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New Books April 2018

English books (91)

BF Psychology

BF713 .S256 2016      Santrock, John W. Essentials of life-span development. 4th ed.

BL Religions

BL240.3 .G49 2011      Giberson, Karl. The language of science and faith: straight answers to genuine questions.

BL240.3 .L458 2010      Lennox, John C. God and Stephen Hawking: whose design is it anyway?

BL240.3 .P53 2011      Plantinga, Alvin. Where the conflict really lies: science, religion, and naturalism.

BL2747.8 .T39 2007      Taylor, Charles. A secular age.

BR Christianity

BR115.H6 G87 2017      Gushee, David P. Changing our mind.

BR115.H6 V56 2014      Vines, Matthew. God and the gay Christian: the biblical case in support of same-sex relationships.

BR115.P74 S66 2006      Smith, James K. A. Who's afraid of postmodernism?: taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to church.

BR115.W6 B78 2014      Brueggemann, Walter. Reality, grief, hope: three urgent prophetic tasks.

BR118 .S75 2013      Stone, Howard W. How to think theologically. 3rd ed.

BR1725.M4465 A3 2009      Miller, Donald. A million miles in a thousand years: what I learned while editing my life.

BS The Bible

BS480 .W26 2013      Walton, John H. The lost world of scripture: ancient literary culture and biblical authority.

BS511.3 .R93 2014 REF     Ryken, Leland. A complete handbook of literary forms in the Bible.

BS535 .R895 2015      Ryken, Leland. Literary introductions to the books of the Bible.

BS651 .H33 2011      Haarsma, Deborah B. Origins: Christian perspectives on creation, evolution, and intelligent design.

BS657 .Y679 2008      Young, Davis A. The Bible, rocks, and time: geological evidence for the age of the earth.

BS680.C67 O78 2002      Ortlund, Raymond C. God's unfaithful wife: a biblical theology of spiritual adultery. New studies in biblical theology

BS1151.52 .M66 2016      Moore, R. Kelvin. The Old Testament for the 21st century: a concise guide.

BS1245.53 .P64 2017 c. 1 REF     Pokrifka, H. Junia. Exodus: a commentary in the Wesleyan tradition. New Beacon Bible commentary

BS1355.53 .E35 2017 c. 1 REF     Edlin, Jim. Ezra, Nehemiah: a commentary in the Wesleyan tradition. New Beacon Bible commentary

BS1505.52 .G46 2017      Gentry, Peter John. How to read and understand the biblical prophets.

BS1505.52 .N642 2018      Nogalski, James. Introduction to the Hebrew prophets.

BS1575.3 .R63 1995      Robertson, O. Palmer. Prophet of the coming day of the Lord: the message of Joel. Welwyn commentary series

BS1615.53 .D29 2010      Davis, Dale Ralph. A study commentary on Micah. EP study commentary

BS2320 .K78 2012      Kruger, Michael J. Canon revisited: establishing the origins and authority of the New Testament books.

BS2545.W65 W57 1990      Witherington, Ben. Women and the genesis of Christianity.

BS2555.52 .H385 2016      Hays, Richard B. Echoes of scripture in the gospels.

BS2575.53 .T87 2008 c. 1 REF     Turner, David L. Matthew. Baker exegetical commentary on the New Testament

BS2575.53 .W55 2004 c. 1 REF     Wilkins, Michael J. Matthew: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2665.3 .M554 2000      Moo, Douglas J. Romans: from biblical text--to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2675.53 .G36 2018 c. 1 REF     Gardner, Paul. 1 Corinthians. Zondervan exegetical commentary on the New Testament

BS2685.3 .M34 1995      McKnight, Scot. Galatians: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2695.3 .S66 1996      Snodgrass, Klyne. Ephesians: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2785.3 .N97 1997      Nystrom, David P. James: from biblical text--to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BS2795.3 .M38 1996      McKnight, Scot. 1 Peter: from biblical text-- to contemporary life. NIV application commentary

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT77 .M382 2018      McGrath, Alister E. Theology: the basics. 4th ed.

BT83.57 .B764 1993      Brown, Robert McAfee. Liberation theology: an introductory guide.

BT180.P6 B43 2014      Beale, G. K. God dwells among us: expanding Eden to the ends of the earth.

BT375.3 .G69 2017      Gowler, David B. The parables after Jesus: their imaginative receptions across two millennia.

BT380.3 .P46 2017      Pennington, Jonathan T. The Sermon on the Mount and human flourishing: a theological commentary.

BT707.6 .A24 2015      Achtemeier, Mark. The Bible's yes to same-sex marriage: an evangelical's change of heart. New ed.

BT707.6 .S694 2014      Song, Robert. Covenant and calling: towards a theology of same-sex relationships.

BT708 .S535 2012      Simon, Caroline Joyce. Bringing sex into focus: the quest for sexual integrity.

BT732.7 .K36 2017      Kapic, Kelly M. Embodied hope: a theological meditation on pain and suffering.

BT738.25 .C77 2013      Crouch, Andy. Playing God: redeeming the gift of power.

BT738.25 .L57 2003      Linthicum, Robert C. Transforming power: biblical strategies for making a difference in your community.

BT738.5 .K35 2014      Keller, Timothy. Every good endeavor: connecting your work to God's work.

BT1103 .M384 2017      McDowell, Josh. Evidence that demands a verdict: life-changing truth for a skeptical world. Rev. ed.

BT1103 .W544 2015      Willard, Dallas. The allure of gentleness: defending the faith in the manner of Jesus.

BT1103 .Z33 2010      Zacharias, Ravi K. Beyond opinion: living the faith that we defend.

BV Practical Theology

BV10.3 .C43 2009      Chapell, Bryan. Christ-centered worship: letting the Gospel shape our practice.

BV210.3 .S388 2010      Southwell, Ian. Prayer: the communication of love.

BV469.V462 C36 2003      Cantalamessa, Raniero. Come, Creator Spirit: meditations on the Veni Creator.

BV600.3 .M36 2003      McNeal, Reggie. The present future: six tough questions for the church.

BV601.8 .H3556 2014      Hammond, Kim. Sentness: six postures of missional Christians.

BV601.8 .R688 2009      Roxburgh, Alan J. Introducing the missional church: what it is, why it matters, how to become one.

BV639.P6 C66 2015      Corbett, Steve. Helping without hurting in church benevolence.

BV639.P6 F55 2015      Fikkert, Brian. From dependence to dignity: how to alleviate poverty through church-centered microfinance.

BV652.1 .H66 2008      Holeman, Virginia Todd. Inside the leader's head: unraveling personal obstacles to ministry.

BV873.E8 M33 2009      MacNutt, Francis. Deliverance from evil spirits: a practical manual.

BV2082.S56 C67 2014      Corbett, Steve. Helping without hurting in short-term missions: leader's guide.

BV2082.S56 C672 2014      Corbett, Steve. Helping without hurting in short-term missions: participant's guide.

BV4400 .M675 2004      Morisy, Ann. Journeying out: a new approach to Christian mission.

BV4427 .T39 2010      Taylor, Adam. Mobilizing hope: faith-inspired activism for a post-civil rights generation.

BV4447 .G555 2011      Global youth ministry: reaching adolescents around the world.

BV4447 .K355 2008      Kageler, Len. The youth ministry survival guide: how to thrive and last for the long haul.

BV4447 .R655 2007      Root, Andrew. Revisiting relational youth ministry: from a strategy of influence to a theology of incarnation.

BV4529 .C77 2017      Crouch, Andy. The tech-wise family: everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place.

BV4531.3 .C765 2017      Crowe, Jaquelle. This changes everything: how the gospel transforms the teen years.

BV4598.2 .M57 2014      Misja, Michael. Transformative change: honesty, responsibility, courage, humility.

BV4647.H4 L37 2015      Larson, Scott. Groundwork: preparing the soil for God's transformation.

BX Christian Denominations

BX8331.3 .A27 2013      Abraham, William J. Key United Methodist beliefs.

BX9721.3 .M371 2013      Hedgren, Steve. Mapping our Salvationist DNA: beliefs, values, behaviors : a study guide for group leaders.

BX9723 .W5 1915a      Williams, Stephen Bassano. The Salvation Army today: an exposure revealing an unholy and unethical condition of affairs not suspected by the American public.

BX9727.3 .H85 2004      Hull, Walter. That peculiar body: the Salvation Army's social work beginnings in Australia, 1883-1887.

BX9730.O43 S36 1995      Scott, Marjorie Hartman. The Old Orchard Beach camp meetings.

E History of the Americas

E99.P85 S69 2015      Snyder, Howard A. Jesus and Pocahontas: gospel, mission, and national myth.

E184.A1 O46 2015      Omi, Michael. Racial formation in the United States. 3rd ed.

E184.A1 T335 2008      Takaki, Ronald T. A different mirror: a history of multicultural America. Rev. ed.

E184.S75 S763 2018      Stavans, Ilan. Latinos in the United States.

GV Recreation. Leisure

GV706.42 .L55 2014      Linville, Greg. Christmanship: a theology of competition, sport, and sport ministry.

HC Economic History and Conditions

HC59.72.P63 H36 2010      Hanlon, Joseph. Just give money to the poor: the development revolution from the global south.

HC79.P6 G68 2014      Godfrey, Paul C. More than money: five forms of capital to create wealth and eliminate poverty.

HN Social History and Conditions. Social Problems. Social Reforms.

HN37.S3 G3 2010      Gauntlett. S. Carvosso. Challenging evil: dispatches from the frontlines of radical justice.

HN65 .P878 2000      Putnam, Robert D. Bowling alone: the collapse and revival of American community.

HT Communities. Classes. Races.

HT1507 .F74 2015      Fredrickson, George M. Racism: a short history.

HT177.B6 M44 1994      Medoff, Peter. Streets of hope: the fall and rise of an urban neighborhood.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV6787 .C756 2016 REF     Crime in the United States 2016. 10th ed.

HV9950 .A437 2010      Alexander, Michelle. The new Jim Crow: mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness.

PE English

PE1128 .T585 2017      TOEFL iBT Prep Plus, 2018-2019.

Z Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources.

Z253 .U69 2010      The Chicago manual of style. 16th ed.

Spanish books (6)

BL Religions

SPA BL240.3 .L445 2011      Lennox, John C. ¿Ha enterrado la ciencia a Dios?

BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

SPA BP605.S2 W75 2013      Wright, Lawrence. Cienciología: Hollywood y la prisión de la fe.

BR Christianity

SPA BR138 .G662 2001      González, Justo L. Mapas para la historia futura de la iglesia: "no temeremos aunque se desmorone la tierra.

BS The Bible

SPA BS2595.53 .P47 2017      Pérez Millos, Samuel. Lucas. Comentario exegetico al texto griego del Nuevo Testamento

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT767 .S77 2007      Street, Robert. Santidad sin envoltura.

HD Industries

SPA HD38.2 .R37 2014      Rath, Tom. Conozca sus fortalezas 2.0: = Strengthsfinder 2.0.