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New Books September 2019

English books (93)

BF Psychology

BF318.5 .P47 2017      Peterson, Kay. How you learn is how you live: using nine ways of learning to transform your life.

BF575.L8 C24437 2014      Carroll, Linda. Love cycles: the five essential stages of lasting love.

BF692.5 .J63 1989      Johnson, Robert A. He: understanding masculine psychology.

BF723.E598 H37 2009      Harvey, Pat. Parenting a child who has intense emotions: dialectical behavior therapy skills to help your child regulate emotional outbursts and aggressive behaviors.

BJ Ethics

BJ1581.2 .C52 2017      Cloud, Henry. Boundaries: when to say yes, how to say no to take control of your life. Updated ed.

BL Religions

BL60 .M36 2008      McGuire, Meredith B. Religion: the social context. 5th ed.

BL70 .V36 2017      Van Voorst, Robert E. Anthology of world scriptures. 9th ed.

BL240.3 .M44 2010      McGrath, Alister E. Science and religion: an introduction. 2nd ed.

BL2747.3 .V58 2013      Vitz, Paul C. Faith of the fatherless: the psychology of atheism. 2nd ed.

BR Christianity

BR60.A65 G66 2019      González, Justo L. A history of early Christian literature.

BR563.N4 D39 2012      Day, Keri. Unfinished business: Black women, the Black church, and the struggle to thrive in America.

BR1725.R38 S65 1965      Smith, Arthur Ernest Wilder. Big brother of goodwill: Hugh Redwood. Victory books

BS The Bible

BS1140.3 .D47 2013      What the Old Testament authors really cared about: a survey of Jesus' Bible.

BS2555.3 .B56 1989      Binz, Stephen J. The Passion and Resurrection narratives of Jesus: a commentary.

BS2675.53 .S678 2017      Spurgeon, Andrew B. 1 Corinthians: an exegetical and contextual commentary. India commentary on the New Testament

BS2715.55 .R43 2019      Reardon, Amy. Identity revealed: a devotional study in Colossians.

BS2725.52 .G87 2019      Gupta, Nijay K. 1 and 2 Thessalonians. Zondervan critical introductions to the New Testament

BT Doctrinal Theology

BT75.3 .K37 2019      Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti. Christian theology in the pluralistic world: a global introduction.

BT708 .B434 2017      Beauty, order, and mystery: a Christian vision of human sexuality.

BV Practical Theology

BV199.F8 C76 2014      Croft, Brian. Conduct gospel-centered funerals: applying the gospel at the unique challenges of death. Rev. ed.

BV230 .W75 2014      Wright, N. T. The Lord and his prayer.

BV640 .A55 2012      Allen, Holly Catterton. Intergenerational Christian formation: bringing the whole church together in ministry, community and worship.

BV652.1 C634 2019      Cole, Kadi. Developing female leaders: navigate the minefields and release the potential of women in your church.

BV835 .B33 2006      Balswick, Jack O. A model for marriage: covenant, grace, empowerment and intimacy.

BV2073 .G58 2011      Goheen, Michael W. A light to the nations: the missional church and the biblical story.

BV4011.3 .P48 2007      Petersen, Bruce L. Foundations of pastoral care.

BV4012.27 .H65 2019      Holmes, Jonathan D. Counsel for couples: a biblical and practical guide for marriage counseling.

BV4012.27 .W668 2005      Worthington, Everett L. Hope-focused marriage counseling: a guide to brief therapy.

BV4211.3 .V645 2019      Voelz, Richard William. Preaching to teach: inspire people to think and act. Artistry of preaching series

BV4330 .T38 2014      Tautges, Paul. Comfort the grieving: ministering God's grace in times of loss.

BV4335 .C76 2014      Croft, Brian. Visit the sick: ministering God's grace in times of illness.

BV4445.5 .S56 2019      Sim, Christy Gunter. Survivor care: what religious professionals need to know about healing trauma.

BV4501.3 .G755 2010      Groeschel, Craig. The Christian atheist: believing in God but living as if he doesn't exist.

BV4511 .M65 2017      Moon, W. Jay. Intercultural discipleship: learning from global approaches to spiritual formation.

BV4529 .A58 2015      Anthony, Michelle. Becoming a spiritually healthy family: avoiding the 6 dysfunctional parenting styles.

BV4529 .C426 2016      Carr, Julie Lyles. Raising an original: parenting each child according to their unique God-given temperament.

BV4529 .L48 2009      Lewis, Margie M. The hurting parent: help and hope for parents of prodigals.

BV4531.3 .O65 2014      Opitz, Donald. Learning for the love of God: a student's guide to academic faithfulness.

BV4596.A25 D46 2019      DeMuth, Mary E. We too.

BV4597.3 .C66 2018      Cook, Alison. Boundaries for your soul: how to turn your overwhelming thoughts and feelings into your greatest allies.

BV4811 .W6 2019c      Words of life: the Bible day by day: September-December 2019.

BV4829 .B55 2005      Billy, Dennis Joseph. The imitation of Christ: Thomas à Kempis: a spiritual commentary and reader's guide.

BV5075 .F36 2001      Fanning, Steven. Mystics of the Christian tradition.

BV5095.U5 G74 1998      Greene, Dana. Evelyn Underhill: artist of the infinite life.

BX Christian Denominations

BX2179.L8 M327 2011      Manney, Jim. A simple, life-changing prayer: discovering the power of St. Ignatius Loyola's Examen.

BX2350.2 .D4833 2011      De Waal, Esther. A retreat with Thomas Merton: a seven-day spiritual journey.

BX3706.3 .O425 2014      O'Malley, John W. The Jesuits: a history from Ignatius to the present.

BX4700.L7 D63 2004      Donnelly, John Patrick. Ignatius of Loyola: founder of the Jesuits.

BX9721.3 .S65 2015      Smith, Odessa. The ABC's of The Salvation Army.

BX9725 .G55 1955      Gilliard, Alfred J. Married in The Salvation Army: a handbook of guidance.

BX9726 .K46 2019      Kennedy, Reg. The servants of Denmark Hill: a compassionate insight into the lives of a group of young Salvation Army cadets in the 1960s.

BX9741 .B7 1987      Brown, Arnold. “Fighting for His glory": Salvationists of the Canada & Bermuda Territory admitted to the Order of the Founder.

BX9743.M34 C73 1965      Crashley, John. Mac of soup and salvation: Dan McGregor. Victory books

E History of the Americas

E184.A75 O94 2016      The Oxford handbook of Asian American history.

G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation.

G2230 .M85 2019      Mullins, Robert A. Atlas of the biblical world.

HD Industries

HD57.7 .S5487 2017      Sinek, Simon. Leaders eat last: why some teams pull together and others don't.

HF Commerce

HF5386 .C54 2016      Clements, Cevil. Corporate capsules: three simple steps for corporate success.

HM Sociology

HM1261 F472 2011      Figliuolo, Mike. One piece of paper: the simple approach to powerful, personal leadership.

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

HQ734 .C4665 2015      Chapman, Gary D. The 5 love languages: the secret to love that lasts.

HQ734 .C8658 1997      Covey, Stephen R. The 7 habits of highly effective families: building a beautiful family culture in a turbulent world.

HQ734 .J323 2018      Jackson, Pamela Braboy. How families matter: simply complicated intersections of race, gender, and work.

HQ734 .S9738 2017      Strong, Bryan. The marriage and family experience: intimate relationships in a changing society.

HQ755.8 .S5327 2016      Siegel, Daniel J. No-drama discipline: the whole-brain way to calm the chaos and nurture your child's developing mind.

HQ755.86 .C353 2011      Campbell, Ross. How to really love your adult child: building a healthy relationship in a changing world.

HQ759.915 .L46 2006      Leman, Kevin. Single parenting that works: six keys to raising happy, healthy children in a single-parent home.

HQ759.92 .D4 2014      Deal, Ron L. The smart stepfamily: 7 steps to a healthy family.

HQ769 .G55 2003      Ginott, Haim G. Between parent and child: the bestselling classic that revolutionized parent-child communication.

HQ777.9 .F86 2017      Funderburg, Lise. Black, white, other: biracial Americans talk about race and identity.

HQ777.9 .N35 2004      Nakazawa, Donna Jackson. Does anybody else look like me?: a parent's guide to raising multiracial children.

HQ1059.4 .H324 2017      Hagerty, Barbara Bradley. Life reimagined: the science, art, and opportunity of midlife.

HQ1061 .N883 2018      Novak, Mark W. Issues in aging. 4th ed.

HQ1063.6 .M66 2014      Morris, Virginia. How to care for aging parents: a one-step resource for all your medical, financial, housing, and emotional issues. 3rd ed.

HQ1090.3 .M465 2019      Men's lives.

HV Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology.

HV715 .M57 2019      Misca, Gabriela. Child and adolescent psychology for social work and allied professions: applied perspectives.

HV875 .S3654 2009      Schooler, Jayne E. Wounded children, healing homes: how traumatized children impact adoptive and foster families.

HV1431 .M67 2016      Morewitz, Stephen John. Runaway and homeless youth: new research and clinical perspectives.

HV4505 .S87 2014      Supporting families experiencing homelessness: current practices and future directions.

HV6626.2 .B25 2012      Bancroft, Lundy. The batterer as parent: addressing the impact of domestic violence on family dynamics.

HV6626.3 .F36 2017      Wright, Thomas Lee. The family guide to preventing elder abuse: how to protect your parents, and yourself.

HV8699.U5 M46 2017      Melusky, Joseph Anthony. The death penalty: a reference handbook.

HV9950 .C7295 2017 v. 1-2 REF     Crime and punishment in America: an encyclopedia of trends and controversies in the justice system.

L Education

LA2301 .R68 2016 REF     The Routledge encyclopaedia of educational thinkers.

LB1060 .S37 2020      Schunk, Dale H. Learning theories: an educational perspective. 8th ed.

LB14.7 .B38 2019      Bates, Bob. Learning theories simplified: ...and how to apply them to teaching : 130+ theories and models from great thinkers. 2nd ed.

M Music

ML3187.5 .L55 2017      Lim, Swee-Hong. Lovin' on Jesus: a concise history of contemporary worship.

ML410.B66 A3 2009      Boon, Brindley. The best of both worlds: an autobiography.

PA Greek Language & Literature.  Latin Language & Literature

PA817 .M63 2019      Mounce, William D. Basics of biblical Greek grammar. 4th ed.

PA817 .M645 2019      Mounce, William D. Biblical Greek: a compact guide. 2nd ed.

PE English

PE1408 .K49 2017      Kennedy, X. J. The Bedford guide for college writers: with reader, research material, and handbook. 11th ed.

PJ Oriental Languages and Literatures

PJ4567.3 .P73 2019      Pratico, Gary Davis. Basics of Biblical Hebrew grammar. 3rd ed.

PJ4567.3 .P74 2019      Pratico, Gary Davis. Basics of biblical Hebrew: workbook. 3rd. ed.

R Medicine

R726.8 .O87 2014 v. 1-2     Our changing journey to the end: reshaping death, dying, and grief in America.

RJ Pediatrics

RJ506.P66 V54 2018 v. 1-2 REF     Violence and trauma in the lives of children.

Spanish books (27)

BJ Ethics

SPA BJ1661 .C665 2007      Covey, Sean. Las 6 decisiones más importantes de tu vida: guía para jóvenes.

BL Religions

SPA BL240.3 .J34 2010      Jaeger, Lydia. Hacia una filosofía cristiana de la ciencia.

BR Christianity

SPA BR65.A52 S6 2017 v. 1-3     Augustine. Obras escogidas de Agustín de Hipona.

SPA BR145.3 .G66 2009      González, Justo L. Historia del cristianismo: obra completa.

BS The Bible

SPA BS635.3 .P34 2019      Pagán, Samuel. Historia del Israel bíblico.

SPA BS1515.53 .M67 2009      Motyer, J. A. Isaías: admirable, padre eterno, príncipe de la paz. Comentario Antiguo Testamento Andamio

SPA BS2555.53 .B56 2006      Binz, Stephen J. Los relatos de la Pasión y Resurrección de Jesús: un comentario.

SPA BS2775.53 .B87 2013 v. 1-3     Burt, David F. Hebreos. Comentario Nuevo Testamento Andamio

BT Doctrinal Theology

SPA BT1390 .M37 2010      Martin, Sean. Los gnosticos: los primeros herejes Cristianos.

BV Practical Theology

SPA BV2073 .G58 2018      Goheen, Michael W. Una luz a las naciones: la iglesia misional y el relato bíblico.

SPA BV4011.3 .P48 2015      Petersen, Bruce L. Fundamentos del cuidado pastoral.

SPA BV4398 .S295 2016      Scazzero, Peter. El líder emocionalmente sano: cómo el transformar tu vida interior, transformará profundamente tu iglesia, tu equipo y el mundo.

SPA BV4501.3 .G755 2010      Groeschel, Craig. El cristiano ateo: creer en Dios, pero vivir como si Dios no existiera.

SPA BV4529 .L48 2011      Lewis, Margie M. Padres heridos: ayuda y esperanza para padres de los hijos pródigos.

BX Christian Denominations

SPA BX2179.L7 S7 2017      Ignatius. Ejercicios espirituales.

SPA BX2179.L8 M327 2015      Manney, Jim. Una oración sencilla que cambia la vida: descubriendo el poder. del examen diario de san Ignacio de Loyola.

SPA BX2350.2 .D4833 1999      De Waal, Esther. Un viaje de siete días con Thomas Merton.

SPA BX3706.3 .O425 2017      O'Malley, John W. Los jesuitas y los papas: cinco siglos de historia.

SPA BX4700.T4 C196 2005      Campos, Alberto C. Santa Teresa de Jesús.

SPA BX4705.M542 A3 1999      Merton, Thomas. La montaña de los siete círculos.

E History of the Americas

SPA E185.97.K5 E73 2006      Escobar, Mario. Martín Luther King: (1929-1968).

HQ The Family.  Marriage.  Women.

SPA HQ734 .C4678 2011      Chapman, Gary D. Lo que me hubiera gustado saber ... ¡antes de casarme!: consejos para novios, recién casados y los matrimonios que quieren reencontrarse.

SPA HQ755.8 .S5327 2018      Siegel, Daniel J. Disciplina sin lágrimas.

SPA HQ769 .G55 2007      Ginott, Haim G. Entre padres e hijos: un clásico que revolucionó la comunicación con nuestros hijos.

R Medicine

SPA R117 .P28 2015      Paul Tournier: una vida, una obra.

RC Internal Medicine

SPA RC439.5 .W65 2010      Woolis, Rebecca. Cuando un ser querido sufre una enfermedad mental: un manual para familiares, amigos y cuidadores.

SPA RC533 .G73 2006      Grau, Sara. Nuevas adicciones, síndromes y trastornos.