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New Books March 2018

English books (120)

BF Psychology

BF637.H4 B7 2003      Brammer, Lawrence M. The helping relationship: process and skills. 8th ed.

BF723.S75 E44 2007      Elkind, David. The hurried child: growing up too fast too soon. Rev. ed.

BF723.S75 L58 2014      Lite, Lori. Stress free kids: a parent's guide to helping build self-esteem, manage stress, and reduce anxiety in children.

BF789.D4 K55 2017      Kilgour, Ian M. The art of dying well: ideas and reflections to help you face your death with courage, peace and hope.

BL Religions

BL53 .R4356 2014      Religion, personality, and social behavior.

BR Christianity

BR115.E3 C38 2008      Cavanaugh, William T. Being consumed: economics and Christian desire.

BR115.G59 M94 2017      Myers, Bryant L. Engaging globalization: the poor, Christian mission, and our hyperconnected world.

BR115.O3 R675 2002      Ross, Hugh. Lights in the sky & little green men: a rational Christian look at UFOs and extraterrestrials.

BR526 .B385 2017      Barna trends 2018: what's new and what's next at the intersection of faith and culture.

BS The Bible

BS440 .N347 2014 REF     Nelson's illustrated Bible dictionary. New ed.

BS440 .U5 2005 REF     Unger, Merrill F. The new Unger's Bible dictionary. 3rd ed.

BS580.E4 D45 1999      Dillard, Raymond B. Faith in the face of apostasy: the Gospel according to Elijah & Elisha.

BS630 .R37 2010 REF     Rasmussen, Carl. Zondervan atlas of the Bible. Rev. ed.

BS680.M57 B78 2016      Brueggemann, Walter. Money and possessions. Interpretation

BS1140.2 .H54 2009      Hill, Andrew E. A survey of the Old Testament. 3rd ed.

BS1199.E8 W75 2004      Wright, Christopher J. H. Old Testament ethics for the people of God.

BS1235.3 .H37 2000      Hartley, John E. Genesis. New international Bible commentary

BS1245.3 .E55 2000      Enns, Peter. Exodus: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1245.53 .A44 2017      Alexander, T. Desmond. Exodus. Apollos Old Testament commentary

BS1255.53 .M38 2009      Mathews, K. A. Leviticus: holy God, holy people. Preaching the word

BS1265.53 .D84 2006      Duguid, Iain M. Numbers: God’s presence in the wilderness. Preaching the word

BS1275.53 .L86 2013      Lundbom, Jack R. Deuteronomy: a commentary.

BS1305.53 .Y68 2002      Younger, K. Lawson. Judges and Ruth: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1325.53 .F57 2009      Firth, David G. 1 & 2 Samuel. Apollos Old Testament commentary

BS1325.53 .V36 2009      Vannoy, J. Robert. 1-2 Samuel. Cornerstone biblical commentary

BS1345.53 .B63 2010      Boda, Mark J. 1-2 Chronicles. Cornerstone biblical commentary

BS1355.53 .A45 2003      Allen, Leslie C. Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther: based on the New International Version. New international Bible commentary

BS1405.52 .E88 2010      Estes, Daniel J. Handbook on the Wisdom books and Psalms.

BS1405.52 .F67 2001      Fokkelman, J. P. Reading biblical poetry: an introductory guide.

BS1430.53 .R67 2011 v. 1-3     Ross, Allen P. A commentary on the Psalms. Kregel exegetical library

BS1455 .B27 2011      Bartholomew, Craig G. Old Testament wisdom literature: a theological introduction.

BS1465.53 .K67 2003      Koptak, Paul E. Proverbs: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1465.53 .W55 2018 REF     Wilson, Lindsay. Proverbs: an introduction and commentary. Tyndale Old Testament commentaries

BS1475.2 .B36 1998      Bartholomew, Craig G. Reading Ecclesiastes: Old Testament exegesis and hermeneutical theory. Analecta Biblica

BS1475.53 .F74 2010      Fredericks, Daniel C. Ecclesiastes & the Song of Songs. Apollos Old Testament commentary

BS1485.53 .O36 2012      O'Donnell, Douglas Sean. The Song of Solomon: an invitation to intimacy. Preaching the Word

BS1505.52 .R63 2008      Robertson, O. Palmer. The Christ of the prophets.

BS1515.53 .S65 2009      Smith, Gary V. Isaiah 40-66. New American commentary

BS1525.53 .D43 2002      Dearman, J. Andrew. Jeremiah and Lamentations: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1545.3 .D84 1999      Duguid, Iain M. Ezekiel: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1555.3 .L66 1999      Longman, Tremper. Daniel: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1555.53 .L83 2002      Lucas, Ernest. Daniel. Apollos Old Testament commentary

BS1605.53 .B78 2004      Bruckner, James K. Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS1605.53 .Y68 2014      Youngblood, Kevin J. Jonah. Zondervan exegetical commentary on the Old Testament

BS1615.53 .D46 2017      Dempster, Stephen G. Micah. The two horizons Old Testament commentary

BS1655.53 .J33 2017 c. 1 REF     Jacobs, Mignon R. The books of Haggai and Malachi. New international commentary on the Old Testament

BS1655.53 .P48 2015      Petterson, Anthony R. Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi. Apollos Old Testament commentary

BS2331 .N37 2017      Naselli, Andrew David. How to understand and apply the New Testament: twelve steps from exegesis to theology.

BS2506.3 .C365 2018      Campbell, Douglas A. Paul: an apostle's journey.

BS2545.P45 S43 2003      Seamands, Stephen A. Wounds that heal: bringing our hurts to the cross.

BS2575.2 .M49 1994      Meyer, Ben F. Five speeches that changed the world.

BS2585.53 .L47 2017      Le Peau, Andrew T. Mark through Old Testament eyes: a background and application commentary.

BS2585.53 .S36 2017 REF     Schnabel, Eckhard J. Mark: an introduction and commentary. Tyndale New Testament commentaries

BS2595.3 .B57 1996 c. 1 REF     Bock, Darrell L. Luke: from biblical text--to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2615.3 .B79 2000 c. 1 REF     Burge, Gary M. John: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2625.3 .F47 1998      Fernando, Ajith. Acts: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2675.53 .S45 2014      Seifrid, Mark A. The second letter to the Corinthians. Pillar New Testament commentary

BS2695.5 .S69 2017      Snyder, Howard A. The economy of God: a practical commentary on Ephesians. Urban ministry in the 21st century

BS2705.53 .H35 2009      Hansen, G. Walter. The letter to the Philippians. Pillar New Testament commentary

BS2735.3 .L54 1999      Liefeld, Walter L. 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus: from biblical text--to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2765.53 .M35 2017 c. 1 REF     McKnight, Scot. The Letter to Philemon. New international commentary on the New Testament

BS2777 .W75 2011 c. 1 REF     Wright, N. T. The early Christian letters for everyone: James, Peter, John, and Judah. New Testament for everyone

BS2785.3 .M65 2000      Moo, Douglas J. The letter of James. Pillar New Testament commentary

BS2825.53 .W75 2011 c. 1 REF     Wright, N. T. Revelation for everyone. New Testament for everyone

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT75.3 .J66 2014      Jones, Beth Felker. Practicing Christian doctrine: an introduction to thinking and living theologically.

BT111.3 .E66 2016      The essential Trinity: New Testament foundations and practical relevance.

BT121.3 .C65 2007      Cole, Graham A. He who gives life: the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. Foundations of evangelical theology

BT121.3 .K455 2014      Kendall, R. T. Holy fire.

BT203 .M3386 2009      McDowell, Josh. More than a carpenter.

BT216.3 .B38 2009      Bauckham, Richard. Jesus and the God of Israel: God crucified and other studies on the New Testament's Christology of divine identity.

BT304.2 .S86 2015      Sunberg, Carla D. Reflecting the image: our call to mirror Christ to the world.

BT380.3 .C53 2017      Clarke, Douglas G. The kingdom way: studies on practical discipleship.

BT431.3 .W74 2009      Wright, Michael. Bystander.

BT707.6 .M39 2014      McDowell, Sean. Same-sex marriage: a thoughtful approach to God's design for marriage.

BT732.4 .S95 2012      Swinton, John. Dementia: living in the memories of God.

BT732.7 .L36 2015      Langberg, Diane. Suffering and the heart of God: how trauma destroys and Christ restores.

BT767 .B66 2010      Boston common: Salvationist perspectives on holiness.

BT1103 .B63 2006      Boa, Kenneth. Faith has its reasons: integrative approaches to defending the Christian faith.

BT1103 .M345 2012      McGrath, Alister E. Mere apologetics: how to help seekers and skeptics find faith.

BV Practical Theology

BV85 .H23 2011      Hackenberg, Rachel G. Writing to God: 40 days of praying with my pen. Active prayer series

BV160 .P74 2009      Prewitt, Ellen Morris. Making crosses: a creative connection to God. Active prayer series

BV639.C4 T438 2013      Tchividjian, Basyle. The child safeguarding policy guide for churches and ministries.

BV3793 .D47 2012      Dillon, Christine. Telling the gospel through story: evangelism that keeps hearers wanting more.

BV4211.3 .K45 2016      Keller, Timothy. Preaching: communicating faith in an age of skepticism.

BV4253 .C478 2013      Chapell, Bryan. Christ-centered sermons: models of redemptive preaching.

BV4447 .D395 2004      Dean, Kenda Creasy. Practicing passion: youth and the quest for a passionate church.

BV4655 .R95 2010      Ryken, Philip Graham. Written in stone: the Ten commandments and today's moral crisis.

BV4811 .W57 2017      Wesley, John. Through the year with John Wesley.

BV4817 .T25 2005      Take this word to heart: the Shema in Torah and Gospel.

BV5068.R4 J64 1997      Job, Rueben P. Spiritual life in the congregation: a guide for retreats.

BX Christian Denominations

BX378.5 .Q4613 1991      Quenot, Michel. The icon: window on the kingdom.

BX9719.N45 H87 2013      Hutson, Don. Set free: one hundred years of Salvation Army addiction treatment in New Zealand 1907-2006.

BX9721.3 .L44 2015      Lee, Sang-Jung. A study on the theology of sanctification of William Booth and his successors.

BX9723.4 .S252 2010      The Salvation Army in the body of Christ. Study guide.

BX9724 .B76 2017      Booth, William. Articles of war: a revolutionary catechism.

BX9725.5.A1 K76 2011      Krommenhoek, Vibeke. A sacramental Army: a Salvationist view of sacramental living in a Nordic context.

BX9726 .M9 2010      My calling: stories from 15 Salvation Army officers around the world.

BX9727.3 .S258 1962      The Salvation Army services to unmarried parents and their children; Maternity homes and hospitals: handbook of information.

BX9743.C66 C66 2007      Cook, H. Bramwell. White Gujaratis: Lt-Commissioners Bramwell and Dorothy Cook brought together in the service of God and the Salvation Army.

BX9743.N65 A3 2017      Noland, Joe. The eras of his ways: an odyssey of grit and grace: a spontaneous autobiography.

BX9743.P422 A3 2014      Pearson, Peter A. A blood and guts good news story.

D World History

DS118 .B75 1997      Bruce, F. F. Israel & the nations: the history of Israel from the Exodus to the fall of the Second Temple. Rev. ed.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ767 .A1535 2013      Abortion. Opposing viewpoints series

HQ796 .C553 2011      Clark, Chap. Hurt 2.0: inside the world of today's teenagers.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV6545 .J65 2007      Joiner, Thomas. Why people die by suicide.

RC Internal Medicine

RC480.6 .E91145 2017      Everly, George S. The Johns Hopkins guide to psychological first aid.

RC480.6 .H64 2009      Hoff, Lee Ann. People in crisis: clinical and diversity perspectives. 6th ed.

RC488.5 .C5834 2010      Clinical casebook of couple therapy.

RC488.5 .G64 2017      Goldenberg, Irene. Family therapy: an overview. 9th ed.

RC488.5 .M395 2008      McGoldrick, Monica. Genograms: assessment and intervention. 3rd ed.

RC488.5 .N53 2017      Nichols, Michael P. Family therapy: concepts and methods. 11th ed.

RC552.P67 H47 2015      Herman, Judith Lewis. Trauma and recovery: the aftermath of violence, from domestic abuse to political terror.

RC560.I53 C68 2010      Courtois, Christine A. Healing the incest wound: adult survivors in therapy.

RC564 .B488 2014      Beyond addiction: how science and kindness help people change.

RC569 .N93 2014      Nydegger, Rudy V. Suicide and mental health.

RG Gynecology and Obstetrics

RG525 .N54 2003      Nilsson, Lennart. A child is born.

RJ Pediatrics

RJ499 .L355 2011      LeCroy, Craig W. Parenting mentally ill children: faith, caring, support, and surviving the system.

RJ507.M54 G53 2003      Gibbs, Jewelle Taylor. Children of color: psychological interventions with culturally diverse youth. 2nd ed.

TX Home Economics

TX715.2.A47 G53 2010      Gibbs, Daunte Simone. Soul food: soul-nourishing devotionals & recipes.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources.

ZA3075 .C73 2014      Crane, Beverley E. How to teach: a practical guide for librarians.

Spanish books (11)

BR Christianity

SPA BR115.O3 M3 2009      Martin, Walter. El ocultismo y su reino.

SPA BR128.A8 Z33 2004      Zacharias, Ravi K. Puede el hombre vivir sin Dios?

SPA BS1225.52 .P345 2016      Pagán, Samuel. Pentateuco: interpretación eficaz hoy.

SPA BS1505.52 .P34 2016      Pagán, Samuel. Los libros históricos del Antiguo Testamento: interpretación eficaz hoy. Interpretacion eficaz hoy

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT751.3 .P53 2016      Picirilli, Robert E. Gracia, fe & libre albedrío: un contraste de los puntos de vista soteriológicos entre el Calvinismo y el Arminianismo.

SPA BT1212 .L45 2016      Lennox, John C. Disparando contra Dios: por qué los nuevo ateos no dan en el blanco.

SPA BT1230 .Z33 2000      Zacharias, Ravi K. Jesús entre otros dioses.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV227 .M32 2011      MacBeth, Sybil. Rezando en colores: dibujando un camino nuevo hacia Dios.

SPA BV639.P6 C67 2017      Corbett, Steve. Cuando ayudar hace daño: cómo aliviar la pobreza, sin hacer daño al necesitado ni a uno mismo.

SPA BV4211.3 .K45 2017      Keller, Timothy. La predicación: compartir la fe en tiempos de escepticismo.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX9723.4 .S252 2010      El Ejercito de Salvacion en el Cuerpo de Cristo: La guia de estudio.

Media (1)

PN Literature

DVD PN1995.9.M86 G89 2000      Guys and dolls.