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New Books October 2019

English books (168)

BF Psychology

BF575.G7 D479 2017      Devine, Megan. It's ok that you're not ok: meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn't understand.

BF575.G7 G64 2016      Roe, Gary. Please be patient, I'm grieving: how to care for and support the grieving heart.

BF637.S4 T395 2018      Taitz, Jennifer L. How to be single and happy: science-based strategies for keeping your sanity while looking for a soul mate.

BF723.G75 J36 2001      James, John W. When children grieve: for adults to help children deal with death, divorce, pet loss, moving, and other losses.

BF723.I68 L36 2005      Laney, Marti Olsen. The hidden gifts of the introverted child: helping your child thrive in an extroverted world.

BF789.D4 C25 2012      Callanan, Maggie. Final gifts: understanding the special awareness, needs, and communications of the dying.

BJ Ethics

BJ1012 .H65 2007      Holmes, Arthur F. Ethics: approaching moral decisions. 2nd ed.

BJ1661 .C665 2017      Covey, Sean. The 6 most important decisions you'll ever make: a guide for teens.

BL Religions

BL51 .E86 2009      Evans, C. Stephen. Philosophy of religion: thinking about faith. 2nd ed.

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

BP109 .H3 2004      The Qurʾan.

BR Christianity

BR115.C45 U4 2013      Um, Stephen T. Why cities matter: to God, the culture, and the Church.

BR115.C8 H69 2019      Howell, Brian M. Introducing cultural anthropology: a Christian perspective. 2nd ed.

BR115.E3 C555 2007      Claar, Victor V. Economics in Christian perspective: theory, policy and life choices.

BR115.L28 M34 2017      Mauck, John W. Jesus in the courtroom: how believers can engage the legal system for the good of his world.

BR118 .T74 2015      Vanhoozer, Kevin J. Theology and the mirror of scripture: a mere evangelical account.

BR121.3 .C54 2012      Claiborne, Shane. Red letter revolution: what if Jesus really meant what he said?

BR515 .H57 2019      Noll, Mark A. A history of Christianity in the United States and Canada. 2nd ed.

BR517 .D55 2019      Dochuk, Darren. Anointed with oil: how Christianity and crude made modern America.

BS The Bible


BS651 .W275 2009      Walton, John H. The lost world of Genesis One: ancient cosmology and the origins debate.  

BS680.H67 H37 2019      Harper, Steve. Holy love: a biblical theology for human sexuality.

BS680.L4 L36 2006      Laniak, Timothy S. Shepherds after my own heart: pastoral traditions and leadership in the Bible. New studies in biblical theology

BS680.P435 Y66 2011      Yong, Amos. The Bible, disability, and the church: a new vision of the people of God.

BS680.S5 O56 2016      Ongley, Mark. Into the light: healing sexuality in today's church.

BS1225.52 .H35 2015      Hamilton, Victor P. Handbook on the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. 2nd ed.

BS1235.52 .W35 2015      Walton, John H. The lost world of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2-3 and the human origins debate.

BS2651 .W37 2019      Ware, James P. Paul's theology in context: creation, incarnation, covenant, and kingdom.

BS2675.53 .W57 2019      Wire, Antoinette Clark. 2 Corinthians. Wisdom commentary

BS2695.53 .B63 2019 c. 1 REF     Bock, Darrell L. Ephesians: an introduction and commentary. Tyndale New Testament commentaries

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT82.7 .D67 2015      Dorrien, Gary J. The new abolition: W.E.B. Du Bois and the black social gospel.

BT97.3 .S77 2018      Strobel, Lee. The case for miracles: a journalist investigates evidence for the supernatural.

BT140 .W45 2014      Wells, David F. God in the whirlwind: how the holy-love of God reorients our world.

BT153.S8 D585 2019      Divine impassibility: four views of God's emotions and suffering. Spectrum multiview books

BT267 .F584 2018      Five views on the extent of the atonement. Counterpoints

BT304 .H37 2019      Harlow, Tim. What made Jesus mad?: rediscover the blunt, sarcastic, passionate savior of the Bible.

BT708 .F38 2006      Farley, Margaret A. Just love: a framework for Christian sexual ethics.

BT708 .M43 2019      McMinn, Lisa Graham. Sexuality and holy longing: embracing intimacy in a broken world. 2nd ed.

BT738 .C43 2019      Chatraw, Josh. Cultural engagement: a crash course in contemporary issues.

BT738.15 .E85 1968      Evans, Francis A. Human rights & the Salvation Army.

BT746 .K565 2016      King, Sarah Withrow. Vegangelical: how caring for animals can shape your faith.

BT761.3 .M35 2005      McKnight, Scot. Embracing grace: a gospel for all of us.

BT761.3 .S77 2016      Strobel, Lee. The case for grace: a journalist explores the evidence of transformed lives.

BT821.3 .H64 2019      Höhne, David A. The last things. Contours of Christian theology

BT825 .B95 2019      Butler, Kathryn. Between life and death: a gospel-centered guide to end-of-life medical care.

BV Practical Theology

BV3 .I58 2018      Bennett, Zoë. Invitation to research in practical theology.

BV10.3 .B56 2014      Block, Daniel Isaac. For the glory of God: recovering a biblical theology of worship.

BV600.3 .B725 2019      Brand, Paul W. Fearfully and wonderfully: the marvel of bearing God's image.

BV625 .B76 2018      Brooks, Jonathan. Church forsaken: practicing presence in neglected neighborhoods.

BV639.S5 B46 2017      Bennett, Jana Marguerite. Singleness and the church: a new theology of the single life.

BV652.3 .B73 2016      Branson, Mark Lau. Memories, hopes, and conversations: appreciative inquiry, missional engagement, and congregational change.

BV672.5 .H64 2005      Hoge, Dean R. Pastors in transition: why clergy leave local church ministry.

BV741 .W463 2019      Wilken, Robert Louis. Liberty in the things of God: the Christian origins of religious freedom.

BV835 .G78 2013      Grunlan, Stephen A. Marriage and the family: a Christian perspective.

BV1475.2 .B53 1987      Blackwell, Miriam. Leading a child to Christ. How to… series

BV2061 .H57 2014      Historicizing Christian encounters with the other.

BV2061.3 .V36 2018      Van Gelder, Craig. Participating in God's mission: a theological missiology for the church in America.

BV4011.3 .A76 2005      Armstrong, Richard Stoll. Help! I'm a pastor!: a guide to parish ministry.

BV4012.2 .M44 2010      Meier, Paul D. Introduction to psychology and counseling: Christian perspectives and applications. 2nd ed.

BV4012.2 .W7536 2014      Wright, H. Norman. The complete guide to crisis & trauma counseling: what to do and say when it matters most! Rev. ed.

BV4012.27 .L44 2013      Lee, Cameron. Preparing couples for love and marriage: a pastor's resource.

BV4012.27 .R53 2010      Richardson, Ronald W. Couples in conflict: a family systems approach to marriage counseling.

BV4235.O7 D46 2019      Denton, Ryan. A certain sound: a primer on open air preaching.

BV4319 .P67 2018      Pope, Mark Alan. I understand what you are not saying: understanding how nonverbal communication can help the pastor in ministry to minister to people.

BV4397.5 .O54 1991      Oswald, Roy M. Clergy self-care: finding a balance for effective ministry.

BV4398 .J66 2001      Jones, Kirk Byron. Rest in the storm: self-care strategies for clergy and other caregivers.

BV4398 .L44 2006      Lehr, J. Fred. Clergy burnout: recovering from the 70-hour work week-- and other self-defeating practices.

BV4435 .G46 2018      Gentzler, Richard H. An age of opportunity: intentional ministry by, with, and for older adults.

BV4438 .A57 2011      Anthony, Michael J. A theology for family ministries.

BV4438.5 .M54 2011      Miles, Al. Domestic violence: what every pastor needs to know. 2nd ed.

BV4438.5 .R47 2011      Responding to abuse in Christian homes: a challenge to churches and their leaders.

BV4438.6 .Q35 2011      Qualls, Charles. Divorce ministry: a guidebook.

BV4440 .M68 2009      Morley, Patrick M. Pastoring men: what works, what doesn't, and why it matters now more than ever.

BV4445.5 .B25 2010      Baker, Lynne M. Counselling Christian women on how to deal with domestic violence.

BV4445.5 .H45 2018      Hein, Tim. Understanding sexual abuse: a guide for ministry leaders and survivors.

BV4461 .S56 2013      Simpson, Amy. Troubled minds: mental illness and the church's mission.

BV4464.3 .V44 2018      Vieth, Victor. On this rock: a call to center the Christian response to child abuse on the life and words of Jesus.

BV4501.3 .W4695 2014      Whitney, Donald S. Spiritual disciplines for the Christian life. Rev. ed.

BV4509.5 .S66 2018      Snodgrass, Klyne. Who God says you are: a Christian understanding of identity.

BV4511 .D86 2007      Dunn, Jim. Starting a relationship with God. D-series

BV4520 .F47 2019      Fernando, Ajith. Discipling in a multicultural world.

BV4526.3 .B34 2014      Balswick, Jack O. The family: a Christian perspective on the contemporary home. 4th ed.

BV4526.3 .C47 2019      Chapman, Gary D. The DIY guide to building a family that lasts: 12 tools for improving your home life.

BV4527 .B393 2017      Beaty, Katelyn. A woman's place: a Christian vision for your calling in the office, the home, and the world.

BV4528.2 .H364 2019      Harrison, K. R. Rise of the servant kings: what the Bible says about being a man.

BV4529 .B6927 2019      Brandt, Cindy Wang. Parenting forward: how to raise children with justice, mercy, and kindness.

BV4529 .T76 2005      Tripp, Tedd. Shepherding a child's heart. Rev. ed.

BV4529.2 .K54 2007      Kimball, Dan. They like Jesus but not the church: insights from emerging generations.

BV4580 .G76 2003      Growing old in Christ.

BV4596.S5 E928 2013      Evans, Tony. Living single.

BV4597.6 .P47 2019      Perry, Samuel L. Addicted to lust: pornography in the lives of conservative Protestants.

BV4908 .R64 2013      Roe, Gary. Heartbroken: healing from the loss of a spouse.

BV4908.5 .M67 2019      Moreland, James Porter. Finding quiet: my story of overcoming anxiety and the practices that brought peace.

BV5095.U5 A3 2011      Underhill, Evelyn. Fragments from an inner life: the notebooks of Evelyn Underhill.

BX Christian Denominations

BX8699.N33 B76 2012      Brown, Daron. Shift: how nine churches experienced vibrant renewal.

BX9743.B435 L37 1958      Larsson, Flora. Always ready to sail: the story of Alfred J. Benwell. Victory books

BX9743.K85 K46 1966      Kenyon, Albert. What the doctor ordered: Viktor Kunz. Victory books

BX9743.M57 B37 1958      Barnes, Cyril J. He wanted to be rich: the adventures of John Milsaps. Victory books

BX9743.P389 K44 2019      Keep on believing.

BX9743.T32 G38 1958      Gauntlett. S. Carvosso. The man with the trumpet: the story of Henrich Tebbe. Victory books

HD Industries

HD30.28 .C64317 2017      Collins, James C. Turning goals into results: the power of catalytic mechanisms.

HD31.2 .B53 2015      Blanchard, Kenneth H. The new One Minute Manager.

HD57.7 .C565 2013      Cloud, Henry. Boundaries for leaders: results, relationships, and being ridiculously in charge.

HD57.7 .S549 2009      Sinek, Simon. Start with why: how great leaders inspire everyone to take action.

HD58.8 .B75 2016      Bridges, William. Managing transitions: making the most of change. 4th ed.

HD6054.2.U6 B37 2016      Barnes, Riché J. Daniel. Raising the race: Black career women redefine marriage, motherhood, and community.

HF Commerce

HF5386 .C735 1994      Collins, James C. Built to last: successful habits of visionary companies.

HF5386 .C736 2011      Collins, James C. Great by choice: uncertainty, chaos, and luck: why some thrive despite them all.

HF5387 .H55 2018      Hill, Alexander. Just business: Christian ethics for the marketplace. 3rd ed.

HF5549.5.G6 M33 2012      McChesney, Chris. The 4 disciplines of execution: achieving your wildly important goals.

HF5549.5.M63 C438 2019      Chapman, Gary D. The 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace: empowering organizations by encouraging people.

HF5549.5.S45 K56 2019      Kimichik, Brigitte Gawenda. Play nice: playground rules for respect in the workplace.

HG3761 .C65 2009      Collins, James C. How the mighty fall: and why some companies never give in.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ16 .S46 2019      Sex matters: the sexuality and society reader.

HQ21 .B166 2019      Balswick, Judith K. Authentic human sexuality: an integrated Christian approach. 3rd ed.

HQ32 .S55 1994      Smedes, Lewis B. Sex for Christians: the limits and liberties of sexual living. Rev. ed.

HQ471 .A48 2019      Altman, Andrew. Debating pornography.

HQ536 .S3989 2017      Seefeldt, Kristin S. Abandoned families: social isolation in the twenty-first century.

HQ734 .H2565 2009      Haltzman, Scott. The secrets of happy families: eight keys to building a lifetime of connection and contentment.

HQ734 .H284 2016      Harley, Willard F. Love busters: protect your marriage by replacing love- busting patterns with love-building habits. Rev. ed.

HQ734 .H285 2011      Harley, Willard F. His needs, her needs: building an affair-proof marriage. Rev. ed.

HQ734 .P9569 2019      The psychology of marriage: an evolutionary and cross-cultural view.

HQ734 .W52 2010      Wheat, Ed. Intended for pleasure: sex technique and sexual fulfillment in Christian marriage. 4th ed.

HQ75.7 .K78 2019      Krutzsch, Brett. Dying to be normal: gay martyrs and the transformation of American sexual politics.

HQ755.8 .G654 2015      Golombok, Susan. Modern families: parents and children in new family forms.

HQ755.8 .M94 2019      Myers, Robert F. The well-balanced family: reduce screen time and increase family fun, fitness and connectedness.

HQ755.85 .P67 2014      Popkin, Michael. Active parenting: a parent's guide to raising happy and successful children. 4th ed.

HQ755.86 .A33 2003      Adams, Jane. When our grown kids disappoint us: letting go of their problems, loving them anyway, and getting on with our lives.

HQ759 .S835 2011      Sullivan, Susan Crawford. Living faith: everyday religion and mothers in poverty.

HQ759.4 .V56 2018      Vinson, Jenna. Embodying the problem: the persuasive power of the teenage mother.

HQ759.48 .C65 2019      Collins, Caitlyn. Making motherhood work: how women manage careers and caregiving.

HQ759.48 .N67 2019      Northrup, Kate. Do less: a revolutionary approach to time and energy management for busy moms.

HQ759.64 .A395 2016      Akin, Jessica. Pregnancy and parenting: the ultimate teen guide. It happened to me

HQ759.9 .D854 2018      Dunifon, Rachel E. You've always been there for me: understanding the lives of grandchildren raised by grandparents.

HQ767 .H45 2014      Heidinger, James V. About abortion: 10 things a new generation of Christians should know.

HQ767.9 .C675 2018      Corsaro, William A. The sociology of childhood. 5th ed.

HQ784.S56 P65 2017      Pollock, David C. Third culture kids: growing up among worlds. 3rd ed.

HQ798 .G37 2012      Garcia, Lorena. Respect yourself, protect yourself: Latina girls and sexual identity.

HQ798 .P57 2019      Pipher, Mary Bray. Reviving Ophelia: saving the selves of adolescent girls. Rev. ed.

HQ799.15 .F32 2005      Faber, Adele. How to talk so teens will listen-- & listen so teens will talk.

HQ799.2.P44 S36 1997      Scott, Sharon. How to say no and keep your friends: peer pressure reversal for teens and preteens. 2nd ed.

HQ800.2 .T73 2016      Traister, Rebecca. All the single ladies: unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation.

HQ801.8 .K37 2012      Karazin, Christelyn D. Swirling: how to date, mate, and relate mixing race culture and creed.

HQ806 .W45 2017      Weiner-Davis, Michele. Healing from infidelity: the Divorce Busting® guide to rebuilding your marriage after an affair.

HQ1031 .B475 2013      Berlin, Rhoda. Mixed blessings: a guide to multicultural and multiethnic relationships.

HQ1031 .C383 2017      Cashin, Sheryll. Loving: interracial intimacy in America and the threat to white supremacy.

HQ1059.4 .C634 2012      Cohen, Patricia. In our prime: the invention of middle age.

HQ1061 .H336 2016 REF     Handbook of aging and the social sciences. 8th ed.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV95 .W55 2017      Wilson, Marcella. Diagnosis: poverty: a new approach to understanding and treating an epidemic.

HV4505 .W234 2018      Wagner, David. No longer homeless: how the ex-homeless get and stay off the streets.

HV6570.2 .L48 2004      Lew, Mike. Victims no longer: the classic guide for men recovering from sexual child abuse. Rev. ed.

HV6570.7 .M337 2004      Mather, Cynthia L. How long does it hurt?: a guide to recovering from incest and sexual abuse for teenagers, their friends, and their families. Rev. ed.

L Education

LC538 .C27 2019      Campus life: in search of community. Expanded ed.

M Music

ML3001 .D685 2018      Dowley, Tim. Christian music: a global history.

MT88 .F53 2002      Flather, Douglas R. The praise and worship team instant tune-up!

PE English

PE1112 .O28 2019      O'Conner, Patricia T. Woe is I: the grammarphobe's guide to better English in plain English.

PN Literature

PN145 .D74 2019      Dreyer, Benjamin. Dreyer's English: an utterly correct guide to clarity and style.

Q Science

QA11.2 .O23 2014      Oakley, Barbara A. {A mind for numbers}: how to excel at math and science (even if you flunked algebra).

R Medicine

R725.56 .M46 2013      Meilaender, Gilbert. Bioethics: a primer for Christians. 3rd ed.

R726.8 .V648 2015      Volandes, Angelo E. The conversation: a revolutionary plan for end-of-life care.

RA Public Aspects of Medicine

RA784 .N482 2018      Newby, P. K. Food and nutrition: what everyone needs to know.

RA790.6 .B47 2016      Best practices in community mental health: a pocket guide.

RC Internal Medicine

RC108 .M366 2017      Mangalik, Aroop. Dealing with doctors, denial, and death: a guide to living well with serious illness.

RC280.C6 A84 2018      Aten, Jamie D. A walking disaster: what surviving Katrina and cancer taught me about faith and resilience.

RC464.L86 A3 2014      Lund, Sarah Griffith. Blessed are the crazy: breaking the silence about mental illness, family, and church.

RC489.S676 S73 2017      Stanford, Matthew S. Grace for the afflicted: a clinical and biblical perspective on mental illness.

RC569.5.F3 P38 2015      Paymar, Michael. Violent no more: helping men end domestic abuse. 3rd ed.

RJ Pediatrics

RJ503 .S446 2019      Selekman, Matthew D. Working with high-risk adolescents: a collaborative strengths-based approach.

TX Home Economics

TX307 .B87 2007      Burgan, Lori Collins. Moving with kids: 25 ways to ease your family's transition to a new home.

TX356 .B66 2019      Bowen, Sarah. Pressure cooker: why home cooking won't solve our problems and what we can do about it.

Spanish books (30)

BF Psychology

SPA BF576 .G65 2018      Goleman, Daniel. La inteligencia emocional.

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

SPA BP605.N48 J67 2005      Jones, Peter. Imperio gnóstico contraataca: una antigua herejía para la nueva era.

BR Christianity

SPA BR115.C45 U4 2016      Um, Stephen T. Por qué las ciudades son importantes: para Dios, la cultura y las iglesias.

SPA BR121.3 .C54 2014      Claiborne, Shane. La revolución de las letras rojas: ¿y si jesús realmente quiso decir lo que dijo?

SPA BR128.A8 T87 2018      Turek, Frank. Robándole a Dios: ¿por qué los ateos necesitan a Dios?

BS The Bible

SPA BS651 .W275 2019      Walton, John H. El mundo perdido de Génesis uno: cosmología antigua y el debate de los orígenes.

SPA BS680.P435 Y66 2017      Yong, Amos. La Biblia, disability, las discapacidades y la iglesia: una nueva a visión para la iglesia.

SPA BS1235.52 .W35 2018      Walton, John H. El mundo perdido de Adán y Eva: Génesis 2-3 y el debate de los orígenes humanos.

SPA BS1265.53 .B76 2011      Brown, Raymond. Números: el viaje hacia la tierra prometida. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS1555.53 .S558 2014      Silva Bermúdez, Kittim. Daniel: historia y profecía.

SPA BS2825.53 .S85 2014      Silva Bermúdez, Kittim. Apocalipsis: la revelación de Jesucristo.

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT97.3 .S77 2018      Strobel, Lee. El caso de los milagros: un periodista investiga la evidencia de lo sobrenatural.

SPA BT127.3 .J46 2008      Jensen, Peter. La revelación de Dios.

SPA BT304 .H37 2019      Harlow, Tim. ¿Qué enojó a Jesús?: redescubre al salvador de la Biblia directo, sarcástico y apasionado.

SPA BT761.3 .S77 2015      Strobel, Lee. El caso de la gracia: un periodista investiga evidencia de vidas transformadas.

SPA BT1103 .K68 2018      Koukl, Gregory. Tácticas: un plan de acción para debatir tus convicciones cristianas.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV10.3 .B56 2018      Block, Daniel Isaac. A Dios sea la gloria: una teología bíblica de la adoración.

SPA BV4529 .T86 2014      Turansky, Scott. Un manual para padres cristianos: 50 estrategias para todas las etapas de la vida de tu hijo.

SPA BV4529.2 .K54 2009      Kimball, Dan. Jesus los convence pero la iglesia no: perspectivas de una generacion emergente.

SPA BV4596.G38 T96 2010      Tylee, Alex. Mi amig@ es homosexual.

HD Industries

SPA HD31.2 .B53 2015      Blanchard, Kenneth H. El nuevo mánager al minuto.

SPA HD57.7 .B5632 2018      Blanchard, Kenneth H. El autoliderazgo y el líder al minuto: desarrolle la mentalidad y el conjunto de habilidades para obtener lo que necesita para tener éxito.

SPA HD57.7 .C565 2014      Cloud, Henry. Límites para líderes: resultados, relaciones, y cómo estar ridículamente a cargo.

SPA HD57.7 .S549 2018      Sinek, Simon. Empieza con el porqué: cómo los grandes líderes motivan a actuar. 2nd ed.

HG Finance

SPA HG179 .R31563 2008      Ramsey, Dave. La transformación total de su dinero: un plan efectivo para alcanzar bienestar económico.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

SPA HQ755.8 .F33 2005      Faber, Adele. Cómo hablar para que los niños escuchen y cómo escuchar para que los niños hablen.

SPA HQ770.4 .C55 1998      Cloud, Henry. Límites para nuestros hijos: cuándo decirles que sí, cuándo decirles que no, para poder ayudar a sus hijos a controlar su vida.

SPA HQ801 .C59 2003      Cloud, Henry. Límites en el noviazgo.

Q Science

SPA QA11.2 .O23 2018      Oakley, Barbara A. Abre tu mente a los números: cómo sobresalir en ciencias aunque seas de letras.

U Military Science

SPA U101 .S95 2009      Sunzi. El arte de la guerra.