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New Books January 2019

English books (56)

A General Works

AY67.N5 W7 2019 REF     The world almanac and book of facts 2019.

BD Speculative Philosophy

BD21 .W495 2004      Wilkens, Steve. Good ideas from questionable Christians and outright pagans: an introduction to key thinkers and philosophies.

BF Psychology

BF636.6 .E39 2018      Egan, Gerard. The skilled helper: a problem-management and opportunity-development approach to helping. 11th ed.

BJ Ethics

BJ1251 .M66 2011      Mott, Stephen Charles. Biblical ethics and social change. 2nd ed.

BL Religions

BL53 .P19 2017      Paloutzian, Raymond F. Invitation to the psychology of religion. 3rd ed.

BR Christianity

BR44 .M67 2002      More than words: contemporary writers on the works that shaped them.

BR67 .R24 2012      Ramsey, Boniface. Beginning to read the fathers. Rev. ed.

BR115.J8 M38 2018      Marsh, Charles. Welcoming justice: God's movement toward beloved community. Exp. ed.

BR115.W5 W75 2017      Wright, N. T. Spiritual and religious: the gospel in an age of paganism.

BR1360 .K86 2008      Kunhiyop, Samuel Waje. African Christian ethics.

BS The Bible

BS575 .F744 2010      Freeman, Lindsay Hardin. The scarlet cord: conversations with God's chosen women.

BS575 .F75 2014      Freeman, Lindsay Hardin. Bible women: all their words and why they matter.

BS617 .J66 2006      Jones, Tony. Divine intervention: encountering God through the ancient practice of lectio divina.

BS1171.2 .B33 1996      Barton, John. Reading the Old Testament: method in biblical study. Rev. ed.

BS1192.6 .W75 2007      Wright, Christopher J. H. Knowing God the Father through the Old Testament.

BS1199.S69 W75 2006      Wright, Christopher J. H. Knowing the Holy Spirit through the Old Testament.

BS1605.55 .Y85 2007      Yuill, Chick. Others: the insistent challenge to a reluctant church.

BV15 .W58 2017      With one accord: a team approach to worship planning.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT65 .M34 2017      McGrath, Alister E. Christian theology: an introduction. 6th ed.

BT77 .C47 2017      The Christian theology reader. 5th ed.

BT82.7 .M37 2018      Massey, James Earl. Views from the mountain: select writings of James Earl Massey.

BT303.2 .W75 2015      Wright, N. T. The challenge of Jesus: rediscovering who Jesus was and is.

BT708 .B66 2015      Boone, Dan. Human sexuality: a primer for Christians.

BT732.5 .H543 2002      Hillman, Robert J. Healing and wholeness: reflections on the healing ministry.

BV Practical Theology

BV40 .U58 1964      Unto you--a Saviour: Advent meditations.

BV245 .B49 1994      Be our freedom, Lord: responsive prayers and readings for contemporary worship.

BV601.85 .S76 2001      Singlehurst, Laurence. Loving the lost: the principles and practice of cell church.

BV601.9 .R65 2006      Rollins, Peter. How (not) to speak of God.

BV772 .G73      The grace of giving: a study of the tithe for Salvationists.

BV1534 .W493 1992      Wilkinson, Bruce. The 7 laws of the learner: textbook edition.

BV2595.S3 M64 1907a      More Salvation Army war despatches: being a brief view of Salvation Army social work in various countries in the spring of 1907.

BV4011.3 .P57 2013      Piper, John. Brothers, we are not professionals: a plea to pastors for radical ministry. Updated ed.

BV4400 .S33 2013      Schapelhouman, Henriët. The story lives: leading a missional revolution.

BV4501.3 .H58 2010      Hirsch, Alan. Untamed: reactivating a missional form of discipleship.

BV4511 .P26 2005      Pagitt, Doug. Church re-imagined: the spiritual formation of people in communities of faith.

BV4520 .B645 2009      Breen, Mike. Building a discipling culture.

BV4520 .W37 2004      Wardle, Terry. Helping others on the journey: a guide for those who seek to mentor others to maturity in Christ.

BV4647.M3 F76 2014      Froehlich, Mary Ann. Courageous gentleness: following Christ's example of restrained strength.

BV4811 .W6 2019a      Words of life: the Bible day by day.

BV5068.R4 R36 2000      Ramon. Seven days of solitude: a guidebook for a personal retreat.

BX Christian Denominations

BX9701 .S3 2019 c. 1 REF     The Salvation Army year book 2019.

BX9715 .S258 1883a      The salvation war, 1882: under the generalship of William Booth.

BX9727.3 .B45 1916      Behind the gray walls-- and after: being a review of the prison work of The Salvation Army in the United States for the statistical year 1915-1916.

BX9741 .C67 1947      Coralie of the ranch: and other stories.

BX9743.B7 N6 2000      No earthly power--: the story of William Booth.

BX9743.B85 A25 2009      Brengle, Samuel Logan. Heart for God.

BX9743.P388 T73 1944      Marianne Pawson: the Zulu queen.

HF Commerce

HF5388 .W35 2010      Wallis, Jim. Rediscovering values: a guide for economic and moral recovery.

HM Sociology

HM681 .C85 2000      Culture matters: how values shape human progress.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ281 .H877 2018      Human trafficking: interdisciplinary perspectives. 2nd ed.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV41.2 .M353 2007      McLaughlin, Patrick G. The C factor: the common cure for your capital campaign conundrums.

K Law

KF229.P54 S74 2018      Stern, Andrew J. Justice under the rubble: the Salvation Army building collapse.

M Music

MT88 .B87 2017      Burgmayer, Harold. The beat goes on!: Music as a corps ministry.

PN Literature

PN1998.3.V568 A3 2006      Vischer, Phil. Me, myself, & Bob: a true story about God, dreams, and talking vegetables.

RC Internal Medicine

RC480.515 .B37 1998      Barnes, Dorothy. Healing conversations: therapy & spiritual growth.

RJ Pediatrics

RJ399.S65 L87 2018      Luse, Katie. Ruby Joy: finding gems in darkness.

Spanish books (4)

BS The Bible

SPA BS651 .L3625 2018      Lennox, John C. El principio según el Génesis y la ciencia: siete días que dividieron el mundo.

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT265 .B74 1935      Brengle, Samuel Logan. La propiciación.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV214 .W55 2009      White, John F. Guerreros de oración: pasos para la oración.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX1751.3 .H84 2003      Jeter, Hugo P. Catolicismo Romano.

Korean books (7)

BR Christianity

KOR BR142 .G66 2012 v. 1-2     González, Justo L. The story of Christianity.

BS The Bible

KOR BS617 .F44 2016      Fee, Gordon D. How to read the Bible book by book: a guided tour.

KOR BS630 .M37 2012      Martin, James C. A visual guide to Bible events: fascinating insights into where they happened and why.

KOR BS2575.53 .T87 2014      Turner, David L. Matthew. Baker exegetical commentary on the New Testament

KOR BS2595.53 .B58 2013 v. 1-2     Bock, Darrell L. Luke. Baker exegetical commentary on the New Testament

BV Practical Theology

KOR BV3795 .O94 2008      Outler, Albert C. Evangelism in the Wesleyan spirit.

KOR BV4647.F55 S76 2005      Stoop, David A. Forgiving the unforgivable.

Media (2)

BR Christianity

CD BR115.C8 M37 vol. 140      Mars Hill audio journal 140: July/August 2017.

PN Literature

DVD PN1992.4.R56 W66 2018      Won't you be my neighbor?

E-books (7)

BR Christianity

E-BOOK BR1608.5 .D68 1907      Douglas, Eileen. Red flowers of martyrdom: and other histories.

BX Christian Denominations

E-BOOK BX7795.F7 D68 1895      Douglas, Eileen. George Fox: the red-hot Quaker.

E-BOOK BX8495.S76 D38      David Stoner: or, the shy preacher.

E-BOOK BX9715 .R34 1887      Railton, George S. Twenty-one years' Salvation Army: under the generalship of William Booth.

E-BOOK BX9719.S36 A76 2017      Armistead, David. The Army of Alba: a history of The Salvation Army in Scotland (1879-2004).

E-BOOK BX9723 .E91 1889      Ex-staff officer. The new papacy: behind the scenes in the Salvation Army.

E-BOOK BX9727.3 .T54 1929      Then and now: stories of contrasts in Salvation Army social work.