2015      Coward, S. L. C. Entire sanctification from 1739-1900.

E-BOOK BT767 .C63 2016      Cook, Thomas. New Testament holiness.

BV Practical Theology

E-BOOK BV600 .S69 2015      Snyder, Howard A. Radical renewal: the problem of wineskins today.

E-BOOK BV600.A1 S5318 2019      Signos de vida nueva en América Central y el Caribe: revitalización cristiana en medio de cambios sociales.

E-BOOK BV2550 .A8 2016      Alder, Robert. Wesleyan missions: their progress stated and their claims enforced.

E-BOOK BV3775.W5 J35 2013      James, Henry C. Halls aflame: an account of the spontaneous revivals at Asbury College in 1950 and 1958.

E-BOOK BV3775.W5 O5 2013      One divine moment: the account of the Asbury revival of 1970.

E-BOOK BV3785.S56 A3 2017      Smith, Amanda. An autobiography: the story of the Lord's dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the colored evangelist: containing an account of her life work of faith, and her travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa, as an independent missionary.

E-BOOK BV3785.S56 T3 2018      Taylor, Marshall W. The life, travels, labors, and helpers of Mrs. Amanda Smith: the famous Negro missionary evangelist.

E-BOOK BV3790 .C7 2015      Crockett, O. B. Major spiritual awakenings from Pentecost to Billy Graham.

E-BOOK BV3798 .D36 2019      Danielson, Robert A. Tenting by the cross: the history and development of the Methodist and holiness camp meeting.

E-BOOK BV4070.A5756 S5 2013      Shipps, Howard Fenimore. A short history of Asbury Theological Seminary.

E-BOOK BV4211.3 .P732 2019      Predicando con impacto: preparación y presentación de mensajes Bíblicos.

E-BOOK BV4501 .S649 2017      Smith, Hannah Whitall. The Christian's secret of a happy life.

E-BOOK BV4501 .S649 2018      Smith, Hannah Whitall. El secreto de la vida Cristiana feliz.

BX Christian Denominations

E-BOOK BX8231 .M36 2012      McPheeters, J. C. John Wesley's heart-warming religion.

E-BOOK BX8495.W5 A3 2019      Wesley, John. Wesley his own biographer: being illustrations of his character, labours, and achievements from his own journals and letters.

E-BOOK BX8495.W5 W47 2018      West, Nathaniel. John Wesley and premillennialism.

E History of the Americas

E-BOOK E185.97 .F68 2019      Foote, Julia A. J. A brand plucked from the fire: an autobiographical sketch.

PA Greek Language & Literature.  Latin Language & Literature

E-BOOK PA817 .G7 2012      Greenlee, J. Harold. A concise exegetical grammar of New Testament Greek.

E-BOOK PA817 G718 2019      Greenlee, J. Harold. Gramatica exegética del Nuevo Testamento en Griego.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources.

E-BOOK Z8967 .C655 2019      Collins, Kenneth J. A Wesley bibliography.

E-BOOK ZA3075 .I54 2019      Information literacy & theological librarianship: theory and praxis.

Media (1)

BR Christianity

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 143      Mars Hill audio journal 143: January/February 2018.