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Josue Alarcon
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Raymond Arocho
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2/23/1979 – 6/3/2012

Awards, May 2013

Lt. Commissioner & Mrs. William Barrett Award

Exemplifies the spirit and ideals of Salvationism, the spirit of dedication and willingness to work and follow in the example of Lt. Commissioner and Mrs. William Barrett
Christine Baker


Amelia Benjamin Urban Initiative Award

Exhibits an aptitude and passion to minister to and evangelize people
Frenie Antoine


Lt. Colonel F. William Carlson Memorial Award

Showed the most improvement in preaching. Exemplifies intelligence, diligence, sincerity, humility and zeal, showing promise of becoming an effective preacher of the gospel
Chastity Hansen & Raquel Muñiz


Major Mrs. Hulda Carlson Memorial Award

Typifies the spirit of Salvationism expressed in the life of Major Mrs. Hulda Carlson, particularly as expressed in ministries to women and children
Kathleen Ashcraft, Staci Ferreira, Monica Perez & Cristina Valdes


Theodore & Jacqueline Carlson Award

Awarded to a graduating male and female cadet, selected by vote of the cadet body in recognition of their consistent and effective qualities and their spirit of Salvationism which together have enriched the spiritual lives of their fellow cadets
Christopher Hinzman & Thais Viana


Commissioner William E. Chamberlain Award

Shows unusual promise of leadership in The Salvation Army
Joel Ashcraft, Christine Baker, Minnie Cleveland, David Eric Kelly & Dabiel Valdes


Brigadier Eldred Churchill Award

Has a real love for the marginalized; a ministry for the forgotten of society. They should have expressed and have had experience with nursing homes, Adult Rehabilitation Centers or recovery mission
Raymond Arocho, Emmanuel Echavarria & Joseph Swistak


Brigadier Arthur Craytor Award

Demonstrates particular acumen for and interest in Adult Rehabilitation work
Joseph Swistak


Disciples of Jesus Award

Lives with a spirit of discipleship and shows consideration toward session mates; demonstrates spiritual influence and love toward fellow cadets
Kenneth Cleveland & Denise Martin


Colonel Henry Gariepy Award

Awarded to the session representative speaker who demonstrates the communication skills and spirit that exemplified the life of Colonel Henry Gariepy, OF
Raquel Muñiz


Lester & Atha Faulds Award

Evidenced the heart of a shepherd leader and demonstrates the capacity to develop and pastor local officers
Josue Alarcon


Herald of Hope Award (Major Gerry Gray)

Shows excellence in contemporary music
Melvin Aleman


Brigadier Kate Hillman Award

Shows merit in the Salvationist vocation of Servant of ALL
Donald (Matt) Hamilton & Luis Perez


Captains Albert & Normajean Honsberger Award

Managed their finances well and exemplifies the spirit, dedication and vitality that characterized the lives and ministry of Captains Albert and Normajean Honsberger
Brennen Hinzman


Lt. Colonel Lyell Rader (OF) Evangelism Award

Awarded for recognition of evangelistic passion and soul-saving ministry
Christopher Hinzman


Major Dr. Mary M. Richardson Award

Showed personal commitment for the world mission of The Salvation Army
Frenie Antoine, Chastity Hansen, Maurice Moukouangala, Rafael & Thais Viana


Major Dorothy Saunders Award

Demonstrates effective evangelism, compassion and unselfish service to others
Emmanuel Echavarria & Donald (Matt) Hamilton


Colonel Alvena Wood Award

Indicates a particular interest in and aptitude for working with women and children
Celimar Aleman, Teddy Devine, Marlene Diaz & Debbie Hamilton


Helen Steiner Rice Award

Shows exemplary writing and literary skills as demonstrated by submissions of special material for evaluation and review
Roxanna Cuascut & Shareena Lee


Commissioner's Award

Excelled in the areas of academics, leadership, attitude, field work and spiritual influences
Dabiel Valdes