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Rafael Viana

My Story

I was born in a Christian family; however it did not mean that I was a Christian. Actually I was not a Christian at all; I was a child that was used to go to church. I always heard about God, sin and forgiveness but I never had experience the truth of it in my life, I knew it the same way I knew one plus one equals two.

At the age 8 in a Sunday school class, the teacher explained that God had created humanity good, however we decided to disobey Him and do what we wanted even though the consequence was death. Our disobedience was called sin and the only way to cancel that sin and clear the way to God once again was if God Himself decided to provide a way for us and that is what He did through Jesus. Jesus is the only one who can cancel our sin and make us good again.

That message was as clear to me as the clear water in a cup. I noticed for the first time that I was not good and that I had a tendency of not doing good, but choosing to do bad. I needed Jesus to forgive me and give me a brand new chance of life. On that day I choose to accept Jesus as my savior and I gave my life to Him so He could lead me in a new life where I can choose to do good every day because through Him I am saved from bad choices.

After that day I noticed immediate change in my choices, before any decision I would ask God for wisdom. Even when I did not think about doing something I noticed my decisions were turning out good. Through Jesus I was saved from the slavery of sin and now I am able to live for God fully and my hope is that one day I will be able to hear God say to me “Son you did good”.