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Nicolas Senak

Challenge Accepted

I have been blessed with a wonderful family. We have been deep seated in The Salvation Army my entire life. My great grandmother was an officer in Cincinnati, my grandparents were officers, my parents are officers, and I have been called to be an officer. My family has always been there for me. We have always stuck together to support each other no matter what. I have also been blessed with two younger brothers. The two of them have been supportive of my life decisions in times when I did not expect them to be there. They are both wonderful men of God and I have learned from both of them what a man of God truly is.

It is hard for me to admit but I have not always been an acting Christian. Despite having all the necessary information to receive the eternal life and the saving grace of Christ I made conscious decisions to not follow Him. I used to smoke and drink whenever I wanted to. I continued this life style until I was 24 years old.

While I was still working at Massachusetts Divisional Headquarters in the Finance department, Captain Jason Knaggs came into my office and asked if he could talk to me. In that brief meeting Captain Knaggs challenged me on multiple levels. He first challenged me to do more in the corps, but then he challenged me to get right and do more. Over this past year, a series of challenges have led me to a relationship with Christ that I did not believe could even be possible. In my devotional moments I was able to find James 1:2-3 (NIV), “Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” I know that it is through challenges that I have been able to succeed and my relationship will continue to thrive.