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Tim Devine

My Story

I didn’t grow up in a struggle or within an unloving family, I was blessed. I grew up in Anderson Township, a suburb about 20 minutes east of the city of Cincinnati. Our family belonged to the Guardian Angels Parish and had attended church there from far before my sisters and I were considered as an option. This is where I was introduced to the Jesus I came to know and fall in love with.

With regard to my relationship with God, I had always had one as far back as I can remember, but it wasn’t until my First Communion that I knowingly asked Jesus into my heart. I was kneeling on the altar with the rest of my class and I don’t even remember the priest or myself, for that matter, going through the stages of the ceremony. I just remember being in His house, with Him, asking Him to let me be His. From that day forward, through being an altar boy, going through my “Confirmation” and attending “Kyros”, I knew that I would end up in seminary. To me it was inevitable.

God had a different plan. Either I was to experience much more of “the world” outside of the church before He wanted me in His service “professionally” or I wasn’t to enter into service through the Catholic Church. Regardless, I am, after a lifetime of amazing experiences, now in His service “full time” until He calls me home.

I can absolutely witness that on this road, from that moment, we have not been alone. The liar and deceiver has been digging potholes, throwing out deterrents and trying, with a great passion, to hold up any progress, but let me share God’s absolute brilliance with regard to all of that. The deceiver wasn’t and isn’t the only one on this road with us. Our friends have and continue to support us and God makes His presence known, continually.