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New Books November 2018

English books (65)

BL Religions

BL2525 .D63 2018      A documentary history of religion in America. 4th ed.

BR Christianity

BR115.A8 S657 2003      Spirit of fire: faith, art, and action.

BR1640 .B44 2005      Bebbington, David. The dominance of evangelicalism: the age of Spurgeon and Moody. A history of evangelicalism

BS The Bible

BS491.3 .W66 2012      Women's Bible commentary. 3rd ed.

BS491.5 .W43 2011      Webb, Chris. The fire of the Word: meeting God on holy ground.

BS501.A1 H57 2007 REF     Dictionary of major biblical interpreters.

BS592 .O98 1942      Outlines of cadets' Bible lessons: classes I and II (upper).

BS1140.3 .B78 2012      Brueggemann, Walter. An introduction to the Old Testament: the canon and Christian imagination. 2nd ed.

BS1198 .B84 2018      Brueggemann, Walter. The prophetic imagination. 40th anniversary ed.

BS1415.52 .O455 2015      Oeming, Manfred. Job's journey: stations of suffering. Critical studies in the Hebrew Bible

BS1430.53 .T83 2018      Tucker, W. Dennis. Psalms, volume 2: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1585.53 .B48 2011      Betts, Terry J. Amos: an ordinary man with an extraordinary message. Focus on the Bible

BS2330.3 .D47 2018      DeSilva, David Arthur. An introduction to the New Testament: contexts, methods & ministry formation. 2nd ed.

BS2555.52 .B586 2009      Blomberg, Craig L. Jesus and the Gospels: an introduction and survey. 2nd ed.

BS2735.53 .W58 2006 v. 1-2     Witherington, Ben. Letters and homilies for Hellenized Christians.

BS2735.53 .Y37 2018      Yarbrough, Robert W. The letters to Timothy and Titus. The Pillar New Testament commentary

BS2775.53 .W58 2007      Witherington, Ben. Letters and homilies for Jewish Christians: a socio-rhetorical commentary on Hebrews, James and Jude.

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT94 .L22      Ladd, George Eldon. The gospel of the kingdom: scriptural studies in the kingdom of God.

BT207 .S77 2018      Street, Robert. Who is this Jesus anyway?: an uncomplicated look at Jesus-- what impact he has made and what difference he might make to anyone open to finding out.

BT304.7 .N442 2018      Needham, Phil. Following Rabbi Jesus: a guide to reflection and response for Christians and other seekers who want to take the Jesus of the Gospels seriously.

BT375.3 .B56 2012      Blomberg, Craig L. Interpreting the parables. 2nd ed.

BT734.2 .P45 2018      Pei, Adrian. The minority experience: navigating emotional and organizational realities.

BT736.2 .C27 2004      Caner, Ergun Mehmet. Christian jihad: two former Muslims look at the Crusades and killing in the name of Christ.

BV Practical Theology

BV639.C4 S24 2007      Safe & sound: safeguarding policies for ministry with children in The Salvation Army.

BV639.W7 M24 2006      MacHaffie, Barbara J. Her story: women in Christian tradition. 2nd ed.

BV1534 .C377 1956      Capp, Elmer L. The company guard in action.

BV3755.T9 P33 2004      Padilla, C. René. Transforming church and mission. 2004 forum for world evangelization

BV3755.T9 P54 2004      Pierson, Paul Everett. Transformation from the periphery: emerging streams of church and mission. 2004 forum for world evangelization

BV3755.T9 S64 2004      Søgaard, Viggo. Evangelizing our world: insights from global inquiry. 2004 forum for world evangelization

BV3755.T9 T73 2004      Transformation: a unifying vision of the church's mission. 2004 forum for world evangelization

BV3755.T9 V65 2004      Voices of God's servants: an inquiry into the burdens & visions of God's servants at the beginning of the twenty-first century. 2004 forum for world evangelization

BV3785.W4 W43 2010      Webber, Howard. Meeting Jesus: inspiring stories of modern-day evangelism.

BV3790 .D4765 2017      Dever, Mark. The Gospel and personal evangelism. 9 marks

BV4211.3 .C48 2018      Chapell, Bryan. Christ-centered preaching: redeeming the expository sermon. 3rd ed.

BV4211.3 .L66 2016      Long, Thomas G. The witness of preaching. 3rd ed.

BV4225.3 .A148 2008      1001 quotations that connect: timeless wisdom for preaching, teaching, and writing.

BV4488 .T46 2018      Thorsen, Don. Pocket dictionary of Christian spirituality: over 300 terms clearly and concisely defined. The pocket reference series

BV4501.3 .A54 2017      Anderson, Neil T. The steps to freedom in Christ: a biblical guide to help you resolve personal and spiritual conflicts and become a fruitful disciple of Jesus.

BV4501.3 .K64 2014      Kleman, Eva. Through my eyes.

BV4501.3 .N65 2004      Noland, Joe. Hope: a flight manual for prospective angels: join the flight!

BV4526.3 .S78 2008      Street, Robert. From generation to generation: the all-embracing family of God.

BV4596.M3 W45 2003      Weiss, Douglas. Intimacy: a 100-day guide to better relationships.

BX Christian Denominations

BX9705 .N38 2007      National Advisory Organization conference: The Salvation Army: army of champions: NAOC Dallas 2007.

BX9711 .S86 1922      Summary of lessons for cadets on field organization: classes II (lower) and III.

BX9715 .S3 vol. 9 c. 1 REF     Clifton, Shaw. The history of The Salvation Army. Volume nine.

BX9716 .W53 1927      What is The Salvation Army?: an interpretation of its aims, methods and activities.

BX9719.G7 C45 2004      Celebrating the opening of 101 Queen Victoria Street the International Headquarters of The Salvation Army: in the presence of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal ; 9th November 2004.

BX9721.3 .N44 2018      Needham, Phil. Christ at the door: biblical keys to our Salvationist future : a resource for helping Salvationists revitalize themselves & their corps.   

BX9727.3 .W557 1924      Windows in gray walls: Being a description of the prison work of The Salvation Army, coupled with the annual report for 1923-24.

BX9741 .G386      Gauntlett. S. Carvosso. A heroine of reindeer land: and other 'Once upon a time' stories.

BX9743.F74 G74 2013      Griffith, Gretchen. Called to the mountains: the story of Jean L. Frese.  

BX9743.H88 W66 1955      Woods, Reginald. Brother of the Red hand: the story of Darkie Hutton.

BX9743.S5485 A3 2018      Smith, Maurice E. My song of songs: an autobiography.

D World History

DS109.3 .P75 2012      Price, Randall. Rose guide to the Temple.

DS371.33 .W43 2002      Weaver, John. Inside Afghanistan: the American who stayed behind after 9/11 and his mission of mercy to a war-torn people.

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HN43 .K76 2014      Kroc Center architecture.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV5285 .A353 2017      Meyer, Stephen. Alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. Information plus reference series

L Education

LB1576 .E45 2016      Elliott, Rebecca. Barron's painless grammar.

M Music

M2199 .L34 2013      Laeger, Phil. Phil Laeger songbook vol. 1.

M2199 .N68 1980      Not weary yet!: a compilation of old Army choruses.

PS American Literature

PS3619.H334 E45 2014      Shade, JoAnn. Eliza Duncan: an imagined memoir.

PS3619.H334 E459 2015      Shade, JoAnn. Eliza and the midwife: a story in human trafficking.

PS3619.H334 G66 2018      Shade, JoAnn. The Sally-Ann good wife.

RA Public Aspects of Medicine

RA643.8 .G85 2005      Guidelines for establishing community-led antiretroviral treatment through a human capacity development approach.

S Agriculture

SB472 .T52 2014      Thoren, Roxi. Landscapes of change: innovative designs and reinvented sites.

Spanish books (11)

BF Psychology

SPA BF724.3.D47 S25 2011      Salcedo, Gabriel. Decisiones revolucionarias: toma las mejores decisiones de tu vida.

BR Christianity

SPA BR85 .M34 2017      McGrath, Alister E. Teología práctica: cómo la fe cristiana explica el mundo.

SPA BR350.R356 R67 2011      Rosales, Ray S. Casiodoro de Reina: patriarca del protestantismo hispano.

BS The Bible

SPA BS1405.2 .Z64 2000      Zogbo, Lynell. La poesía del Antiguo Testamento: pautas para su traducción.

SPA BS2665.53 .S74 2017      Stendal, Russell. Fe y gracia: reflexiones sobre la carta de San Pablo a los Romanos.

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT764.3 .J56 2017      Jiménez, Mauricio A. La justicia de Dios revelada: hacia una teología de la justificación.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV215 .H84      Huguenin, Miriam. El Señor escucha mi oracion: Salmo 6:10.

SPA BV1471.3 .T48 2006      Thomas, Larry. El alumno en la mirilla: un metodo estimulante de aprendizaje.

SPA BV3790 .D4765 2013      Dever, Mark. El evangelio y la evangelización personal. 9 marks

SPA BV4528.2 .E84 1997      Eskelin, Neil. 101 promesas dignas de cumplir.

D World History

SPA DS109.3 .P75 2012      Price, Randall. Guía ilustrada del templo.