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Pratik Shirsath

Prayer Changes Lives

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I came to the USA in 2005 for The Salvation Army's Project 1:17 School for Youth Ministry and Mission. Soon after graduating I got a job with the NY Temple Corps and got a chance to minister there with the youth for 4 years. I decided to leave to get some education under my belt. I got a diploma in fashion photography and was set to get a career in photography. I was swayed and came under the wrong influence. I was lost and had no joy in getting back to church with the Army. Officership was way off the radar.

I wanted to go to school that fall so thought I’d get a summer Job at the NY Temple Corps. That summer they were doing a Vacation Bible School play about Babylon and they asked me to play the character of Daniel. Needless to say, I re-committed my life’s plan to God. I decided and made a decision, which was solely led by the Holy Spirit that I wanted to devote my life to what God had called me, is to do ministry at the corps. Little did I know, that summer God would call me to be a Salvation Army officer while I was at the GNY Youth Councils. I faithfully answered the call to officership and decided to go in 2014. I was diligent enough to get all my paper work in and get everything set in motion to go into training for 2014. Toward the end of July 2013, the Lord prompted me and said “Go now” and He then made everything work.

I am here at the training college now, and I know for a fact that nothing would have been possible or made any sense if it wasn’t for Jesus. I am a sinner saved only by the grace that’s been shown to me by Jesus. I am always reminded through Psalm 121:1 that the Maker of heaven and earth is my care taker and I rest knowing that the Lord is my Shepherd. The Lord is faithful, all we as Christians must do is to invest every day to grow in a deeper relationship with Him.