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Rebecca March

Choose Life

I grew up in a loving Christian household always aware of the existence of God. As such, no one ever really asked me about my relationship with Christ, as seemingly I had been predestined to inherit the beliefs of my parents without truly understanding for myself what it meant to have Christ in my life. With my parents job I moved around a lot between different countries. I was always an outsider. I was picked on at school, never made any lasting relationships; I was sad, lonely, depressed and felt so very much misunderstood. With all this pain grew resentment in my heart, which pushed me further away from the Lord, as I felt as though I did not belong anywhere.

One night, during my third year of college, I reached what was to be my lowest point, the point where life had completely lost its purpose. In my weakness, when I felt I could no longer go on, I decided I would give up on this existence. Living near the beach and off some cliffs, I stepped out to what would have been my greatest mistake, when my phone, which I believed to be off, beeped. It was my mom. Her message was simple “In this moment I want you to know, we love you and God loves you”. I stepped away in tears. The Lord saved my life and was asking me to choose Him, to choose life, and I did. “Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God.” (Deuteronomy 19b-20a)

Since putting my life in God’s hands, the road has not always been easy, but I know, that I have a heavenly father who is real, who is faithful and who loves me in ways beyond what I could ever imagine. He meets all my needs in His timing and as I have stepped out in faith with Him, He has changed me for the better and given me a sense of purpose and direction. I have a new identity in Christ; I am happy and know that I was made to make manifest His love and glory to a world so desperate for affection and peace.