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Thais Viana

Personal Testimony

I grew up in a Christian family and for many many years I had a “Christian life style”, I went to church every Sunday, went to Camp, and participated in many other activities in the church. I had many friends in school, at church and in my swim team. All of them identified me as a Christian, they knew my parents were pastors, and they respected me for that. The Bible says that we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and that the consequence of sin is eternal death (Romans 6:23). To give us hope of eternal life, since we are all sinners, God sent his only son Jesus Christ to die in the cross for us (John 3:16). I believe I was twelve years old when I understood this truth, and I could honestly identify myself as a sinner that needed Jesus. Even though my friends labeled me as a Christian, I had never committed my life to Christ, I had never invited him to be my savior and forgive me for my sins (I John 1:9).

It was a warm night in Paraíba, a state located in the north of Brazil. I was there attending a Christian camp, and on that day, the message of salvation reached my heart! I knew for sure that Jesus died for me, and I prayed inviting him to be my very own Savior! I will never forget how I felt on that hot Summer, it was January of 1999, I was filled with joy, purpose and hope that only Jesus can provide.

My life after that day was never like it used to be. Later on I understood that the Lord wanted me to dedicate my life in full time ministry, which is to go anywhere to all people, and share this message. The desire of my heart is that all people come to the knowledge that they need Jesus, and that they decide for themselves to give their lives to him, and like me, go anywhere to all people to proclaim his resurrection!