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Shaun McNeil

It's Never Too Late

I’m here to tell you my story of freewill and redemption. My life has been intertwined with the Salvation Army since the day I was born. You see my sister was attending the Training School when I was born and all the Cadets put a name into a bonnet to choose what would become my name, Shaun Michael. Growing up in the Salvation Army was a blessing in disguise because it set a foundation that I would call upon later in life.

After many years of doing what was expected of me from becoming a Jr Soldier, Honor Jr Soldier, Sr Soldier, Corps Cadets, Camp, Etc… I then came to the realization that I was just going through the motions. I was “Playing Church”. When I went to college I started to get involved with bad relationships to fill a hole that was created when I left the church. Drugs, alcohol, crime and eventually prison came after that. Trying to find my identity cost me my freedom. After many turbulent years I was asked to attend a Men’s camp with my brother at Camp Wonderland. I said yes not knowing what God had in store for me during that weekend. The guest speaker spoke about the “Prodigal Son” and I instantly related that story to my own life. I gave my life back to God that weekend.

I then decided to follow God’s plan and to fulfill my calling to be a Salvation Army Officer. In order to make that happen I had to make some major life changes. I started to attend church again on a regular basis. I no longer drank alcohol, cleaned up my language and ended a very unhealthy marriage. I am now “Living Church” and not playing it. My life has turned around ever since I started to follow God’s plan and not my own.